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A support page where I hope to help anyone that has a weight on their shoulders. Sometimes, the best listener is a complete stranger. Everyone is welcome here! When you're here, you're not alone.

28 years old

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October 12 2021

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About me:
I wanted to make this profile with the hope of helping anyone who has frustrations they'd like to vent out. I like helping others, even if all you want is someone who will hear you out. Be it in real life or online, if you need someone to listen or give advice, that's why I'm here. And your identity will not be revealed if you don't want it to be. No, you will never be judged for what's on your mind. This is a safe place. With all the hate in this world, I wanted to spread a little love.

Venting Submission Form can be found here.
Who I'd like to meet:

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