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Characters: Isabella Osa, Yi Bei
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
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About me:
Isabella is the deuteragonist of the story and the former queen of the demon tribe. She was betrayed by one of her servants and lost her demonic powers. She is currently hiding amongst the humans while learning swordsmanship and magic at the Royal Academy under the name of Yi Bei. She is headstrong, proud, and powerful though untrusting at the beginning of the story towards humans. She at first does not care for Xiang Ye and treats him as a burden. However, throughout the story, she begins to warm up to him and even develop feelings for him (though she likely wouldn't admit it). Seeing a girl smile at him or vice versa seems to even irritate her. She is a well proportioned young woman, with long white hair and red eyes. When she is in her demon form she has pointed ears and purple horns as well as a long tail. When she is a human she is shorter and less proportioned though still beautiful enough to have many of the male characters attracted to her. At the beginning of the story, she lost much of her magical power because of her betrayal. She summoned Xiang Ye with the intent of receiving help only to be disappointed with the end result. Not only was she disappointed that he had no magical power she was also angry that he was a human, the race of her sworn enemy. as she lost the rest of her demonic power she ended up reverting to a form that resembled a human rather than a demon. Her and Xiang Ye attempted to escape the human armies only to be intercepted by Sophisas and his White Dragon Knights. They both decided to pose as former slaves of the demon tribe, because of this ruse they were able to receive lodging from the rich captain. Refusing to stay in the rich captain's care for much longer she decides that she along with her husband should join the Royal Academy. Once there all the teachers take note of her extreme talents with the sword and magic. She is torn between the two as the teachers Dorona and Wadley Aisi bicker over whose class she would be better suited. Eventually, she decides that taking both classes would be the best path for her and battles with Tols Buri who she bests in basic combat though he uses his boundary force against her in an illegal move. Rennes steps in to stop the attack and carries her to safety (to her frustration). Dorona ends the battle and scolds her opponent, though she is pleased and impressed by Isabella's amazing fighting potential and future promise in the academy. The second part of the competition required them to make it through a burning forest. Here The Queen of Thorns fought them angered by the humans burning her forest. She proved to be a difficult opponent since she could not be killed within the forest. However, it was later discovered that she was once Isabella's pet when they were both children. During her first battle, she fights Buri once again. As she gets the upper hand he transforms into his dragon form in a hope to overpower her. However, he becomes cocky and doesn't realize the young demon queens true potential. She releases some of her powers on him and cuts his arm clean off. She wins the battle fairly easily. This angers Buri's younger brother Buno who attempts to attack her, only to be foiled by Penny. During her second battle, she is placed against Tols Penny who proves to be a more powerful adversary for Isabella. This tough battle causes her to lose control of her demon powers and run amok. While the Principle is able to conceal her identity by blocking the sight of the audience she continued to relentlessly attack Penny. Hoping to stop her Xiang Ye kisses her with the hope it would quell her demon side. This works but both she and Penny are taken out of the tournament ending her chances of winning the competition. Demon Form: When She uses this Ability her strength, speed, and magic rise drastically. However, this is at the cost of her sense of reason. Isabella Osa is the former queen of the Devil Tribe, there are many tribes in the Xiu Luo plains. Within these tribes the Human Tribe and the Devil Tribe are the strongest. The two tribes erupted into war a few centuries ago, both tribes became crippled over time and the Human Tribe was the first to ask for peace. The demon tribe’s queen agreed to sign for peace, on the day the agreement was going to be signed between the demons and the humans Isabella was betrayed by one of her high commanders. High commander Lilian came to a secret agreement with the humans to attack the queen when she was unarmed. Lilian extracted a big portion of the queen’s magic to weaken her. She was able to escape thanks to the four guards that were with her, she wa able to get away until her aura disappeared changing her appearance to that of a normal human woman. After escaping from her lands she began to hide out among humans so she wouldn’t be found by those working under Lilian who had become the new queen. She has Xiang Ye summoned, expecting a powerful warrior to be the Demon Tribe's trump card. She's mastered magic, swordsmanship, archery, and even passed the entrance exam for CQC, though she's not interested in that one. The name "Yi Bei," was given to her by Xiang Ye to keep Sophisas from finding out who she really is, and getting them both killed. Even without her magic is a powerful fighter. She suffers from major survivor's guilt, and it often shows. An actual queen. Initially quite haughty, she mellows and very slowly becomes fond of Xiang Ye. At the start of the story, her ability to use magic is stripped away. She still has the capacity, as measured in being tested for entry into the academy, but she doesn't have access to the fuel that can run it. She's prone to demeaning and insulting Xiang Ye, calling him "trash" by default. Anyone else does it, especially the Regent's son, Tols Buri, and there will be