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No Matter Who It Is, I Won't Let Them Catch Up To Me, Let Alone Get Ahead Of Me!

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Quirk Info

Explosion: Katsuki's Quirk allows him to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from the palms of his hands and ignite it on command, allowing him to create strong explosions.[14] The more Katsuki sweats, the stronger his explosions become. If Katsuki overuses this power, his forearms will start to ache.

Katsuki has a strong grasp on the applications of his Quirk, something that was acknowledged by Best Jeanist, a top Pro Hero, not only can Katsuki use the explosions for attacking, he can also use them to propel himself and navigate through the air at high speeds, allowing him to fly at his opponents without giving them time to react, as well as evade incoming attacks, even while in the air. The shockwave from an explosion can even be used as a shield.

Katsuki can keep up his explosions continuously, long enough to break through Eijiro's hardening Quirk and negate Shoto's "Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall" for a short while before being overwhelmed.

Special Moves

Explosive Speed : Katsuki throws his hands back and uses explosions to propel himself. He uses this both on the ground to increase his speed and through the air to achieve a pseudo form of flight. He first used this technique on the ground during the Quirk Apprehension Test. The first time he used it to fly was during the Obstacle Race.

Stun Grenade: Katsuki starts by creating a sphere of light between his hands that explodes into a large scale flash. Similar to the effect of an actual stun grenade, the flash of light blinds anyone close by. He first used this technique to defeat Fumikage Tokoyami.

Zero Distance Stun Grenade : A variation where Katsuki fires off his Stun Grenade at point-blank range of the opponent to immediately stun and immobilize them with little lasting damage. This variation was first used against Setsuna in the fourth round of the Joint Training Battle.

Howitzer Impact : This move is the strongest move in Katsuki's arsenal, which involves Katsuki taking to the air, and then using explosions to propel himself in a circular motion to create a tornado. This tornado builds up oxygen to fuel the incoming explosion. After colliding with the target, Katsuki releases the powerful aforementioned explosion. Present Mic compared the effectiveness of the technique to that of an actual missile. Katsuki first used Howitzer Impact in the final match of the U.A. Sports Festival Finals. He has also shown that he can release the fueled explosion in midair, without having to make contact with the target

AP Shot : Katsuki stretches out one of his hands and uses his other hand to form a circle on the palm of his outstretched hand. Katsuki then fires an explosion through the circle, which creates a concentrated blast beam. By focusing the path of his explosions into a single point instead of around his whole palm, Katsuki creates a concentrated blast with reduced area of impact, but with enough power to successfully pierce solid concrete.

AP Shot Auto-Cannon : A rapid-fire version of his AP Shot Technique. The explosion power is reduced in order to avoid dealing severe damage to human targets. This variation was first used against Seiji Shishikura in the first stage of the Provisional Hero License Exam.

AP Machine-Gun: A stronger version of his AP Shot: Auto-Cannon where Katsuki fires larger, rapid-fire explosions. This technique was first used against Tomura in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

Explode-A-Pult: While in mid-air, Katsuki grabs an opponent with one of his arms, then propels himself in a spinning motion by firing explosions with his free arm. Once he gains enough momentum, Katsuki forcefully throws his opponent with the aid of another explosion. He first used this technique against Togaru Kamakiri in the fourth round of the Joint Training Battle.

Land Mine Blast : Katsuki places his Grenadier Bracer on the ground and lets of a massive explosion into the ground, blowing back any obstacles surrounding him. This technique was first used to dissipate Mahoro Shimano's Hologram

Blasting Speed Turbo Cluster Just like with his Explosive Speed, Katsuki uses his explosions to propel himself forward, only this time, condensing them to become stronger and faster, allowing him to unleash a flurry of bursts that blast him forward at blinding speeds. This was first inadvertently used to save Izuku from Tomura and All For One.

I Will Be Number One With My Strength!

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Come At Me Seriously!

Enhanced Strength : Katsuki possesses a high-caliber physical strength, confirmed by his ability to use his Grenade Bracers without sustaining effects from recoil, whereas Izuku nearly dislocated his arm trying to do so. He's also strong enough to casually pick up and throw people of Izuku's size considerable distance with one arm. His physical power is even enough to draw blood from Izuku at 5% of One For All with a kick

Enhanced Reflexes : Perhaps Katsuki's greatest physical trait is his fantastic reflexes and reaction time. He's shown on several occasions overwhelming his foes with his speed or completely evading all their attacks while striking back such as in his battles with Ochaco, Cider House and Izuku (even when the latter was at 5% of One For All). His superb reflexes even allow him to evade a jet of carbonated water strong enough to cleave a street lamp in two. Typically jets of water that can cut through metal travel at 760 m/s (1700 mph) which is over twice the speed of sound. Even when suffering from multiple stab wounds he could temporarily hold his own against the Near High Ends with help from other heroes.

