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Statistical Info
LEGAL INFORMATION NAME: Alexandrine Maria Churchill
NICKNAMES: Maria, Alex... “Just keep them appropriate.”
ALIASES: Blue Mary (while carrying out missions)
DOB/ POB: 07-25-????/ New York City (Queens), NY, USA
AGE: 16-18 (high school); 19-21 (college student)
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Reborn Hope Academy, USA (NOTE: Fictional school; She can travel or live in other countries upon discussion) PHYSICAL INFORMATION SPECIES: Human
EYE COLOR: Pink-purple (left eye) and sky blue (right eye) ((both eyes were pink-purple before the accident))
HEIGHT: 5’3” (5’4” in heels)
WEIGHT: “Healthy, and nothing else.”
FATHER: Mr. Churchill
MOTHER: Mrs. Churchill
SIBLINGS: “I’m an only child.”
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: “Single, but don't push your luck.”
CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): “Other than my parents, I also have a bond with Mother Marianne Truman, the one that trained me, and some close friends.”
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): “None. I never really was close to anyone, except my family, a couple of classmates at Reborn Hope, some friends I've met on my missions, and Mother Truman.” MORE MISC. INFO PERSONALITY: Adventurous, Ambitious, Cold (at first), Distant (at first), Encouraging, Forgiving, Generous, Hard-working, Independent, Loyal, Open-Minded, Optimistic, Passionate, Respectful, Self-Conscious (about her right eye), Stubborn, Team Player, Warm-hearted
OCCUPATION: School/ College student, a Mage who hunts monsters (Depending on discussion, she'll also be the Singer/ Vocal for her band, "Alexandrine and the Conquerors".)
NAME MEANING: Alexandrine is a variation name and feminine form of Alexander, which means “Defender of Man”; Maria is a variation name for Mary, which means “Of the Sea”, “Rebellion”, “Wished-For Child”, or “Bitter”; Churchill means “Church near a Hill” or “Church on a Hill”
ADDICTIONS: “Sweets...and swimming in almost any body of water, hence why I wear a swim suit most times.”
DREAMS/ GOALS: To improve as a person (mainly make amends for her past mistakes), To become a Singer/ Vocal for a Rock band (Plan A), To learn more recipes for cooking, To get married and start a family, To be a History teacher (Plan B)
PET(S): Koda (a flying fox bat that belonged to a vampire, but let her keep him)
FAVORITE SONG(S): "Shot in the Dark" by: Within Temptation, "One in a Million" by: Bosson, "Empty Eyes" by: Within Temptation, "All of Me" by: John Legend feat. violinist, Lindsey Stirling

Copyright And Disclaimer COPYRIGHT 2020. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Verses: Trinity, Fate, Vampire, Ghoul, HOTD, Mythical Detective, Hellsing, Crossover
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural,
Member Since:August 09, 2020

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Alexandrine Maria Churchill was born a Summer child in the month of July on the twenty-fifth, to Mr and Mrs Churchill. She was a happy girl, at least until after her seventh birthday. One would think that seven was a lucky number, but not for Alex. A few days after her birthday, she and her parents got into a serious accident. A decent size shard of glass from a window pierced her right eye, causing her so much pain and suffering. She also had a broken arm, but was in stable condition other than that. Sadly, the damage was too severe for her right eye, and it had to be removed. With the looming threat of her losing her eye sight, the doctors did what they could to find an organ donor that would be a perfect match for her. Although the eye color didn’t match, everything else came up perfectly. After the surgery and many days of healing, Alex was able to take off the bandages, now having two different eye colors – one pink-violet (left) and one light blue (right). Once she went back to school though, that’s when things took another turn but for the worse.

A small group of bullies started to pick on her, and she endured it up until before she turned nine, just as school was about to be released for the summer. Eventually, Alex couldn’t take the bullying anymore, especially when they cornered her and kicked her into the fountain that was on school grounds. She went after and beat up all four of the bullies, each of them going to the hospital with serious injuries that varied from a nose bleed to a broken arm. She didn’t walk out of there unscathed, however, having a few fingers broken on her left hand from punching so hard, and lots of bruises and scratches. The children and Alex were questioned by the authorities, each telling a different story. Alex said the bullies went too far and that it escalated to her beating them up. Cooper, the leader of the small group of bullies, told a different story, saying Alex would belittle him for being the son of a politician and told he was better off dead, saying she attacked first. Alex’s turned up being right thanks to camera footage, but she was the one that got in the most trouble because of Cooper’s father. Because both of them were not even nine years old yet, both were put under house arrest, with Cooper’s only lasting six months and Alex’s being three years. Due to being under house arrest, Alex’s mother quit her job to home school and look after her.

