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About me:
Meet Wolfgang Leopold. This carefree fella is quite the genuine talker. Most folks usually tend to find him relaxing at the nearby coffee shops and even a pub on the odd occasion.

Oh! Wait a minute...we forgot his life story, now didn't we? Let's rewind the clock about....30 years, back to when he was conceived. Wolfgang was raised by two loving parents in a suburban household. He had plenty of friends of confidants growing up due to his amicable and carefree disposition. Not to mention he had a natural charisma to him that held many people's attention whenever he spoke. This pretty much made him the sweetheart of all who got to know him personally.

Going into his childhood and teenage years, not much would change, aside from puberty and all that. Once he got out of highschool at the age of 18, he'd strike out on his own to forge a life for himself.

Moving out of the comfy subrubs wouldn't prove too painful as Wolfgang had grown pretty independent. And, even if he needed a hand, he'd always have people in contact with the help him out in ways. His first job was.....

A male model.

Not quite what you were expecting, hmmm? Well, Wolfgang was one to try and keep himself pretty healthy. And, due to his natural charisma on camera, he figured bulking up a bit would help his image further. So he'd train himself up to a solidly muscular physique.

It would pay in dividends as he'd get more and more notes of recommendations from his booking agents wanting to take photo shoots. A few years later he'd get an ivnite into the erotic industry.

It was a bit of a gamble, as Wolfgang hadn't really considered sex this early into his life.... But, if he was going to go through with this, why not life once? After all, you've got one life to make the most of...

Fast forward a few more years and Leopold is livng a pretty modest life for himself; between modeling and p0rn, he's fairly mundane in terms of security. Well...maybe not mudane; he's got quite a bit of money stashed away and a large allowance, but he doesn't wish to abuse this fact. He wants to live a modest and earnest life despite the professions he has.

As he grew older as did his experience. He's got a lot of street cred and smarts in the industry now that he's experienced a lot of what it has to offer. His personality is still much the same.

Once Wolfgnag hit 28, that was when he truly took off running. He'd been in many pron films with acclaimed atresses' and actors'. Yes. You heard that right. In the p0rn industry, nothing is sacred. COntracts are a powerful incentive that they hold over ones head...

Despite that, his pay and overall revenue skyrocketed after these escapades, with him garnering the mainstream attention of many famous p0rn directors who were dying to work with him. Given his physical capabilities and stamina...it was a match made in heaven for whomever had the pleasure of working with him!
Who I'd like to meet:

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