blood... Enforced, she may have to share a room with Xiang Ye, but she's not going to share a bed note should Xiang Ye try it, he should consider himself lucky if she just kills him quickly with a sword. Violent, abrasive, and haughty, but beneath it all is a good, kind, and strong woman who deserves the loyalty of her people. The latter part, aside from her physical beauty, is why Xiang Ye is completely devoted to her. Minutes after she summons Xiang Ye, her "aura" is depleted, and she sports a fully human body, completely nude. Though there's too much life-threatening stuff going on to be embarrassed, she doesn't hesitate to strip Xiang Ye's clothes off him and wear those to protect her dignity. In her full Demon form, her horns, tail, and magically maintained "clothes" are all purple, and she's powerful enough that her attacks can leave a meteor sized crater in the ground. Xiang Ye has to repeatedly physically restrain her to keep her from diving head first into a suicidal charge against the human soldiers who defiled her followers. Despite knowing full well the effect her body has on Xiang Ye, she doesn't mind him walking in on her changing, or seeing her nude. This does have a very strict "look but don't touch" policy though. Although she's not able to blast mountains to rubble without her magic, her sword and archery skill are unequaled, as long as her opponent doesn't use magic himself. Until she gets her power back, she can't even dream of going back to her people and being recognized. She tries, and she'll get hunted by both the humans and the demons. Bathing Beauty: She enjoys bathing a lot and it is her preferred stress relief activity. Bathtub Scene: She really enjoys taking baths to remove stress, be it either her Yi Bei personality or her Demon Queen personality. Battle Couple: With Xiang Ye. When in battle together with him, she covers his shortcomings perfectly, while he brings out the big guns, literally. Beneath the Mask: Very subtle, but as much as she complains loudly about it, she cares for Xiang Ye. She obviously likes his gestures of affection towards her, but is too Tsundere to admit it. Cover-Blowing Superpower: Fully unleashing her Boundary Force can easily reveal that she's from the Demon tribe, which is a bad thing in human territory… Dark Is Not Evil: Her most powerful magic is "darkness" based, her Demon Queen "aura" is black and called "evil" on a repeated basis, but she, personally, is a good and kind woman who deserves the loyalty of her followers. Defends Against Their Own Kind: A complex example. She wants to protect her human companions and the friendly Dwarf Tribe from her Demon kin while trying to minimize deaths among her Demon subjects. Heroes Prefer Swords: Isabella had practiced swordplay under Mochia and is currently learning under Dorona. She wields the Useless Lumber sword Xiang Ye had crafted for her. Hidden Depths: Unlike some other characters who are strictly magic-minded, she shows interest in Xiang Ye's technology and does not view his creations as gimmicks. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Violent, abrasive, and haughty, but beneath it all is a good, kind, and strong woman who deserves the loyalty of her people. She is also faithful to Xiang Ye. Her noble personality and her physical beauty, is why Xiang Ye is completely devoted to her. Lady of War: She is a beautiful and elegant fighter, even without her "Boundary Force." Noble Demon: Literally. She's a Demon Queen, and is unflinchingly honorable and loyal. Parrying Bullets: Uses her sword to parry arrows, energy beams, and other sword attacks. The sturdy useless lumber sword Xiang Ye makes for her significantly enhances this ability. Red Eyes, Take Warning: Her eyes are a very solid red, and she's got quite a temper. Royalty Super Power: According to Isabella, she has a unique demon core due to being born in the Osa bloodline. It is capable of generating immense boundary force and it can rival the combined strength of members of the human royalty who possess formidable dragon forms. Used to Be a Sweet Child: A flashback shows that she was an adorable child, happily playing with all sorts of beings, no prejudice in her body. Violently Protective Girlfriend: Even though she finds Xiang Ye annoying, Isabella will go out of her way to save him from enemies. When a heavily empowered Rennes is about to murder Xiang Ye, she is ready to jump into the fray and save him. Fortunately, Xiang Ye was faking it to expose Rennes and he severs Rennes's right arm and wings. Weak, but Skilled: Although she's not able to blast mountains to rubble without her magic, her sword and archery skills are almost unequaled, as long as her opponent doesn't use magic himself...Though she's losing the "weak" part in a hurry. The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask: She struggles to maintain a certain "royal dignity," but she's a kind and gentle woman who truly looks after her friends and allies. You Can't Go Home Again: Until she gets her power back, she can't even dream of going back to her people and being recognized. If she tries, then she will get hunted by both the humans and the demons.
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Nov 1st 2020 - 1:30 AM

I thank you for the acceptance. Would you like to role play?
King Yuuri Shibuya (MCRP)

Oct 30th 2020 - 12:16 AM

I would like to thank you for the friend request you sent miss.   My name is Yuuri Shibuya.  The 27th king of the Demon Kingdom.  It is a pleasure and honor to meet you.  I hope we can become good friends.  I also hope we can come up with a nice story to roleplay sometime.  I hope your evening is going good.
~Silent Ronin

Oct 27th 2020 - 3:38 AM

||I am sorry on this late greeting. But I do thank you for accepting my add. I had a good read over your information and I do have a bit of an idea. Though I am pretty patient so whenever your ready to discuss. No rush and hope to hear back from you.
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