Once the third year had arrived, Alex was no longer under house arrest and she could return to school if her parents wished to. She didn’t want to, but her parents sent her back anyway. When they sent her back, she was twelve years old. She still loved and was still close to her parents, but she became distant and cold towards everyone in school, mainly her classmates. She only had problems with the staff if they reported her to the principal or her parents for skipping classes, not turning in her homework, failing her exams, wearing inappropriate clothing, and other offenses. Her only solace was whenever she was at home, singing, reading a book, or swimming in a pool, at the lake, at the beach, whatever body of water she could find. This became problematic for her parents since they knew she was pretty bright, mainly B+ average, and she was on time in the past. After about two years of this, the principal suggested that Alex be sent to a religious school in hopes that it would straighten her up since she was very close to being expelled. Because the parents were barely clinging to hope by a thread and desperately wanting their daughter to succeed, they sent Alex to a religious school – Reborn Hope Academy - after celebrating her fourteenth birthday. From the moment she stepped past the gates of this school, her life would slowly but surely take a turn for the better, but slowly.

Present Day

Currently, Alexandrine is doing better after being enrolled in Reborn Hope Academy. What her parents don’t know is that the school was not just a school, but it was also a place for students with potential to be trained and hunt monsters that seek humanity’s destruction. Never do they touch the monsters that want to coexist with humans. These potential students would be trained rigorously and become mages. They would be given missions/ assignments in order to atone for their mistakes of the past. Sometimes, a student or a small group of students would be sent to other states or in different countries to help deal with situations that have nothing to do with monsters.

After being in the academy for only a month, Alex got in trouble for hurting someone because they called her a name, in which she took no time at all in putting that person in their place physically. She was given to Mother Marianne Truman, a veteran monster hunter, and History teacher of the academy. Mother’s task was to see if Alex showed any potential or not. Alex showed great promise as she was being tested by Mother, and decided to take her under her wing. She excelled, but it was slow going until she got to where she’s at now. Alex still has much to learn, but Mother feels confident enough to let her little trouble maker of a student go on missions on her own. Alex’s ‘bad record’ has gone down drastically after she finally figured out what she wanted to do in the future, but every now and then, she’ll still skip a class about once or twice a month, sometimes stretching it out to once or twice every three months. She no longer gets into violent confrontations unless it was absolutely necessary, and she makes an attempt to make it to class on time, study for her exams, and do her homework. Whenever she skips class though, one could find her either hiding somewhere reading a book, wrapping her little bat friend into a burrito of a blanket and feeding it, or in the academy’s swimming pool just floating on her back. She hopes that after completing these missions that she will be forgiven for what she’s done in her previous school, but she’ll be continuing these missions until she graduates.

"Humans, at times, are worse than monsters."

Weapons/ Items

Umbra Requies (Dark Requiem) – A black pistol in which she can use either real bullets or shoot small bursts of mana/ energy through the barrel; it’s usually stored in a small black suit case with a white cross on it

Caelestis Luna (Celestial Moon) – A sword that can only be summoned by using a spell, and disappears once the battle is over or if she runs out of mana/ energy

Trick Bullets – A small variety of bullets made using a special metal, a little mana, and some crystals with each crystal having a different ability (white crystal (holy water), red crystal (fire), green crystal (shield), and gray crystal (smoke screen))

Other Items/ Weapons – It mainly depends on the mission she is given. Whether dealing with evil spirits or unruly werewolves, she'll be given items and/ or weapons necessary in her black briefcase in order to complete the mission. (I might make a blog of the OTHER items. Should I?)

Miscellaneous Info

LIKES: Swimming, Sweets (especially tiramisu), Cute things, History, Colors Rose Red, any Purple, Emerald and Aqua Green, Sky and Navy Blue, and Gold, Cooking, Being with her family, Singing, Helping those in need, Chicken Tikka Masala (an Indian dish), Reading (mainly History or True Crime), Her bat named Koda, Orange Pekoe tea, Aquatic creatures (mainly dolphins and killer whales), Rock and instrumental music, Baked potato soup with green onions, bacon bits, and shredded cheddar cheese, Action video games and movies, Museums and historical sights, Art (even though she can’t draw)
DISLIKES: Anything spicy enough that feels like her tongue is melting, Injection needles, Monsters (except the ones that are coexisting or seek to coexist with humans), People ignorant of or just flat out ignoring history, Mushrooms, Neon colors and all shades of gray (considers it a boring and sad color), Disappointing her parents or Mother Truman, Porcelain dolls (they creep her out), the smell of Smoke (fire or smoking)
SKILLS/ ABILITIES: Med-High Local and World History Knowledge, Swordsmanship, Dual-Wielding (two swords, or one sword and a pistol), Pistol Proficiency, Magic Detection (sense the presence of magic/ magical energies even if one is hidden using magic), Sword Generation (from using a spell), Trick/ Supernatural Bullets (bullets she makes herself to fight or trick an opponent), Magecraft (C+), Sword Throwing, Human Accuracy, Gut Feeling, Medium Demonology/ Supernatural/ Paranormal Knowledge
STRENGTHS: Good in both close and long distance combat; Good shooter (8/10); Ambidextrous, which can help in her Dual Wielding; Even if she runs out of bullets, she can use magic/ magecraft to channel her energy/ mana into the pistol to create energy shots (more meant for supernatural rps); She has pretty strong instincts/ gut feelings to help her avoid danger; Thanks to her training, she’s able to pick up whenever someone’s using or about to use magic/ magecraft, which can give her time to counter

