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After trauma, you feel frozen in time and disconnected to everyone and everything, including yourself. It seems to take forever to re-connect again and become alive again. -Wynne to Shizuka.

26 years old

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Characters: Shizuka Cousland, Shirayuki-Hime.
Verses: DA, Dragon Age, Romance, Drama, Action, Adventure
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Open, Romance,
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About me:

Full Name:

Shizuka Cousland.


Lady, Lady Cousland, Lady Shizuka, Ice lady, Yukion'na, Shirayuki-hime.


Shizuka: Quiet, Summer, Fragrance.

Yukion'na: Snow Woman.

Shirayuki-Hime: Snow White.


Lady, Warden, Lady Warden, Shirayuki, Shirayuki-Hime, Shizu.

Pet Name:

Pup, Ice Lady, Hime.


Enchanted Warrior.



Real Age:

Depends on the place and time.

Age Appearance:



August, 24th.


High Ever.

Zodiac Sign:


Immediate Family:


Bryce Cousland.


Eleanor Mac Eanraig.


Fergus Cousland

Sister in law:



Oren Cousland

Distant Family:



When she was born they didn't think she was actually be taken as the heir of there home. She was female, and they already had son at that point. Besides that she also had a twin as well. But, mother was especially hard on her when it came to each lesson she had to learn. Her father not so much, but he had his moments when he would make her see his way. They loved her very much and she KNEW that but the hardship made her hate them to. Over time, when she became rather talented at everything she did. Rumours came to there home, saying that she was supposed to take over High Ever. Of course, she refused to believe that and her family never told her if it was true or not. She was treated differently, more so than anyone else because of that.


They were loving, more than a noble family usaully is. But, they are second to the royal family and being brought up like most wasn't there way. They might be strict and sometimes a little hard on the people they care for. But, it was for the best. Now, they can use it while they watched over them. Everyone needs to learn o grow up and unfortunately for them it has to be done early in life.



Alamarri and a Fereldan.

Facial Type:


Eye Colour:

Crystal blue.

Hair Colour:

White-Silver, with a blue Tint in it.


You would think her hair was easy to tame, but it wasn't. She has thick hair and while it was still straight and seemed to look neat, Shizuka always had a hard to taming it into the usaul hairstyle. It was down, never tied up so what could be hard about that. Right? you would be surprised to know how many tugs is there. Brushing it into a neat place and leaving it was the hard part mostly, unlike most nobles who move there hair into buns or braids. She preferred it down and long, at least to her hips. Her bangs were combed to both ends, right and left. Leaving the centre of her forehead and face to be seen.

Skin Tone:



Fair, scar less.


Her lips are painted red or pink, depending on her mood or how they got up. There was no need to put anything on her face really, she was perfect the way she is and her mother believed that woman should wear less than more when it comes to make up. She did, have some silver eye shadow as well. It was barely seen though.

Body Type:

Athletic, but looks fragile from the first glance.


Petite looking, but well built for a women.


There was a birth mark, of two eagles on her right shoulder, her twin has it as well.

Distinguishing Features: (Something unique that stands out)

Her pure white hair, pale skin and blue eyes.




No one can place her scene, but apparently it's a flower called Andraste's Grace.


Mother and Father, Though recently it was the Grey Wardens.


A wolf, Though for this it is going to be like a normal dog, able to withstand the Taint.


