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I'm supposed to be the goddamn Queen of Hell! Why is nobody ever listening to me?

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Characters: Lucifer
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
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About me:
Lucifer is a major antagonist in Helltaker. She is a female demon. Stylizing herself with The CEO of Hell moniker, it was revealed that she is the leader of the populations of hell in general including the demons and skeleton minions that Helltaker fought in his quest and has a penchant to make several souls that went to hell, as her slaves. Despite being a calculating businesswoman and bureaucrat, she can't help herself if people give her chocolate pancakes. Lucifer herself can be described as a well-endowed and gracefully refined woman, befitting her nature as the de facto leader of Hell. She is a woman with white long hair, red eyes and unlike other demons, she has a large white horns and wearing a thorn crown on her head. In addition, she also wears a black businessmen suit with a red shirt and black tie tucked inside of it and also wears a sigil on the left side of her chest. She also holds a glass filled with wine on the left side of her hand. When she is not in hell, Lucifer changes her appearance in order to eat some pancakes wearing a red shirt, a black apron with the text "SATAN" engraved on it and having her hair getting put up in a rather messy ponytailed bun. Lucifer herself is the de facto ruler of Hell as she acts as a CEO of it despite several people including Judgement rarely listens to her and is also the demon who loves to make several deals in order to make some innocent souls her slaves. Lucifer appeared in the eight stage of the game where the Helltaker attempts to cut in line that her Skeleton minions formed in order to meet with her in person. When encountering Helltaker for the first time, Lucifer was seen swirling her wine glass with her two skeletal bodyguards guarding her from behind. She then congratulates Helltaker on how he managed to pass all the trials and tribulations that she set for him in hell while making him an offer that mortals can refuse by forcing the Helltaker to pledge his soul towards her so that she could make him her most treasured slave. If Helltaker decides to choose "Yes, my Queen!" option, Lucifer then planted a kiss towards Helltaker on the forehead which resulted on his life melted away. However, if Helltaker decides to choose "No thanks, but you can join my harem." option, she becomes suspicious and a bit irritated at the same time while asking about Helltaker's true goals. If Helltaker decides to choose "Call me master. And ask permission before you speak." option, Lucifer then teaches Helltaker a lesson by killing him as she made a hand gesture while turning his blood into vinegar. However, if Helltaker decides to choose "I can offer coffee, turn based strategies and chocolate pancakes." option, she ended up become intrigued due to her being a fan of pancakes and decides to join Helltaker's harem in the end of the day. When Helltaker attempts to get out from hell with his harem and asking some advice, Lucifer advises the Helltaker to skip the stage by using the pause menu because she doesn't want to sit in hell all day long while commenting about the mess near the Hell's Gate because nobody had used it for a while. As Helltaker was prevented by the Demon Prosecutor, Judgement, from getting away and was subjected to her sinning machine, Lucifer orders Judgement to stop the punishment because he belonged to her and when Judgement refuses, Lucifer becomes a bit irritated because nobody listens to her orders. Towards the end of the game, as Helltaker and his brand new companions that he made in hell successfully return home, Lucifer complimented Helltaker's cooking skills on making the pancakes because it is rather otherworldly according to her while eating it happily. Cry Cute: She's normally the picture of calm and smooth arrogance, but when Judgement refuses to stand down on her attempts to kill Helltaker and the other demons even cheer the fighting on, Lucifer is noticeably red-faced in embarrassment while holding back tears. No Respect Guy: Despite being the CEO of Hell, there's implication (particularly from Justice) that the demons follow Lucifer more out of free will than she'd like.
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Aug 14th 2020 - 10:46 AM

"Hmm. Aren't you an interesting one. Rarely do people ever trek into these lands, but as long as you don't disturb my peace and quiet, neither of us will have a quarral."

OOC: Thank you very much for accepting or adding this samurai! Excuse the late greetings for I am most of the time on mobile and working. I would love to get stories going or maybe some banter! Either way works! ^_^
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