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“There is one thing I’ve learned here. To keep doing your best, up until the very end.”

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About me:
------------------------------ABOUT ME------------------------------- .vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
------------------------------LIKE TO MEET-------------------------------

Legal Information
REAL NAME: Asuna Yuuki
NICKNAME: Lightning Flash
OTHER KNOWN NAMES: The Berserk Healer
DATE OF BIRTH: September 30th
PLACE OF BIRTH: Setagaya, Japan

Asuna has long orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes in Real Life.

Before joining the Knights of the Blood, Asuna wore the basic starter gear.

While trapped within ALO she was the Fairy Queen-Titania.

In real life she wears the SAO survivors school uniform and her own casual clothes.

Asuna's second ALO avatar was a undine and like all undine's her hair was aqua blue.

Asuna GGO avatar

Relationship Information
FATHER: Shouzou Yuuki
MOTHER: Kyouko Yuuki
BROTHER: Kouichirou Yuuki
CURRENT RELATIONSHIP: Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito
Miscellaneous Information
OCCUPATION: High school Student/Gamer
1ST FORMER TEAM: 2nd in command of the Knights of the Blood
2ND FORMER TEAM: Teamed with Yuuki and the Sleeping Knights
LIKES: Cooking
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Rapier|Photon Sword
SPELL(S): Healing and water type on Undine account
SWORD SKILL(S): Rapier based skill sets
OTHER SWORD SKILL: Mother's Rosario handed down by Yuuki

: Sword Art Online
: Sword Art Online 2
: Sword Art Online-Alicization
: SAO-Alicization|War of Underworld
: SAO-Alicization|War of Underworld 2
: Acceptable Crossovers

-Sword Art Online-

The floating castle of Aincard.

Asuna first meets Kirito in late 2022 when there is a gathering being held to beat the first boss of floor one and the following day it is defeated. At some time in 2023 Asuna joins the Knights of the Blood and off-screen also becomes the vice commander *second in command* of the guild led by its leader Heathcliff. It wouldn't be until 2024 that Asuna and Kirito met again, as both of them by now had been fighting on the front lines and fighting the other floor bosses to clear the game and after sometime of teaming up together they began to understand each other more better and after a rocky start they started to date and even get married in game and while on a two week honeymoon the two encounted a girl called Yui who they believed at first was another player but had lost her memories and took her in as their own but Yui showed her true colors by saving them against a secret boss and was in fact an AI health programm and hacked the system to kill the boss and was going to be deleted by the system for doing so-until Kirito turned her data into an in-game item (Yui's heart) and saved it to his nervgear. As their honeymoon was coming to an end Asuna got a message that she and Kirito had to return as the boss room on the 75th floor-but after suffering losses at the hands of the skull reaper, Kirito figured out that Heathcliff was in fact SAO's creator Kayaba Akihiko the one that had trapped them all inside the game and Kayaba himself said that he was also the games final boss of the 100th floor, and Kirito challenged him to a duel but as Heathcliif was about to strike Kirito, Asuna broke free of her paralysis and took the strike and ran out of HP, and Kirito filled with rage after Heathcliff had struk him, Kirito stikes Heathcliff back as both of them reach 0HP and when Kirito wakes up he meets Asuna and Heathcliff tells them that SAO has been beaten and all of the players will now be set free as Castle Aincrad begins to crumble away Kirito and Asuna exchange their true names and share one last kiss together.

-Alfheim Online-

Trapped at the top of the world tree.

