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21 years old

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January 20 2021

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Characters: Pokemon #802: Marshadow - ( マーシャドー )
Verses: Pokemon Sun & Moon - Gijinka AU
Playbys: Kuchiki Rukia (朽木 ルキア, Kuchiki Rukia)
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Video Game,
Member Since:November 08, 2020

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Able to conceal itself in shadows, it never appears before humans, so its very existence was the stuff of myth.
🔥 Marshadow 🔥
The Gloomdweller Pokemon
Always Stealing Your Stats
The Little Spook of Alola
Literate & Detailed Writer
Seeking Connections & Plots
Selective With Crossovers
Scarcely known within the Alola Region as the Gloomdweller Pokemon, the creature simply referred too as Marshadow is a Mythical Pokemon of a dual Fighting and Ghost type that has particularly resided within old shrines and locations of sacred importance around the islands of the tropical region. They are regarded as deceptive in nature, and shrouded in the fabrics of legendary tales passed down by few. Forever concealed within the shadows, it remained out of watchful eyes of humankind for countless eons, in which it has used this time to copy and hone the movements of martial arts masters throughout time before surfacing to wield its sharply pointed fighting prowess against those who are fortunate enough to engage it.

Marshadow is a humanoid Pokemon of relatively short physical height. Its form appears to be shrouded in a smoky gray coloration, resembling a shadow hence its namesake. It seems to wear a form of headgear around its head, resembling a helmet. This piece features a set of curled horns or ears on each end, with a singular wispy centerpiece. Its hues are a bright color mixture of orange and red with glowing yellow pupils, and above each eye is a distinct yellow marking that is circular in shape. Each of its frontal forearms is decorated with a bump located along the wrist. Resting around Marshadow's neck is a smoky black collar that almost resembles a scarf of some sort. It also traces shadows on each foot.


Throughout its existence, very few people have recorded its appearances. Thus it has forged a presence entirely shrouded in myth and legend. This directly references their natures, as a creature that prefers to remain among others by hiding within their shadows and keeping out of plain sight, only making an attempt to surface when they are absolutely sure that they will not be readily seen by others. Unlike most spiritual beings who are known to bring an heir of malicious intent to the physical plain, Marshadow bear no ill intent towards those that they'll choose to pursue and follow. Yet unlike even their fellow spirits, emotionally and mentally, Marshadow appears to demonstrate blank slates with little emotion or fighting spirit of their own and must in turn rely on others to substitute this for a short amount of time. This is done typically as they hide in the shadows of others, forming a spiritual link with their benefactors for a short period of time and allowing them to not only feel their emotions but in turn copy their mindsets and fighting styles to perfect replication.

hough the only notable downside to this form of mimicry, is that Marshadow will mimic just about anyone regardless of their stance or nature. So if they choose to copy the qualities of a being with evil or malicious intent, Marshadow will also develop a malevolent heart in much the same quality and even greater. So with that said, Marshadow remains reasonably discreet of those that it chooses to mimic, not only for its own sake but for the sake of others, or it will be deeply regretted as a result of facing a power that'll eventually grow twice as strong.

Techniques and Abilities

Whereas it may appear to be craven and cowardly at first glance, Marshadow should not be a subject of underestimation during battle. Naturally as a ghostly being, they wield a plethora of supernatural attributes such as levitation and intangibility which allows them to seep into any surface and avoid confrontation if necessary. However this doesn't mean that Marshadow isn't a formidably dangerous opponent when upholding a defensive position, for its abilities of looming within the shadows of others rest beyond the replication of feelings or emotions. Befitting their profound replicational attributes, it can also copy an adversaries techniques to a fluent degree and in turn mold their fighting styles to their own understanding, to the point where they can start to master the style on their own overtime. Given enough time, they can actually wield their fighting prowess to a greater proficiency than the being they copied from and adapt to any fighter that opposes them, and use their own firepower against them with twice the efficiency and strength output, making them not only formidable, but a true threat.

This is precisely reflected in Marshadow's signature technique, Spectral Thief. When utilizing its most powerful technique, Marshadow will gather spiritual energy to not only replicate the positive stat changes made by an opponent, but effectively delete them from the opposition at the same time, retaliating against its foe with two times the force. Furthermore, with help from a held Marshadium Z, it can activate its own unique skillset in the form of its signature Z-Move known as the Soul-Staling 7-Star Strike, which has the potential of dealing incredible amounts of physical damage to anything standing in its path.

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𝕽𝙤𝙘𝙠 𝕯𝙞𝙣𝙤

Jan 15th 2021 - 9:42 PM

"I'm more brawn than brains so you sound fancy and smart saying all that. Ye-yeah I just now remembered being bored and sitting around lava rivers and throwing rocks in. Ok THAT kind I will catch fire. Leg start melting away ugh no thanks. I was bragging about how I can touch flames and nothing happens. Hey we're everything opposites small and giant, Rock and Fire! Uhhmm smart and less...smart."
𝕽𝙤𝙘𝙠 𝕯𝙞𝙣𝙤

Jan 15th 2021 - 9:12 PM

"Sh*t your eyes look like they could set things on fire just by staring at something long enough.
Except me I'm a Rock Type so I can't get set ablaze."

Jan 4th 2021 - 8:43 PM


Understandable, it's wrong for what has happened to you and you don't deserve that nonsense.  Glad you take the hiatus away from all of it. I was thinking about cha, hoping you'll be okay. I was crossing my finger XD when you will return and I have a feeling you will be.

Jan 1st 2021 - 7:50 PM


Welcome back! :D I'm glad to see you again.
𝕽𝙤𝙘𝙠 𝕯𝙞𝙣𝙤

Dec 21st 2020 - 8:59 PM

Rock Dino meets uhhh a mystery Pokemon not of Johto. So stories are cool adventure, fighting, random starters ect it's all good or if you’re into talking something out first just give me your ideas.

Dec 7th 2020 - 2:27 AM

Golden eyes follow
The amphibious ninja
As she nears this place.

A blue flame burns cold,
Bright through the dirty window
of this old chateau.

If I had a mouth,
I would grin from ear to ear
As my meal drew near.

Chandelure am I.

One may seek shelter from me.
But never for free.

OOC: Thanks for accepting my friend request! And I hope you enjoyed my greeting. I'm new here, kinda (long story) and I would love to write with you. If you're interested in getting something going, don't hesitate to shoot me a message or ask for my discord. I'm fully literate and I can write as a pokemon or as a human form of Chandelure, the choice is yours!

Anyways... :D I hope to hear from you soon!
Thunder Priestess

Nov 8th 2020 - 7:16 PM

Thank you for the Add.
The name is pikachu. i hope we can become friends.
Possibly role-play in the near future..I know this is short and simple.
This is one of thes ethings i'm not good at.Until next time !!
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