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Characters: I am Zim!
Verses: Invader Zim (Canon & AU) - BL (No Ero) - PKMN - Open - Crossovers when possible
Playbys: Zim is irreplaceable!
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Horror, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Member Since:December 20, 2020

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About me:
Name: ZIM 

Race: Irken

Age: 200+

Sex: Sexless (Canon)/Functioning hermaphrodite (AU)

Pronous:: Male

Height: 4 feet, 4 inches (Canon)/5 foot, 4 inches (AU)

Build: Skinny, Lithe

Personality traits
Positive: Persevering, unquestionable loyalty, adulator (for Tallers), protective, devoted

Negative: Psychopathic, sadistic, emotionally unstable, paranoid, vindictive, incompetent, shortsighted

Headcanons and AU info:

- He performed surgery on himself to falsely increase his height. Having a large opening left it comfortable for foreign bacteria to enter his system, making him seriously sick for some months. As a result, he has a large surgical scar along his backside. Doing this type of surgery on himself is illegal in the Irken code.
- He is a kleptomaniac and pyromaniac
- He believes everything on the internet is true.
- He has blades hidden in the heels of his boots that are activated when slamming down his foot
- Placing magnets on his PAK will cause him to glitch out, e.g., speak at alternating volumes and twitch periodically. Depending on the size and strength of the magnet, it could alter his personality and make him act kinder towards others
- He is terrified of ghosts because he believes its the Meekrob in disguise
- He is terrified of cockroaches due to how germy they are. It is one of the reasons why he obsessively cleans his house every day; to avoid an infestation of them
- He has built somewhat of a tolerance to Earth food but only towards junk foods, mostly things high in carbohydrates and sugar like doughnuts and other pastry goods. He also enjoys chocolates in small doses, as well as syrup and honey. He needs these things as they help him survive when he runs low on rations. Zim also eats cat litter and bleach as a way to induce vomiting since he fears becoming overweight again
- His blood tastes sweet because Irken diets consistently mostly of sugar
- Irkens do not sleep out of choice since it is no longer necessary, but sleeping with someone around them shows immense trust in that person. He can also wake up at the drop of a hat if he senses any danger
- He only purrs at someone if he enjoys their company, as this is only something Irkens do with a romantic partner
- If he starts referring to someone as "my Taller or "my Smaller" (for partners taller or shorter than him, respectfully), it's his way of showing affection towards them
- Zim is fiercely protective of whatever and whoever he deems 'his,' to a point where it can become obsessive and turn him into a stalker. This is the downside to his devotion as he will try to make the one he treasures cut ties with others, especially anyone Zim deems a threat for their romantic attention-this can turn him violent to those he dislikes

Invader Zim Verse

I. Welcome To Life. Report for Duty.

Underneath the busy surface of a plant called Irk, Zim was ready to be "born," in the same manner of every Irken on any other day, in a particular room called The Birthing Chambers. A display of a neutral face turning into a bright smile, prompting one electronic arm to unscrew a device known as the 'fetus incubator' from its terminal. Splitting the glass apparatus open, the newborn plopped down onto the cold, metal floor, unconscious, then had sharp pincers stab deep two holes symmetrically down along the baby's spine. This was all to install the most necessary attachment to any Irken, an egg-shaped device called a PAK, an apprentice so crucial that no Irken could live without. Once it leeched its wires and cords onto his spine like a parasite, smeet Zim was given a minor shock, properly awakening the alien immediately and having him stand up on his feet with no problem.

His eyes shone like rubies, a standard color for the populous but alert and ready to follow orders. With routine services running and prompted commands encoded into enterally busy computers to run on, the day itself did not mean to stand out in Irken society. The forever churring mechanical subways naturally fused with the minerals below the planet's surface, "they" never "thought" about anything outside "their" pre-programmed instructions. These commands applied to every Irken as well, no matter what rank each individual was. Every Irken on his homeworld and beyond were given the disability in ever questioning authority. They were all given this instinct once their PAK had downloaded all information needed to become a part of Irken society.

And smeet Zim could have easily done the same. He could have easily been integrated with his people and be a part of the finely tuned dictatorship with nothing to make him stand out. He could have both stood out if he completed anything daring in the name of the empire. Yet, he also would become faceless in the long run. It was possible that every triumphant accomplishment an individual could achieve becoming drowned out due to the overload of every bit of society's chronicles.

That was until he was shot out of the delivery chute down to sit in the Download Chair, where a mechanical arm plugged into his PAK, forcing all of his people's history into the two minutes old Zim in a painful, electrifying manner. That was the beginning of what would cause endless grief for every species he will ever interact with.