Instead of being released from Sword Art Online, Asuna was among a group of three hundred players who were captured and diverted to ALfheim Online by Sugou Nobuyuki (Oberon), thus she found herself trapped in a large birdcage atop the World Tree. About sixty days after her incarceration, during one of Oberon's visits to the cage, she learned, to her horror, of his experiments on the SAO survivors under his control as part of an effort to develop a way to control the human mind. Past midnight on January 22, 2025, Asuna escaped her prison by using the passcode she had seen Oberon entering into the keypad beside the door. While trying to find a console that she could use to log out, she discovered the lab facility where Nobuyuki was conducting experiments on the human brain. Though she was caught as she tried to log out, she managed to steal an administrator card before being returned to her prison. Upon Kirito's arrival and as he tried to fly up to the top of the World Tree, only to be stopped by the barrier, Asuna heard Yui's call and threw down the admin card she had obtained to Kirito. Later on, Kirito and Yui arrived at the cage and the three of them were reunited. Suddenly, Yui disappeared and they were pressed down to the ground by the use of Gravity Magic, cast by Oberon, who then chained and began abusing Asuna. However, Kirito managed to force himself up and, by accessing Heathcliff's account which had admin privileges, easily killed Oberon and then released Asuna from her chains. After resuming their short reunion, Kirito logged Asuna off. When she woke up in her hospital bed, she sat quietly, anxiously waiting for Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito). When he finally arrived, he was bloodied up by an encounter he had with Nobuyuki in the parking lot of the hospital, but after formally introducing themselves, as it was their first time actually meeting each other physically, they shared a passionate kiss.

-Gun Gale Online-

The Death Gun incident.

A few days later on December 14, Asuna and all of their friends were gathered together in the room that Asuna and Kirito had rented in ALO in Yggdrasil City, watching the Bullet of Bullets tournament live on a huge, 16-inch screen television in their home. While watching it, Asuna noticed strange behavior coming from a player calling himself Death Gun, who had pinned down another player, Pale Rider, with paralyzing bullets from a large sniper rifle in his possession. He walked over to Pale Rider's paralyzed body, raised a small pistol to him, and shot him once, instead of finishing him off with his rifle. This caused fear to seep into Asuna's stomach, as she knew something was wrong with this player. Moments later, Pale Rider suddenly seized up and disappeared from the tournament, with the broadcast stating his connection had been interrupted. Death Gun turned to the screen and made an announcement, and Asuna quickly realized that the player calling himself Death Gun was actually a player of SAO, and worse still, a Laughing Coffin member. Fearing the worst, that this man was here to actually kill people, Asuna quickly logged out of ALO and contacted Seijirou in the real world, demanding he log into ALO to give an explanation as to what Kirito's true purpose in GGO was. Finally, Chrysheight (Kikuoka Seijirou) showed up, but before he could explain anything, Yui, who had been conducting research of her own, explained that there had been two mysterious deaths in the real world linked to this player, Death Gun, in GGO. What had just happened to Pale Rider was likely another murder, and it was revealed by Chrysheight that Kirito had been sent to investigate and possibly prevent anymore murders. Frustrated that she was unable to protect him, Asuna resolved to stay by Kazuto's side instead. She logged out of ALO and quickly took a taxi to Kazuto's location: a room in a hospital in Chiyoda, the same one he had stayed in during his time in SAO. After getting there, the only thing Asuna could do was watch the broadcast of the Bullet of Bullets tournament and hold Kazuto's hand while he was immersed in the game. It was due to the warmth of Asuna's hand against his, the sensation of his lover supporting him, that Kirito gained the strength he needed to overcome the Laughing Coffin player in the final battle of the BoB tournament.

