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About me:
uka’s most defining character traits are his optimism, hastiness, naivety, and lack of intelligence, usually needing Alice or others to explain every single detail to him or mindlessly rushing into a fight while being unaware of the whole story and the consequences his actions could bring. He believes in the possibility of coexistence with man and monster, and wants to see a world where they can live together peacefully. However, Luka has bursts of insight during key moments, showing he isn’t completely ignorant to the way the world around him works, such as acknowledging Alice as his traveling companion after discovering she was the Monster Lord and understanding her intentions, or when he persuaded Alice to give up her ideals of sacrifice and her trauma by using Alice’s words as well as his experience in traveling the world with her to justify his point.

Even though he is usually meek and easy-going, witnessing injustice, especially in the form of strong ones oppressing the weak, it ignites an extreme and sometimes destructive blind anger in him. For instance, he single-handedly defeated the entire armies, leaders and champions of the insects and plants of Plansect Village due to their civil oppression, when he nearly strangles Lupton (a ranking member of Ilias Kreuz) to death for lying about slashing hundreds of monsters at the Bird God Shrine, or when he threatened and attempts to kill Lazarus in Ilias Kreuz Base in Gold Port after Lazarus insults and berates Luka’s father.

Due to his bloodline as a descendant of the legendary Heinrich and the angel Seraph Lucifina, Luka inherited their powers and abilities, having a tremendous aptitude for the Cursed Sword style (able to combat Granberia, an undisputed master of the style, on relatively even terms with comparatively little training time), and the Four Spirits from his ancestor while possessing all his mother's angelic skills and the abnormal regeneration ability said to be a Fallen Angel technique. Luka also quickly gains power far beyond that of a regular human, giving him the ability to defeat all sorts of monsters once he accumulates enough power. Luka is also a very quick learner, as it doesn't take very long for him to master the skills taught to him and eventually can perfect any skill right off the bat the moment he is informed about it, even mastering the power of water in a relatively short time when Heinrich was said to have taken a year to do so. However, his mastery of the Spirits falls short of Heinrich's, according to Heinrich himself.

Luka slowly learns Cursed Sword skills, masters the Four Spirits one-by-one, and mysteriously taps into his abnormal regeneration ability. However, his angelic powers remain entirely sealed by his mother's Keepsake Ring, unless he's threatened while asleep. However, Luka is warned not to rely on his angelic powers too much as it will eventually consume and erode his human body, but he ignores the warning.

Outside of combat, Luka also has highly refined skills in the culinary arts, which he learned in preparation for his journey. Although Luka is only seen cooking for himself and Alice, she often compliments and highly praises his culinary skills despite her initial disappointment on his first two presentations (dried meat and unsalted bread with omelette).
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