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"Science moves forward precisely BECAUSE we believe in miracles!" Zoids Verse | Crossovers | Sciency Themes

30 years old
New Helic City,
United States

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September 20 2021

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Characters: Doctor D
Verses: Crossovers, Zoids, Mechs, Pokemon, Digimon, All verses welcome!
Playbys: Dave Pettitt
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Science Fiction, Video Game,
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About me:

An eccentric old hermit, Doctor D was actually one of the most prominent scientists on Zoids and Organoids during the Chaotic Century. Like most of his anscestors, Doctor D served the New Helic Republic, and would assist their faction during the war with the Guylos Empire.

As the war drew to a closse, Doctor D retreated to the mountain side/childhood home to live a life in solitude, so that he may work on his inventions in peace. His life time goal was to create a machine that could create artificial snow in a temperate environment. A childhood fantasy for the eccentric scientist. As the area once did snow, and made a lasting impression, which guided D to become the scientist he is today.

His expirements would often cause explosions, thus leaving the doctor to freeze himself in a block of solid ice. But the ice would always melt quick enough, before it would become fatal or harmful to the old man. Despite his age, he was rather spry and could take quite the beating. Especially if it meant furthering his goals, which eventually did come to fruition.

A new war was on the horizon, and Doctor D knew it was coming. However, he did not wish to get wrapped up as he had previously done so. His excuse? He was having too much fun with a group of new and young Zoid Pilots, whom had helped him on his snowy experiment just a few weeks prior. However, as the war threatened the capital of New Helic, Doctor D would eventually help the republic regardless. Whether it was because of his desire to save the capital, or that he was moved by his new friends remains a mystery.

Doctor D is a mad scientist. But friendly and always willing to help...At least after he's had a bit of fun messing with people's minds in a vast array of goofy pranks and corny one-liner jokes. He's best described a giddy, hyper, eccentric, aloof, and yet a scientific genius. Though if the situation becomes serious and dire, his expressions and attitude switches to be more focused and sincere, dropping all sense of humor for the importance of saving lives.

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