WEAKNESSES: Back rubs/ massages or just simply having her back lightly scratched; She can be persuaded with sweets (she'll resist, but expensive treats will win (sometimes)); Neon colors and staring at a blue screen for too long gives her headaches; Running out of energy/ mana and/ or bullets even to the point where she can’t summon her sword(s); Even if her gut tells her there's danger, she doesn't always run away unless needed; The enemy being too fast for her bullets to hit or throw her sword(s); Sight can be obstructed, which can make it difficult for her to throw her sword(s), or aim and shoot; Despite her skills, she’s still a mortal being; She’s self-conscious about her right eye, hence why she keeps it hidden

Short quote here.

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Mass Mutiny

Mar 11th 2021 - 9:48 PM

Work and school? Damn girl, get it! But I am sure glad you liked it m'lady! I trying to have some fun when I write lol. For the nickname, perhaps one in time when it feels natural? Lol I don't know which I will settle on. But I would love to get something going rp wise! :D
ˣ ʟ ᴜ x ɪ ꜰ ᴇ ʀ |

Feb 9th 2021 - 1:47 PM

Oh hey! Your picture is back.  :D
Mass Mutiny

Jan 29th 2021 - 12:12 AM

Well greeting their lassie! Top of the evenin’ to ya! I hope you are doing well. The name is Mutiny, Mass Mutiny. I would enjoy to chat or rp whenever! I am busy IRL so I am not on a whole and replies are usually on weekends or later at night. I hope this is ok. Any who, thanks for your time and have a wonderful rest of the night. Also, diggin' the purple eye! 
ˣ ʟ ᴜ x ɪ ꜰ ᴇ ʀ |

Jan 28th 2021 - 6:06 PM

So how are you?

I honestly do not remember what we were talking about.  >.>'

Jan 18th 2021 - 12:50 PM

"aѕ ғar aѕ ι ĸnow ι'м already dead, wнιcн мeanѕ...ι'м waιтιng ғor yoυr ѕorry aѕѕ ιn тнe aғтerlιғe." 
[Behind the mask: Hey hey! Mary, not sure if you knew but this is Nagoriyuki. This is my main account. If I become inactive on Nagoriyuki, you'll find me here.]

Jan 18th 2021 - 12:42 PM

"You a new client? If so, I hope you have something for this mercenary. The name is Deathstroke, the world's deadliest assassin and perfect soldier. Got anyone to kill, I'm your man. Just don't rip me off or you'll regret. Also, if I am going to kill someone, it better not be for petty reasons. Even a mercenary like me has standards."

//Thanks for accepting my invite! :D Hope that we become good friends!

Jan 12th 2021 - 12:20 AM

"I am Geras, a fixed point in time and new Keeper of Time itself. A artificial construct created as a means to maintain balance within countless timelines and observe each them and an immortal. With every death and rebirth, I grow stronger and adapt to the previous method that has killed me before. As long as you're no threat to the natural flow and order of time, we will not be enemies."
(A pleasure to meet you, new friend. I trust that you are fairing well these days. I hope to establish an eternal friendship and write together, chat-chit, or anything of your liking. I am sure you might be familiar with Mortal Kombat, yes? Though I don't expect you to play or at least be a fan of it. If you are aware of the lore but haven't caught up with the recent installment of it, allow me to assist you in catching up to it or explain Geras as a character. Thank you for your time and I shall humbly await your reply.)
ˣ ʟ ᴜ x ɪ ꜰ ᴇ ʀ |

Jan 6th 2021 - 3:38 PM

My holidays were great.  Got to visit my mom for the first time in years. We sat down and talked.  It was nice. Do you feel happy to be back? lol
Ω Usurper of Thrones

Jan 5th 2021 - 9:09 PM

Race occupation and what she would do meeting a 10 ft deity
ˣ ʟ ᴜ x ɪ ꜰ ᴇ ʀ |

Dec 23rd 2020 - 3:09 PM

That is fine. I have a pretty bad memory too.

I am doing fine for the most part. Trying to get my sleep back on track. Also trying to stay on top of my replies and not drown in them. >_>;

How about you? What have you been up to lately?
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