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Characters: Matori
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About me:
Matori, also referred to as Giovanni's Secretary, is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. Following her debut in Memories are Made of Bliss!, she was a minor recurring character during Pokémon the Series: Black & White and Pokémon the Series: XY before gaining a more significant role in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.

In Filling the Light with Darkness!, Matori headed a special Team Rocket unit named the Matori Matrix, and was on an aircraft approaching Alola with the unit's members, including Gozu. She was contacted by Giovanni for a briefing on the progress of her mission, and she reported that a small Ultra Wormhole had appeared in Alola, meaning that their target might appear. When asked by Giovanni if the target could be the "Blinding One", Matori responded that finding out the answer was the purpose of her mission. Giovanni ended the transmission by telling her he expected great things from her. She then asked Gozu if they would arrive in Alola soon, and when he confirmed that they would, she had him give the order to activate their craft's cloaking device.

Matori appears to take her job as secretary seriously, as shown many times when she delivers messages coming from the Team Rocket Boss to Jessie, James and Meowth, or when she demands reports from them. She is also seen to be faithful and deferential to Giovanni. While interacting with the Team Rocket trio, she is noticeably more cold and harsh. In Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, more of Matori's personal relationship with the trio is fleshed out. She becomes a rival figure to Jessie, who carries an intense dislike for her, as she considers Matori's attitude to be too authoritarian and almighty due to her status as the boss's secretary. She angrily calls her names such as "four eyes, "loser locks" and "bob-cut glasses goon" when she is not around, although later on both Jessie and Matori begin showing their disdain of one another publicly. James seems to be more respectful of her, if not a little intimidated by her. Meowth appears to feel neutral towards her. He once considered bribing her with food, but quickly gave up on the idea.

Matori, on her side, is usually not impressed with the trio's lack of achievements and their failure to report on schedule. She does, however, show certain respect for them when they manage to report true achievements, such as unwittingly finding an Alolan Meowth or acquiring a Z-Power Ring. While the trio usually responds to her in a combative manner, especially when not in Giovanni's presence, she is either unaware of this or chooses to ignore it.

It is later revealed that in addition to being Giovanni's secretary, Matori is also an elite Team Rocket operative who leads her own special unit, the Matori Matrix. While leading this unit, she wears a standard Team Rocket uniform, but it is styled in a more militaristic fashion, with fancy, decorative shoulder-pads and the hat being down-turned and carrying the Matori Matrix insignia. In her role with the Matori Matrix, she is shown to be a serious, goal-oriented leader, dedicated to accomplishing her missions at any cost. Additionally, she also shows a vain and condescending personality, having the unit named after herself and dismissing the trio's offer to help. She appears to trust Gozu's advice, although she maintains her bossy demeanor and becomes even more irritable while lethargic due to the draining of Ultra Aura. She also has a reckless side, as seen when she hesitated to give up on pursuing the Ultra Guardians through an Ultra Wormhole, even though the Matori Matrix's airship was badly damaged.
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ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

21 hours ago

It's funny you say that! My longest running roleplay was a blend of my OC in my own OU, and this other persons, so we did a crossover and it worked out magically! Ours lasted I think 5 years, and we built a family, had a history, there were travels into the past, travels into the future, battling Gods, it was fantastic. Truly. I remember it vividly. Stayed in touch with that person until I got locked out of my Facebook account. ;~;

I won't PERSONALLY write about killing or Lacey injuring Pokemon, however, you go crazy if you want, I do not care. I want to provide you that creative freedom to put whatever. I'm more into killing/injuring humans, cause humans suck. >.>
Whatever your character would do, right? I'll let Accelgor do the fighting of other Pokemon. Lacey is gonna have to get used to seeing a gun. ;)

Just a girl and her Luxray amiright?? At the head of an evil organization bent of world domination... Who also beats up bullies. Make that your business card.