The once sweet smeet now had a name, and along the process, converted his entire personality to a far bolder one, one that already had his own opinions on his culture. Zim had declared to see so many mistakes along the way that brought his society to this point. With him now activated, it was time for Zim to leave for the next baby Irken to follow the same procedure. But no, for little smeetie Zim, this was a grave mistake on the computer's part; this was his room now, so he shoved the other newborn back into the birthing chute. This lead to the channel becoming clogged up, leading to a disastrous event known as "Horrible Painful Overload Day." a day that shortcutted all electrical power on the whole planet for five years.

What a terrible and violent way for someone to begin their life, especially coming from someone whose first words were "I love you, cold, unfeeling robot arm" after being brought to life.

But being as naive and impressionable as he was, young Zim never took much note of the tragic event he caused and was determined to prove his worth among his entire race, even vowing to make it better and rule over them. However, his antics only continued to bring misery and destruction upon Irken civilization, having been known as the catalyst for more gruesome events. These accidents included Horrible Painful Overload Day 2, the death of both Tallest Miyuki and Tallest Spork, and causing the spectacular failure of their plan for universal conquest, known as Operation Impending Doom I.

His continual results of bringing other ill fates to those around him, the current Tallests in power Red and Purple, held a secret trial to have the tiny manic banished to Foodcourtia. The following planet is serviced only as a giant food court for other Irkens and races they seem to be on good terms with for hopefully the rest of his days. However, once he heard that assignments were being handed out for Operation Impending Doom II, he decided to 'quit being banished' and made his way to the Great Assigning on Conventia.

Zim arrived during the inauguration of where specific Irken Elite soldiers became Invaders, a unique class of soldiers ready to put their lives on the line for one of the most critical assignments in all of Operation Impending Doom II. Their mission: blend in with the indigenous life forms of their assigned planet and collect intelligence. He forced himself onto the stage, making himself a mockery in front of the Tallests though somehow not acknowledging it. Despite the harsh comments and the constant reminder that he was the smallest Irken currently alive, Zim continued to pester the two figureheads for an assignment of his own. The two Tallests refused to have a repeat of what would happen if Zim interfered with their plans again, so Red and Purple decide it was time to rid of the little green pest once for all.

Their idea was simple: send the overeager exile into a distant galaxy that would be barren of planets, thus having him roam around forever in space until he exhausted from a lack of everything and permanently removed from their society. Zim did not suspect anything unusual, the dense 'Invader' inability to detect others' disdain of him; they even crafted up a junk SIR unit to not waste a real one on him, stating it was a 'top-secret model.' Happy with being given a second chance, the Irken then set off into space with GIR, away from the Massive and the fleet, to search for this mysterious planet. Simultaneously, the Tallets and the rest of his race believed that would be the last they ever see the insane exile.

Yet six months later, said little Irken thought to have been dead made contact with his leaders much to their mortification, informing he had arrived safely on a little planet called 'Earth'...

"Let us rain some doom down upon the filthy heads of our doomed enemies!"

II. Mission: Exterminate/Enslave Mankind for Irken control

As exile-turned-Invader Zim began to set up a base in some city up in America, he faced his new mission to take over the planet for his race with utmost determination. Deciding to infiltrate a nearby school to obtain information on his enemies, he had the unfortunate choice of settling into the classroom alongside the school's unpopular avid paranormal obsessed preteen, Dib. Unlike the rest of their ignorant classmates, he was able to see right through Zim's disguise and see what he was.

Much to the human's chagrin, however, no one ever believed his claims. But this never deterred him and his continuous drive for proving the existence of the alien's threat, deeming himself the sole defender of Earth against the threat of the Irken invasion. Of course, neither of the two ever seemed to get the upper hand over one another, their antics leading to many misadventures, such as turning each other into talking pieces of baloney, adventuring inside the warped imagination of Zim's enemy, and even using planets to continue their battle in space. No matter what scheme the alien thought up for world domination, the human would always do what he can to foil them, however ridiculous those plans may be.

But one day, Zim suddenly vanished from sight. Even from the vigilante eyes of Dib, he had disappeared without a trace. He stopped showing up to class, to any of the restaurants that he and GIR once frequented; there wasn't even a sign of him or his robot servants living inside Zim's base. Anywhere he was once caught hanging around had shown no sign of the Irken since. For now, Zim was lying low and keeping out of sight from everyone. One could only guess when he'll resurface again and what plans the Irken had cooked up to conquer Earth.

Only time will tell.

Pokémon Verse

Lighter AU

An Irken born to destroy all life around him, including his people, the Tallests found a way to dispose of the criminally insane Zim potentially, to save their plans for taking over every planet in every galaxy without his interfering. The overzealous Irken rushed off towards this secret planet that even his dear leaders dare not utter the name of, all for the sake of impressing his Tallests and making a name from himself in the annals of Irken history. Six months passed; having trained himself to space out and think of all the incredible milestones in his life while his ship was looking for this mystery planet, he was spooked back to reality when the ship's computer voice alerted him of finding this new world.