Enhanced Durability : Katsuki is shown to possess above average endurance and durability. He's tough enough to withstand the blowback of his explosions regularly with only moderate pain.

Keen Intellect : Katsuki has proven to be extremely intelligent and strategic. While he occasionally doesn't have preemptive strategies like most people, he does analyze his opponent's weaknesses such as when he realized Fumikage's weakness to light during the U.A. Sports Festival in the midst of battle and can anticipate worst-case scenarios. Even when fighting the weaker villains during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, Katsuki quickly assessed which of the attacking villains were the most dangerous threat in the long term and eventually figured out a way to incapacitate Kurogiri, one of the invasion's leaders. He also knew that Kurogiri had a weakness and bound his body to hinder his escape. By doing this, he effectively trapped the League of Villains in the U.S.J. until Nomu attacked. When being warned of a monster attack by Katsuma Shimano, he was quickly able to deduce that it was merely an illusion cast by Mahoro Shimano because it lacked a shadow.

Even outside of battle, Katsuki is incredibly perceptive, having deducted the truth about One For All by just piecing together comments and interactions surrounding Izuku, All Might, and even All For One. Katsuki can seemingly detect when people are lying to him by just reading into their behaviors and expressions.

Still, Katsuki's short temper gets the best on him sometimes, causing him to overlook crucial details and commit mistakes.

Leadership Skills : Katsuki has always been criticized for his lack of cooperativeness, usually as a result of his overwhelming ego that prevents him from following the lead of others. However, thanks to Katsuki's very own determination, perfectionism, and intelligence, he is a capable leader should others decide to follow him instead. Though he may not realize it, Katsuki is one of the main motivators of Class 1-A alongside Izuku, thanks to his power and indomitable drive to win.

During round four of the Joint Training Session, Setsuna Tokage admitted that even if her team had attacked him all at once, they stood no chance of victory. In the end, despite Class 1-B's exceptional teamwork and Setsuna's strategic planning, they failed to capture a single member of Class 1-A, mostly thanks to Katsuki's efforts, adaptability, and superior skills.

Musical Talent : Katsuki is highly skilled at playing the drums, having gone through classes in the past.

Legal Information
NAME: Katsuki Bakugou
NICKNAMES: Boom Boy, Firecracker, Bakubae
ALIASES: Ground Zero, Kacchan

Physical Details
HAIR COLOR: Ash Blonde
Blood Type: A

Family Ties
MOTHER: Mitsuki Bakugo
FATHER: Masaru Bakugo


You’ll regret making a fool of me… I’ll freaking kill you! I’m taking the first to end all firsts. There’s no point in winning against some half-assed punk.
Stats & Equipment

Power: 5/5 A

Speed: 4/5 B

Technique: 5/5 A

Intelligence: 4/5 B

Cooperativeness: 1/5 E

Grenadier Bracers : An adjustment added to Katsuki's hero costume that stores his nitroglycerin-like sweat. Once filled, he can pull the grenade pin in order to release a large blast, as shown when he fought Izuku in All Might's Heroes vs. Villains test. It has enough explosive power to destroy all parts of the building within its blast radius. This equipment was first used during the Battle Trial.

Improvised Grenades : Around the belt of his Hero costume are several containers made to look like hand grenades. These can store Katsuki's nitroglycerin-like sweat and may be used as regular grenades at a later time. These were first used during the Provisional Hero License Exam by Denki.

Knee Pads : These are very blunt metallic attachments to Katsuki's knees. They are designed so that he can "kill with his knees," but he has not yet displayed any such use for them.

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OOC: Hello there, It's very nice to meet you. Thank you for accepting my friend request. I would love to rp or just chat with you some time. Please look in my albums and choose a character you like and I'll send the starter. But if you don't like the still single ones I will make a whole new character that only you will be role playing with. But if you don't like any of those check out the 'Extra male characters' album that I have up and if you have any questions about certain males just ask.
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