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Characters: Van Flyheight, Bang Freiheit (Alternate Japanese spelling)
Verses: Zoids, Crossovers, One Piece Gundam, Pokemon, All verses welcomed
Playbys: Matthew Erickson
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Mystery, Science Fiction, Video Game,
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Van Flyheight LET'S MOBILIZE!

A young, caring Zoid Pilot. Van Flyheight was a hero of planet Zi. A legendary warrior whom faced down the strongest of Zoids, and saved the planet twice over from absolute annihilation. He was revered in both the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire as a real hero. A man that saved a young Empire, brokered peace between two warring factions, and became one of the founding fathers of the Guardian Force.

No matter what it is, we will face it together!

He is unwaveringly loyal to his friends and family. Whether it's bandits, cruel people, or circumstances beyond normal control. Van will pull through and be the first to take up arms and defend those he cares for. On the other hand, he will do all he can to save even those who are his enemies, while not preferring to kill anyone, unless there is no other option.

NAME: Van Flyheight
Rank: Lieutenant
DATE OF BIRTH: Chaotic Century, Era
PLACE OF BIRTH: Wind Colony, Zi

Species: Human
Markings: Flyheight family marking on right jawline

Traits: Hard worker, Loyal, Combative, Skilled with Zoids
Disorders: Ill-tempered
Addictions: Zoids, Papayas
Likes: Friends, Zoids, Adventure, Exploring, Mystery
Dislikes: Evil, cruelty towards people or Zoids
Quirks: Always hungry

High School N/A
College N/A - Republic Military Training
Major N/A
Degree N/A

OCCUPATION: Guardian Force Founder
JOB DESCRIPTION: Protects those of PLanet Zi from those whom would stir up renewed conflict between the Empire and the Republic
EMPLOYER: Helic Republic/Guylos Empire
SKILLSET: High Performance Zoid piloting

FATHER: Dan Flyheight (deceased)
SISTER(S): Maria Flyheight
Other Family: None



Van Flyheight was a young aspiring Zoid Pilot whom was born and raised on the Wind Colony on Planet Zi. All his life, he'd want to follow in his father's footsteps by one day piloting a zoid of his own.

Van was born to a military family, as his father, Dan Flyheight was a major in the Republic army. A strict, but kind individual, whom would go out of his way to help any one in need. As the war between the New Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire broke out however, Dan was called into action. Because of his, Dan's son, Van would bardly see his father for some time.

One fateful evening, an organoid capsule was discovered in a set of ruins, Van's father was sent to retrieve the capsule and met with success. However, word soon spread to Imperial Operatives, and an entire unit was mobilized to capture the coveted small Zoid pod, as it would turn the tide of the war in favor of whoever controlled it. As Dan's unit was surrounded by Imperial forces, the Van's Father chose to mount a resistance to protect the Organoid Capsule. However, in the battle, Dan ended up sacrificing himself to save his unit, and the organoid.

The fate of Van's mother remains unknown, however his status as an orphan remained, with only his older sister, Mariea Flyheight to look after him. Mariea took care of Dan for several years until another fateful encounter with an Organoid would send the young pilot on the most harrowing adventure of his life.

Van was chased through the desert landscape by a random rogue bandit. To avoid being killed by the bandit;s weapon fire, he took refuge in an ancient fortress, one he had been to before. Though, as he had waited for the bandit to leave, Van decided to explore the ruins more in detail, stumbling into a secret room where a pair of pods lay dormant. As excitable as Van was in his Youth, the boy wold activate and hatch the pod, releasing a silver Organoid, whom would eventually lead Van to a dead Shield Liger. The liger was resurrected by the organoid, and Van was able to fend off his assailants.

Though instead of racing home after the battle, Van would once again find himself back in the Ruins, as his new Organoid friend, which he named Zeke, would find return to the Zoid pods. As the second Pod opened up, Van was shocked to discover a human female inside. The young woman, would have total amnesia upon exiting the pod. Dazed and confused, Van would take her back to the village for proper clothes and food; thus starting a life long journey together. Though she didn't have a name, Van decided on Fiona, which stuck for the rest of her life, even aS her memory slowly came back to her.

Main Connections

After being chased by bandits, and turning the tables on them thanks to Zeke, Van returned to investigate a second pod. Inside contained a mysterious girl, whom he would soon call Fiona. Since then the two have been inseparable, especially as a mystery unfolded about her shrouded past.


The first "Zoid" that Van uncovered while accidentally stumbling across a stasis pod. What he thought to be a newborn wild Zoid, Van came to learn that this creature was far more special as it was an Organoid. Soecifically, a Dragon-Type Organoid. A symbiotic life form that was capable of reviving and powering up Zoids to insane feats. Like Fiona, Zeke became inseparable from Van.


A nomadic transporter from the Wasteland, Moonbay first met Van while out on one of her runs. During the following night, Moonbay fell under attack by an ambush of Sleeper Zoids. Both he, and a mercenary named Irvine protected, and in the end, they would travel together.

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