This newly included planet on the Amarmada's list was called 'Earth.' He repeated the name displayed on the electronic display on his left side, looking askance as he descended with absolute determination to begin his operation to overtake this planet. However, he had failed to realize the fuel for his ship was running on fumes, soon literally once one of the engines blew out, sending the vessel down like a come. In panic mode, Zim did his best to pilot his damaged ship towards the most isolated plot of land to avoid being caught already.

The landing was very rough, with the ship pulling up soil along its trail across the grassy plains. If a futuristic ship descending the sky is not alarming enough, the dark billowing smoke coming out from the back of Voot Cruiser's propulsion nozzles should be enough to frighten any smaller Pokémon away. Frustrated, Zim decided to begin fixing his spaceship until a small creature poked its head out from the bushes made this unstable alien let out short instances of weird shouting noises.

This yellow-furred monster Zim declared as such, only replied with a simple, "Pika?" while bringing one of its short forearms up to look back inquisitively. "Eh?" Zim rose a brow in surprise, "You're not gonna do anything? Why are you staring at me like that?" Soon his mind started to form questions like, "What does it want from me? Is it an agent from the Earthing government? What if it is playing mind games with Zim?!" His paranoia got the best of him, and with an accusing finger pointing now of the small rodent-like creature, "You've got nothing on me! I am also from the Earth government, testing this, er, flying... umm."

Upset by Zim's reaction, the tiny yellow oversized mouse made a displease, "Pi," and ran off. This didn't bode well with his increasing neurotic behavior, soon making chase with whatever it was, somehow resulting in catching it after accidentally falling onto the weird mouse monster. "Ha! Zim has captured you, ugly-looking fuzz pest! Nothing can invade the mighty speed of an Invader, no matter fast they think that can run!" Zim's moment of triumph was soon over once the tiny monster let out a centrally controlled bolt of lighting down onto Zim as if a higher power themselves was casting judgment onto the now-fried-up Invader before running away.

It was a lesson learned, somewhat, but there was no way Zim could deny his interest in figuring out just what the bloop that horrible furball was. If only he were ready to combat the various other lifeforms he came across during his research. The Irken had gotten himself burned, frozen, paralyzed, poisoned (even badly poisoned on occasion), and almost fatally wounded when groups of wild Pokemon would use moves to drain his lifeforce.

Nevertheless, Zim did not believe in giving up on any mission, and with enough determination and luck on his side, he finally found a way to obtain his Pokémon!
By chance, he found a random egg raffle and one an egg of his own. As far as he was concerned, it was a victory in his own right, and he began to imagine what creature would hatch from within; perhaps it would be a Growlithe or many a Machomp! Or maybe it would be something fantastic, like a Deino or Jangmo-o!

So he waited, as patiently as he could, since, during his solo researching, he found out forcing an egg to hatch could neutralize the infant Pokémon. He also discovered that Pokémon were more likely to obey their master if they prove their worth with items like gym badges, which were only granted to officially recognized Pokémon trainers. So he began studying how to become a proper Pokémon Trainer, which was his first step of blending in with the populous. To his lack of surprise, he graduated far earlier than anyone in his class; he 'knew' that the grandiose amount of brainpower he possessed was made apparent towards his pathetic instructors and that his continuing to be enrolled was only holding him back. It was certainly not because of the devastating amount of damage Zim caused to the grounds of the local Pokémon Academy he'd enrolled himself into.

As part of his graduation gifts given to the newly accepted Pokémon trainers was a Pokédex of their own, a device he saw as primitive and incredibly stupid looking and needing a complete design overall and upgrade. One afternoon around installing a self-made customized chip for his Pokédex, the Irken heard something crack. Then more cracking, followed by more... his egg! Finally, the nagging curiosity inside his skull will once and for all be silenced for good, and he could only envision what fantastic beast he now had under his control!

Out of one of the exposed holes at the top puffed out a red feather, while long sharp claws started stabbing their way out of the egg! Soon the shell broke apart, and before the Irken was his first Pokémon, a male Sneasel. It was not as exciting as he fantasized it would be, but it was still his own little beast to control and attack other people and Pokémon! He couldn't hold back but laugh evilly at his new addiction to do his bidding once he read about his Sneasel's entry, "You! Your name is now Danny! And as 'Danny,' you will do everything your master tells you!"

