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"Humans, how pathetic and horrid...Why am I protecting them again?"

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December 04 2021

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The youngest of the Gorgon Sisters that appear in Greek Mythology.
Originally an aboriginal Earth Mother Deity, but she had to run away to a shapeless island because of the Olympian Gods's stratagem and people's fanaticism. Once described as a snake monster that turns everything she sees into stone.


A beautiful Monster


SPECIES: Deity (former), Hero Killing Phantasmal Beast;
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 172 cm (Non-human parts excluded)
WEIGHT: 57 kg (Non-human parts excluded)
SOURCE: Greek Mythology
REGION: Greece, Shapeless Isle
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
LIKES: Suffering of Humans

Personality Gorgon was once a goddess, renewed as an existence of a monster that devours humans. A portion of her body resembles that of a human, but even so, her disposition is that of a powerful predator, an avenger embodying ferocity. The vestiges of what once was one of the violet-haired goddesses, who had lived in a small isle ever since time immemorial, is but her outward appearance. Her nature is already close to that of the monster Gorgon, who had took in her beloved sisters and had pulverized the many heroes who had dared embarked upon the isle. She comprehends human speech by means of an exceedingly high intelligence; she does not fall to madness, and it is not that her mind is being contaminated————yet above it all, a mutual understanding with her is essentially difficult.

"You have seen my true face? Hehe... Do not be afraid. You are not stone. You are my treasured master. Thoroughly, till the last... I will handle you courteously"

Gorgon has a degree of awareness of being a vessel upon materialization. If by any chance, they manage to deepen the bonds with each other... her Master will then acquire a great power. However, one should nonetheless realize that Gorgon is a diverging existence with a different standpoint from humans. Both her affection and her love————are not meant for kinship with humans


Medusa and her sisters, Euryale and Stheno were born from the wishes of mankind for ideal idols.

She was originally considered to be a princess loved by humans, but Athena, jealous of their beauty, cursed Medusa alone, taking away her "faith from each and every person" and exiling her to the Shapeless Isle. Their love for her turned to hatred, and she was banished by those who had adored her.

Weeping in loneliness, she had no idea as to her sin that forced her to be exiled. Although her sisters were not affected and still greatly loved, they too accompanied her there out of caring for their younger sister. She was happy even on the barren island due to their company, and only had to fear the coming humans.

Despite also possessing the components to grow from a goddess that is merely loved by the people into a goddess that saves (rules) the people, she was tainted by hatred due to the persecution from humans and ended up becoming a hero-killing Magic Beast as a result, She grew into the Gorgon each day as her body, heart, and very being decayed, all backed by the thought of becoming stronger for the sake of protecting her sisters. Even that reached a point where her sisters instead became nuisances who were intruding upon her lair, and were thus devoured.

The Gorgon's notoriety continued until Perseus decided to bring back its head for his own fame, and was able to successfully slay her in a long and prolonged battle by giving her a moment of mental lucidity to show her how far she had gone

Combat Style

She is a unique Heroic Spirit who displays a great variety of skills and Noble Phantasms that are particularly high numbered even amongst other Servants, all of which are traces left from her time as a goddess. Due to her status as a former earth goddess, she has a strong connection to the earth, sensitive enough to its state to be able to sense disturbances in Earth’s leyline

Gorgon can perform adjacent attacks by means of her hooked claws and mid-ranged attacks by means of her hair feelers that had turned into snakes. Long-ranged attacks by means of an intense magical energy light is also possible

Even when she is blindfolded, she perceives the world through hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection to have an even more precise outlook than with sight.

Lethal poison from her veins can be made into elixirs that could revive the dead, and her blood that were spilled can turn into poisonous snakes


Strength: A++
Agility: B
Endurance: A++
Mana: B
Noble Phantasm: A
Luck: D


Avenger: B

Memory Connection: C

Monstrous Strength: A+

Self Replenishment (Mana): A

Demon of Mutation: B

Originally a composite Skill that combines the effects of Battle Continuation and Self-Modification, it denotes how a hero or god was transformed into a demon in life. A Skill that considerably strengthens one's abilities as a Servant by emphasizing a fact from the past. Gorgon achieved a rank of STR and END that is absolutely impossible for a human body

Screams Of Fear: A++

A roar that arouses another's instinctive awe as a living being. Gorgon can bestow fear, continuous Defense Down, momentary Large Defense Down, curse and other conditions on all enemies

