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Welcome to the Tropical Oasis! Where anything can go! And that means Death by Gremrir! Note: very destructive and wild/outgoing character. DnD and High Fantasy. Horror, Adventure, Action, Mature Violence, and all sorts. Random starters welcomed!

30 years old

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September 28 2020

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She was once just an orphan of the mainland. Shunned by those around her. She fought to survive the life she was living. Scrounging for scraps and the occasional thievery. It was until one stormy night when she slept in the bowel of the ship did she realize that they were moving. Far out in to the treacherous sea as a monsoon was moving through. Whoever these people were that controlled the ship, were brave to travel through the storm, or idiots to think they would survive it.
the crew didnt survive....the Young Orc was left marooned on top of a plank floating in the waters. The creatures beneath brushing against her only line of life of air. But not once did they take an interest of her being was that...they were pushing her with the current to an island unkown. Only there, did her life truly begin.
As told by the legends of The Mystic Isles, the Gremrir is an aquatic beast that makes its rounds along the coast and through the winding vast rivers of the Isles. Not many Chieftains have the ability to 'connect' with the beasts. But a lucky few have. The Gremrir CHOOSES the Chieftain of the Isles that they will interact with and follow through on the special communication that they share. One in particular, the eldest Gremrir, Chovak, has bonded with the young Chieftain known as Oasis. It is through sacrifice and power that Chovak stays as a loyal companion to her. Those who are not careful around the young Chieftain, they will meet a gruesome death.

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About me:
Welcome to Tropical Oasis! A paradise of all four corners of the Mystic Island of Bashara! Where many species and creatures alike come to visit, get stranded on, and live here! We have four grand chieftains at all cities. But the one true high Chief is the one and only...Oasis! The mint green orc/troll hybrid who has been bound to the island! There are mishaps that do happen when locals and tourists try to venture out in to the jungle wilds. So I degress that you DO NOT go in there unless you dont value your life!
Who I'd like to meet:
Name: "Oasis"

Species: Orc hybrid
Age: human: 30yrs

Skin/Fur: Mint Green.
Hair: Umbre Coral/Teal
Tribal Marking: Left Shoulder and thigh
Title: Chieftain of Bashara, Guardian of the Mystic Isles
Alignment: Choatic Nuetral
Height: 6'2"
Marital: Single
Relationship: Single
Personality: See for yourself in story.

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