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"I'm just trying to pursue an ambition...That's all." | Zoids Verse - Irvine | Crossovers | Literate

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Characters: Irvine
Verses: Zoids, All Crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic, Crossover, Science Fiction, Video Game,
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About me:

A chill Mercenacy trying to make his way in the world. Irvine can be seen throughout both the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire completing contracts, helping civilians, and trashing bandits for a decent pay.

Much of Irvine's past is an enigma. However, his life was a difficult one at first. When he was only a child, Irvine watched his little sister fall victim to a virus, and despite his best efforts, she'd perish soon after. With nothing left in his life to care over, Irvine took to the road, to fill contracts.

His luck would change one day, however. During a treacherous sandstorm, Irvine e countered and rescued a couple kids, whom identified themselves as Fiona And Van. He fed them, and after a small chat, learned of Van's Organoid. A small yet incredibly rare and powerful zoid from ancient times. Such a creature would fetch a decent price for the mercenary. And for several months, Irvine would trail and attempt to take the Organoid for himself, until he ended up growing attached to the two kids- even to the point of befriending them.

For the rest of the Year, Irvine would f9ght alongside Van, Fiona, the Organoid named Zeke, and another addition, Moonbay as they searched for a mysterious figure named the Zoid Eve. Though the journey would take several turns, as a crowned prince was kidnapped and wound up in their possession. The group would fight the Empire and various mercenaries in an attempt to thwart a coup to take a weakened thron

As the Prince was kidnapped, hostilities between the Republuc and the Empire would cease- and a joint operation would soon form to stabilize the Empire before it met a catastrophic end. With the help of Irvine and his new found friends, they were barely able to succeed.

Irvine typically flies a special dark grey Command Wolf, however the Zoid would meet its end at the hands of a brutal Zoid pilot named Raven. The zoid would later be reborn in the body of a Lightning Saix however thanks to quick thinking of a mad scientist named Doctor D. ((Temp profile. Layout being built.))

Who I'd like to meet:

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