-Mother's Rosario-

Asuna,Yuuki and the Sleeping Knights

On January 6, 2026, Asuna heard rumors of a player who was said to be stronger than any other, and had been challenging anybody who cared to try it to a duel. Supposedly, this player had never been defeated even once. Asuna at first doubted that this player was as strong as everybody was saying, as she was sure that Kirito would be stronger, but was informed by Kirito himself that he had also been defeated in a duel. Her curiosity now piqued, Asuna tried to duel the mysterious swordsman, who went by the nickname of «Absolute Sword», herself. On the 24th Floor, she came to the site where the swordsman was challenging players and found out that Absolute Sword was actually a girl named Yuuki. After both agreed to duel on the ground, an intense battle ensued, and Asuna nearly won, but an extremely powerful Original Sword Skill delivered by Yuuki defeated her. Despite Asuna's defeat, Yuuki suddenly seized Asuna's hand and dragged her along to the 27th Floor. There, Yuuki invited Asuna to join her to defeat the 27th Floor boss with her guild, the Sleeping Knights. Together, after one failed attempt, they succeeded at defeating the boss, and their names were forever marked on the Monument of Swordsmen. Asuna later learned that Yuuki and other members of the Sleeping Knights were all terminally ill patients who had been under FullDive for longer than even the SAO survivors. The benefit of Fulldive to them was the fact that, when immersed in VR, senses to the outside world could be cut off. Patients who were in great suffering could connect to a VR world and not have to experience the pain and suffering they might endure in the real world due to the VR interface intercepting their brain signals. It was possible for them to live life almost normally, to a degree, thanks to VR, despite their grave situations. To Asuna's great surprise, Yuuki had only a few remaining months before she died. She decided to help Yuuki experience life to its fullest with the help of Kirito's VR probe, which could be operated by Yuuki through the Medicuboid that she was using in the hospital, to attend school and walk among the streets. In the end, after Yuuki died, Asuna reflected on her attitude and way of life. She committed that no matter what hardship she would face in life, she would continue to fight for her happiness and refuse to give up, just like Yuuki.


Project Alicization|Ocean Turtle

After being poisoned by Johnny Black, Kirito is taken to a hospital. After treating him, the doctors inform Asuna and Kirito's family that he is stable, but unconscious, and it is unknown when, or if, he will ever wake up. Kikuoka then approaches them, offering to transfer Kirito to a better facility, but when Asuna and Suguha pay a visit to him there, they are prevented from seeing him. With help from Yui and the rest of her friends, Asuna tracks down Kirito all the way to the port, and discovers that he must have been taken somewhere abroad. After learning that the Soul Translator was a technology developed by Akihiko Kayaba, Asuna contacts Rinko Koujiro, Kayaba's former lover and co-researcher. Some time later, accompanied by her secretary, Mayumi Reynolds, Rinko is taken to the "Ocean Turtle", an offshore research facility where she is welcomed by Kikuoka. After passing numerous security checks, Mayumi, revealing herself as Asuna in disguise, asks Kikuoka where Kirito is. Kikuoka explains to Asuna and Rinko that Kirito's brain was severely damaged from the attack and they are using the STL technology to restore it. He also reveals that the main focus of the Underworld experiment is to create a new, more advanced form of artificial intelligence. Despite the experiment having proven successful, they note that by establishing the Church of Axiom inside Underworld, the AIs have managed to completely eliminate all kind of transgressions, including murder, from their community, and that they needed someone with years of experience in VRMMORPGs like Kirito to interact with them to develop them further. Asuna deduces that Kikuoka's objective is to create AIs capable of murder for military purposes, and he confesses that all of his actions since the development of the NerveGear was created for the sake of this research, labeled "Project Alicization". After checking on Kirito and informing her friends, Asuna is approached by Rinko, who formally apologizes for helping Kayaba during the SAO incident. Asuna replies that, while Kayaba can't be forgiven, she is thankful for the days she spent with Kirito inside Aincrad.

-War of Underworld-

Entering Underworld|The Goddess of creation,Stacia.

Link Start Rules

This is a friendly role playing account, anything I find to be inapproiate will see you being removed.

I will answer and all replies when I can so please to do rush me to answer as I do have duties in real life.

This account has been active from November 1st 2020 when I started to roleplay as Asuna Yuuki.

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I will take you up on that offer to write so lets discuss a story. Although I have a rough idea in mind that can possibly satisfy us both. I am looking forward to hear what kind of genres you like and what kind of idea you had in some of your stories that tickled your fancy ( that is more for me so I can get a grasp of your tastes ). I also encourage my partner to come with ideas to the plot that way we can both enjoy ourselves the fullest in our little adventure.
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