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Characters: Cäcilia
Playbys: Billie Eilish
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Open, Romance, Slice of Life,
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About me:

under construction.

Cäcilia has not had a good life, dispite being born with good looks, she was born with a couple birth defects. One being upon being born, she was Immediately blind. The doctors noticed this fairly quickly and sadly informed her parents of this fact. But they didn't see it as being a bad thing, they where only happy she came into the world relatively safe and healthy. she struggled with her childhood, unlike most she learned mainly through sound and touch and smell, these senses naturally became more heightened, due to sight not being a factor.

after several years she became accustomed to it. By time she was a teen, it was normal everyday for her. And she could easily fuction by herself. She could even read brail. So attending highschool she often took the bus to school. Most didn't realize she was blind till she got to class and the teacher informed everyone they needed to help her with studying and whatnot. Though most of them where confused when they seen her books.

during school years she figured out, since she couldn't do too much, she found a hobby in music, at first just playing instruments, the main two being a piano and violin. Eventually being told her voice was nice as she sung to herself as she practiced her music. So she worked on her voice.

which during school she was suggested to post her music online. Which she got fairly popular fast due to her looks, and due to her being blind. It caused quite the attraction. She got popular enough to make some money from it. Though she wasn't nerely as popular as actual musicians. But she was getting there.

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