Danny the Sneasel seemed to sense his trainer's overzealous personality already, and initiated his callous stare back, then swiped his claws towards Zim's face in an attempt to scare him, with absolute success. The attack forced Zim back, which gave the devious bluish-black furred bipedal to scurry off with it sounded like Danny was laughing as well. "Get back here," his "master" demands loudly, making chase, though not before grabbing a Great Ball, "You are under Zim's mighty palm, and you will be snapped along the mighty belt of Zim's pants! Do you hear me, you disobedient rat!"

Despite having Danny somehow take more of a lead than Zim, the Irken had an excellent pitching arm and threw his Great Ball right into the back of the head of the Sneasel, causing it to fall onto its face. The weasel-like-looking pocket monster's body was turning into a form of energy to pull it into the ball and shutting it tight. It wiggled once, Zim skitted to a halt and frozen, his eyes square on the Great Ball on the ground. It twitched twice, and Zim gritted his teeth, sweating from anxiousness of the possibility of the capturing device forcing itself open. One more wiggle left, and for Zim, the world might as well paused at that moment.

Click. At first, Zim was stupefied that he captured his newly hatched Pokémon with how much energy he had. Still, once the adrenaline subsided, the Irken shot his arms up into the air and scream out, "SUCCESS!" followed by another victorious laugh. Walking over to pick up the Great Ball to snap it into his clip on his belt, the ball suddenly forced itself open and knocked the ball against Zim's face. The entry reformed back into Danny; however, he begrudgingly stood there, crossing his arms and squeezing the muscles in his face to show off his displeasure.

Zim had to rub his face to lessen the pain, looking down at his Pokemon with a cocky smile, "Heh, you thought you could run off? You should be thanking me for having to keep your egg safe and warm! You wouldn't even be here if I hadn't saved you, you weasel cat!" His Sneasel refused to look up at his trainer, so Zim thought of forcing Danny back into his ball as punishment. But once Zim realized that maybe he didn't like being confined into a small space, it would make Danny more likely to disobey him in the future. So instead, he unhappily put the empty ball onto his belt and tried to pass off a fake smile, "Zim can see you don't like being in there, so how about a deal? You listen, and I don't force you into your little ball prison. So then, deal, Danny?"

As of now, Danny travels alongside his trainer by foot, but every once in a while, he'll cause some trouble for Zim, just for the sake of it.

Mature AU

The descent of the Armada was so fast for any human or Pokemon to comprehend; immediately, swarms of ships descended from the heavens, and lasers shot at the ground to eradicate everything in sight. And whatever the ship's lasers didn't hit, the army of Irkens would slay instead. However, while stand-alone humans were quick to eliminate, strong trainers and wild Pokemon would put up a "worthwhile fight" in the amused eyes of the violent extraterrestrial beings.

The great abundance of life and freedom that everyone once enjoyed and took for granted was stolen from everyone in a matter of days. With most humans having been killed, captured, or already put into slave labor, many began, by force, remaking all of Earth's landmarks as a tribute for their beloved Tallests and create new cites in the image of Irken society. However, the many different Pokemon that existed proved to be the most significant interest for this new, dominating force on Earth. These incredibly unique lifeforms had fascinated the Irkens to no end, no matter the rank they were placed; to see these individual creatures have special abilities as an essential part of their DNA was nothing to ignore, particularly those of the scientific ranks.

The possibilities that these bizarre animals possessed made them immediate priorities to capture and study, to train to fight alongside these invaders, to experiment on without limitations. Aside from the Tallests and those who undertook significant battles, the Irken scientists were a prestigious rank of Irkens. They had the honor to initiate the many tasks that revolved around studying Pokemon, without any limits or morals to follow. While some stuck to just testing and experimenting on the innocent creatures, others would train them enough for the sake of suiting up guards with Pokémon partners of their own. These unfortunate Pokémon often succumbed to being torture, thus making them easier to handle with their new 'trainer,' some stolen beforehand.

However, those of humanity who had escaped their captors had formed their militia, intent on one thing—taking back their way of life. Many soldiers had Pokemon to fight aside with them, having captured some themselves or befriended those that had escaped the experimentation labs. The underground system had developed to help train new escapees and steal weapons and medical supplies from the enemy to fight back. For these people and their Pokémon, it was 'do or die,' and like their aggressors, they would show no mercy to anyone who worked alongside their enemy.

Current PKMN Team

#215 Sneasel

Nickname: Danny
Level: 12
Nature: Impish
Ability: Keen Eye

Bite, Quick Attack, Taunt, Ice Shard

- Loves to eat eggs, including the shell

- Loves Chople and Occa berries, but they will hurt him if he overeats them

- Generally loves to eat anything, including Poffins, Pokéblocks, Aprijuice, and surprisingly, Poké Puffs, but hates Poké Beans and Curry.

- Prefers to be in Competitions and Contests than actually battling

- Is typically disobedient, but secretly finds a common ground with his trainer due to their similar personality traits

Who I'd like to meet:

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