Mystical Eyes: A+

Cybele, the Mystic Eyes of Petrification, are Gorgon’s Mystic Eyes, said to be a "curse of the gods sealed by the powers of shrines." Though petrification sorcery is no strange thing for modern Thaumaturgy, even if its users are rare and few in numbers, Mystic Eyes capable of petrifying others are something that nobody, human or not, possesses in the present era. They are designated as Jewel under the Noble Colors system, which surpasses the Gold-ranked Eyes of the Dead Apostles and are exclusively possessed by Holy Spirits and Magical Beasts from the Age of Gods
Noble Phantasms

Breaker Gorgon

Rank:: C-
Type: Anti-Unit

The blindfold of Medusa, a type of powerful Bounded Field Noble Phantasm. It only requires a steady supply of energy from the user to affect a target, unlike Mystic Eyes that requires a direct line of sight.

It has the ability to "seal all magical properties", and if used on others, it will imprison the consciousness of the enemy within her own mind; it can even obstruct the invocations of abilities such as magic, Skills, or Noble Phantasms, before removing any abilities they possessed in the outside World once inside. Those trapped within are said to see a nightmare mixed with both delight and taboo.

Pandemonium Cetus

Rank:: A+
Type: Anti-Army

renouncing to her last vestiges as a goddess, the shadow of her former self that she becomes at the very end, and the monster that was her (original) self's foundation, the “Gorgon/Monster of Gorgon”, is temporarily materialized and all life within the designated territory is liquefied. It instantly robs the lives of humans, and even Servants are given severe damage

Despite being a strengthened version of Blood Fort Andromeda, it does not require setup time and is invoked with just the release of its True Name. Effectiveness is somewhat low against inorganic-type opponents.



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Rider of Black

Jun 16th 2021 - 7:00 AM

Gorgo~~ hello~

Jun 14th 2021 - 10:07 PM

I'm so stupid I -- I thought the Moon was a planet. But the Moon is a Moon and not a planet - my life is a lie.

Jun 14th 2021 - 4:46 PM

Love you too ~ ♥ *Nestles into her happily.* It's okay. If I die by being squished into sucha woman I'll die happy. ^_^ I was thinking of making an alt as well, honestly. Just gotta figure out whomst.

Jun 14th 2021 - 4:43 PM

Oh. Hiiii. ♥ *Hugs tight.*
☬𝓛𝓲𝓸𝓷 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽

Jun 14th 2021 - 4:38 PM

Greetings, a bouquet of thanks was needed in order to make our acquitance. Thanks once more for choosing to accept my friend request.

I don't intend the two of us to remain as mere numbers on each other's friend list after this greeting. So if you're willing to give me as a writer and my character a shot to a story, lets thoroughly discuss a story so both of us could be equally satisfied with participating in it.

Stay safe and healthy
Soul Uzukai

Jun 14th 2021 - 3:16 PM

“Hello and thank you for adding me.” The male gave a warm smile before bowing to the person in front of him, his two snow white, red tipped tails slowly swaying behind himself. His ears twitched a few times before he stood back up. “I'm Soul Uzukai and it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can be good friends." He stated before giving a slightly bigger smile, revealing a glimpse of what looked like nothing but sharp teeth.
Tomboy(とわ) Hanyou

Feb 18th 2021 - 11:23 PM

Image result for towa higurashi smiling gif

Thank you for making me part of your friend list.
It's an honor to be your friend.

My name is Towa Higurashi but I'm sure you already knew me.
It's very nice to meet you.

I would love to get a great roleplay started with you.
If you prefer to just chat, that's fine too.
I RP in messages and CHAT in the comments.

My writing styles are: 1-3 paragraphs, semi para and multi.
Oh, I  roleplay anything but sm*t or er*

Hope that is fine.

Can't wait to hear back from you!  
Stay well.

-Towa H.

Feb 17th 2021 - 2:04 AM

A non-abused Ankoku is an happy Ankoku. Will take bond 3 or 4 to be able to sit on her lap? Also, I have an OC to show you later

Feb 17th 2021 - 1:51 AM

Just woken up, so a bit groggy. Happy that I am at bond 2 with my servant :3

Feb 17th 2021 - 1:49 AM

Hellllooo Avenger
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