Sooo....I kinda did a thing, and wrote an opener... It's positively Novella, it's long as f*ck. I can send it to you, you can take 1 look at it's length and be like, HELL NO. And just tell me. xD
I swear you won't hurt my feelings, I'll edit the crap out of it. I just went with 1 thing and it lead to another. Interested?
ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

22 hours ago

Oh my gosh, I've visited so many verses, and tried so many things. Many I kept typed in documents, and pull them out when I have an itch. My 2 most beloved creations I wanna really do soemthing with and take off with. But ones like Lacey and Togaten (my Inuyasha OC) are trial and error. I'm learning how to talk with Lacey and how her interactions will be like, as of right now she's a socially awkward mess based on her background and current circumstance, but as your character and her inrteract it's gonna be all experimental. Hopefully I can find her niche with you in good time.

Stuff like that, guns, torture, the dark themes, the real stuff we all know exists but nobody wants to touch cause they are unfamiliar with it and don't associate it with Pokemon, who's target audience is children. I wanna break that barrier. My favorite original characters and original universes it's all dark stuff, like Berserk is all heavy dark stuff. I like that. I want to expose Lacey to that, and work through it with her character. Her underage drinking and smoking is only the tip of the iceberg for more adult themed subject matter. Bring it on!

You may find her difficult to move into a sticky situation with, she is NOT a badass by any means. Her Accelgor is her only saving grace. It'll be fun and interesting, baptism by fire right? Sink or swim? I'm gonna turn this girl into a butt kicking machine!  Matori is gonna have to deal with the mess that she is before that happens though. xP
ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

23 hours ago

Yesss for another example, there is an Inuyasha OC I've been sitting on for YEARS, but have never brought to life because I only have a mental image. I can't draw or edit if you put a gun to my head. One of these days I will flat out pay someone to draw my description of her... 

I'm not as nerdy as I like to seem. I kinda wish I was nerdier, maybe I would be smarter, haha. I definitely have my moments and subjects that I can go all out on. I was with the emo kids in school, got my fair share of bullying or name calling. Nothing quite as cliche or steriotypical as my character is going to endure. The 80's cheesy bully moves, ect. My character Lacey rides a fence on submissive and defensive. She has an attitude, but no real confidence. I wanted to create my own evil organization that empathizes with what she empathizes with so it influences her in a dark but seemingly righteous manner. Hopefully you'll help me reach that chapter!

Well that sounds like me, I'm adding lots of people, awkwardly trying to kick start stuff, and get to a comfortable altitude where we cruise with our character and the story flows. It's never easy and always slow to start. I'm trying to have patience, while having hopes that people have patience with me that things will stay interesting. It's always a gamble, and yes, I think lots of verses are hibernating. You're hearing it from me now, go balls to the walls with our roleplay, please. I'm desperate and anything you wanna add that will make this as real as possible for you, go for it. Whatever keeps you coming back to reply. I'll do the same. Be emotion, bring drama if you want, violence, I don't care, lol. You have permission, distract me from my actual life, I encourage it. xD

Don't mind me torturing my character with highs and lows, I need to make her miserable for her character to work, hahaha. Sorry it took me a day to comment back. I work a lot . ;~;
ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

Dec 2nd 2021 - 12:40 AM

Side Note myself... My character design and influence is Reagan Ridley from a new TV show by the title of Inside Job. From the same creators as Rick And Morty. It's really good if you get a chance! On Netflix, I've been sitting on this character idea for quite some time, but never found a likeness I leaned towards. Until I saw this show, then I knew... If I never found a character design I liked, I probably wouldn't be here still.
ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

Dec 2nd 2021 - 12:37 AM

Of course! I appreciate legitimate development, it's rare to come by, has been for a long time and only getting rarer. Especially being a girl, I can't log on without a smut account adding me, it's funny cause I tend to gravitate towards playing more asexual characters, ones without sex appeal. xD like Lacey is a bug loving recluse, a nerdy weirdo with oily skin, bags under her eyes, and saggy clothes. Leave me alone! Anyway, I feel you on that; not enough people can take that step that might scare people. I'm down with adult material, as long as it's not so much directed AT Pokemon, if it's a human, it's free game, haha. (Does that make me a bad person? >.>) I know I plan on adding quite a few scenes that aren't keen for a weak stomach... But that's me. We can for sure discuss ideas and come together moving forward with some critical moments as our story progresses. We can both have our blindsides, but collaborating is healthy too.

