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General"Uhh, I guess I'm a fan of serious kinda people. They're really, really fun to bother. But I'm cool with anyone who's not too squeaky clean to be seen with me."

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
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About me:
Tatsuya had always been privy to a life of luxury. Since he could remember, his parents had always been able to afford the finer things in life. They lived in a large house, could afford the best food, hire maids to tend things for them, and afford the absolute best education for their son that money could buy. It was a giant step up for them, as both were business people who had worked their way up the ranks of a real estate company. Tatsuya, on the other hand, knew of nothing but affluence from the very start of his life. He could get anything that he wanted at the drop of a hat. All the newest and hottest games, the finest clothing, and could always manage to keep up with the latest technology. For quite a while, he was absolutely content with his life. There was no real struggle. Maybe the occasional hard test once in a while or a particularly hard day at baseball practice, but other than that? Nothing. In due time, he became increasingly self aware of the almost annoyingly perfect life he had been born into. Aside from his parents lacking real presence in his life, things were amazing. He had alright grades, was a decent athlete, well-liked, and had things a lot of things kids his age could only dream of. So why did it feel as though everything in his life was so dull? Nothing could excite him anymore. He fully expected to be able to get every new phone that came out, every new game—anything his heart desired. He could get it any time he wanted without a care in the world. So, really, what did one more gadget mean when he could get as many of them as he pleased? There was only one thing sucked the monotony out of life: online gambling. Mahjong, Poker, Blackjack—you name it, he played it. The balanced playing field was what fascinated him the most. Every victory he had felt as though it were by the skin of his teeth. The suspense of wondering if lady luck would smile upon him gave him a sense of anticipation unlike anything else. At the time, just playing matches online for fun was enough for him. But soon, even that grew to be monotonous for him. It wasn’t until one night, when he went with his friends to sing karaoke that he seemingly found a source that could provide an infinite amount of that exhilarating rush. They were having a great time singing along some songs together over some good food when a group of students from another school went over to their table looking for trouble. Their school had a reputation for being somewhat prestigious, drawing a lot of attention towards them from less than savory individuals. The fact that he and his friends were drawing attention to themselves by being absurdly loud didn’t help matters at all. Things got ugly. Fast. It started with a few insults, then devolved into pushing, until all hell broke loose when one of Tatsuya’s friends got punched for dishing out a particularly nasty insult to one of the other boys. There was a moment of pause where they all had to register what had just happened before his friend punched back just as hard. Before anyone knew it, both sides were throwing punches like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, however, things ended poorly for Tatsuya and his pals. They had done their fair share of damage, but they ultimately ended up on the floor with their wallets emptied of their valuables. The police came to the restaurant moments afterwards. Things looked grim, but the manager confirmed that it was the other group of students who had messed with them first. After a bit of questioning, they were allowed to leave, all of them being offered a ride home. That afternoon, Tatsuya came home feeling worse than he ever had before. Every part of his body was seemingly in terrible pain. The maid fussed horribly over his condition and he got to hear his parents’ voices for the first time in what felt like centuries when they scolded him for going to “low class restaurants” in his school uniform. Despite the horrible shape he was in, he couldn’t shake the tingling sensation that forced his whole body to shake even as he was resting in bed. It was a feeling that could only be described as a pure adrenaline rush. Part of him wanted to fight against them again. No matter the outcome, that fight was the most exciting thing that had happened to him in a long, long time. For days at a time all he could think about was how different it felt from anything he had ever experienced before. From that point on, there was a nagging in the back of his mind that urged him to get more of that adrenaline coursing through him. And he knew just how to get it. Over the course of a few days—after they had all recovered—he rallied his friends together to march straight back to the area they had gone to, jump the bastards who had roughed them up, and make sure that they never dared lay a finger on them again. This was, of course, a simple excuse. Tatsuya was incapable of producing the smallest iota of anger towards them. He just wanted to fight again to get the urge out of his system. After a bit of searching around, they spotted them while they were on their way somewhere. Tatsuya’s group took them by surprise, managing to land in a couple of choice blows before they had a chance to react. By the time they realized what was happening, it was too late for them to get any semblance of control over the situation. The private school kids made sure that their assailants paid for what they did and bolted before they were forced to face the consequences. This single event was the catalyst that sparked a bitter rivalry between the two schools. At first, it was a simple conflict between two groups of friends. But as news spread across both schools over the course of a few months, feelings of ire grew between the “posh rich kids without a single problem of their own” and the “ticking time bombs who were bound to attack at any moment.” Though he did feel guilty about potentially getting innocent students involved in their petty mischief, he always made sure to lend a helping hand when he saw one of his fellow students getting messed with by their new rivals. Though, if there was one thing that the entire debacle taught him, however. Without pain and genuine struggle, the finer things in life meant absolutely nothing. With no risk in the equation, victories were hollow and without meaning—a philosophy he incorporated into his once innocent hobby of playing gambling games. Now, he was more than happy to bet real money, whether it was at parlors or online. Every loss he took made each victory of his all the sweeter. When he wasn’t fending off attacks from their rival school (which he had gotten damn good at, thank you very much), he was getting his fix of adrenaline from gambling. Life finally had meaning again. When they weren’t fighting one another, they were competing in life threatening games of Chicken that seamlessly blended everything he loved about both gambling and fighting alike. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over for him. As it turned out, he had come home with injuries one too many times and the house maid squealed at his parents. Before he knew it, he was completely divorced from the conflict that gave his life meaning and shipped off to a more mild mannered town to complete his studies. They said they were doing it to give him a fresh start away from the violent big city environment. And so ended the happiest period of his life, abruptly, uneventfully, and absolutely prematurely. He’s managed to make a good life for himself at his new school, but laying quietly in the back of his mind is an endless thirst for adrenaline that can’t be quenched.
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