I love that idea, I do wanna say even she's living on campus and seemingly sort ball-and-chained to that 1 location, I wasn't gonna make this one-sided and say YOU have to meet ME. That wouldn't be fair. But you came up with a solution really easy. She is learning in depth Pokemon biology, anatomy, social and mental health, psychology, behavior and environment, all the things that any Professor should know, though her end game is to specialize in Bug Type. So she has special courses is JUST that. You infiltrating the campus to supplant yourself for intel gathering and such. In a modern world with ever changing technology, surely there would be a class engineered towards teaching students the latest in Pokemon analytical tech. Lacey could be suffering harassment from fellow students and give you a reason to intercept. From there you could begin to unpack her character a little, while making a social move to aid your goal.
ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

Dec 1st 2021 - 1:12 PM

(switching to mobile so I might have a lot of spelling errors. ^^;)

Firstly I'm really excited to move forward with this. You clearly put a lot of time and work into your character and the linear storyline with access points for other influences. This character herself is new for me to play, but some of the twists and circumstances I incorporate will be recycled based how successful I was with others characters. I've played them in my head so many times, and figuring out how to make the situation develope in a whole different world. Now being Pokemon. Lately (past 3 years) my roleplays need the spice of horror, violence, crime, ect to keep it interesting. The soft, fun, rom-com isn't for me. I can do moments of that of course, but it can't ride that.

At some point I'm going to introduce a whole new organization in the story, 1 that attracts the attention of Lacey and seems to feed ambitions and thoughts even she didn't know she wanted or needed. Turning her into a less kind soul.
ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

Dec 1st 2021 - 12:22 AM

P.S. I didn't see your comment until I already sent mine. xD oops... I have no preferences, comments is fine! Im sure we have lots to share and discuss!
ᴮ ᵁ ᴳ ᴮ ᴿ ᴬ ᴵ ᴺ

Dec 1st 2021 - 12:19 AM

"Ive got my eyes set on the world, and I'm gonna set my sights on fire..."
"Hello! Thank you for accepting my invite, whatever your preferences are, Comment, PM, IC or not let me know, I'm playing this by ear. (I'm not good at greetings >~< ) First time back to Ani, with a new character I'd like to work into a long running fan-fiction of sorts. I have lots of plots and ideas that I want to collaborate with others! I'm super easy to work with I promise. This is a team effort for the love of creative writing. I incorporate many genres, action, drama, suspense, horror, adventure, comedy, slice-of-life moments, I do some adult content (no not sex or smut). Like violence, cussing, ect. I refuse to write less than 4-5 paragraphs with plenty of dialog. I hope this all sounds okay with you. Tell me your thoughts and feelings, I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you again for giving me a chance!
"Some days I'm the bug, sometimes I'm the windsheild..."

Sep 23rd 2020 - 10:45 PM

You shouldn't be working on doing things alone. It's a team effort. Don't worry, I promise not to one line. I'm mobile though so it's tough to tell how much I've written exactly. I'll just ignore the fact you were ratted out because it's a really good storyline- in my opinion anyway.

Sep 23rd 2020 - 10:32 PM

I wasn't exactly around the Team Rocket of that time. Then again, I didn't start until on this site until about... 2016? At that time I saw few Rocket members and even then, they didn't see to be sticking around. I originally tried having Alice there before and I didn't get recognized for things I did. Then like.. I switched teams a lot because so many people wanted things from me. Then I stopped RPing or changed my muse up a lot. Now I'm back because supposedly the Giovanni now is going to do what the last didn't.
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