If you haven't noticed. Shizuka is mostly raised to be a lady and has a rather keen interest on showing people, that being a lady is not to be mistaken for being weak or some trophy. Her attention is on both, being the lady and a warrior in her families name. First thing is first, her armour is Silverite and fairly normal. The best was made for her when she left her home in it. Then again, they also made adjustments to make the grey Warden uniform similar as well. The basic thing about her was her way of dress, it was regal and yet not completely made for warriors and while not unknown to everyone. She preferred showing them what she could do, first she wore a basic dark blue gown over her body, it wasn't held up by her sleeves or anything. Just a zipper in the back. bottom of her dress covered in yellow, while her hip had a cloak falling down. Hidden when she had a corset like armour around her chest, keeping anyone from hurting there mostly. Then her sleeve was long and covered the arm of her skin, going into a sharp tip near her fingers, but never covering them. Of course, her metal gloves also hid that when she placed them on as well. On her legs Shizuka covered her leg with long knee length socks, white fabric and a simple golden line at the top, her boots were also knee length and didn't cover her socks entirely, you can see them near her thigh at least. But, the metal boots covered her knee mostly. Finally, she also had a metal circlet on her forehead, going underneath her bangs and not over them.

On rare occasions she is without her armour, leaving her in her dress. Though, before she even came to this organisation.. That is before everything happened. Shizuka preferred wearing her own blue dress, it was simple at best and blue, darker than her eye and the tint in her hair. This type of dress left her sides, and under her arms bare to see. Not shying away from her breasts being seen a little. While the fabric covered the front of her breast and neck, connected to the choker. Which was decorated with a golden and red brooch. From there the dress goes down, stopping near her hip, framing out in a tip, before going darker, creating little leaves and cross signs on them. It continued to go darker, the last part covering and flowing down to her legs, it didn't bloom out like most of them though. She preferred to be flexible for all occasions. Like before, her arms are covered, but they are optional to wear, not connected to the dress itself. Her shoulders are left bare to see, only covering just below and bloom out like before, then covering her arms like the top part of her dress, fanning it so her sleeves hung down her arm.


-Family sword.

-Family locket from her mother.

-The crest of the Cousland family.

-Magic book.




-Family Ring with the crest on it.




Shizuka strongly believed her right to get justice for people Loghain hurts over his time. Not just Howe, she wasn't selfish like some of the nobles after all. Her goal was to bring peace, and if she had to snap some heads along the way.. So be it, as long as she made that as a last resort she could live with it. Revenge was a strong thing to move her, but the people waiting and behind her will always make her strong.


The people she is protecting, Those following her. Anyone beyond her own life is more important, her brother as well.


Like any noble she has well mannered, and has it in her to be polite and act as her mother raised her. But, doing it because someone asked her to wasn't her way, you earn the respect from her and you will gain it. Nothing more, unless you are polite to her and it's genuine.


Depends on the question or problem, Alistair has a strong influence on her though. As well as Wynne.

Biggest Failure:

Letting the people she loved die alone, even at all. Her life was always about them and how she would bring her people up as a heir. At least, they told her as much. If she didn't then her brother would. Even then, they would have found someone willing to marry her anyway.


As a young girl she wished to be free, never to hold herself back. Her family always knew she wanted to be free and wander like her brother did. However, due to her class he was forced to ignore that and grow up. But, in there group she fears that her secret love for freedom might come out. A witch who has been free since a child, A sister who choose her path and lived with it, Even there Assassin friend made her wonder. No one like her should even be thinking of that, but she did.


-Not fighting back during the Attack of her home. to help a lot of people.

-Allowing the weakness of love into her life.

-Killing howe.

-Not being able


Her brother was her main worry, as the last of her people and the only one who could hold a title. Due to the taint in her body, she hoped he was okay every night. However, those worries became bigger and bigger and scattered to many. She finds herself stressed, but always stands up to them.


Writing in her journal and diary, by herself, Walking in the forest alone or with someone, Watching the night sky, singing, Dancing, writing poems, horse riding.


-There is a small part of magic in her, but not enough to call it dangerous. I'm trying something new with this, so I hope you will accept this part- She is NOT a full blood mage.

-Casting without her hands.

-Making her magic flow into her weapons.

-Knowing different herbs, poisons.


-Flower Arranging.

-Can work with a shield, but she choose a smaller one than most.


Singing, Dancing, Children, Animals, her brother, Alistair, morrigan, Writing poems, Cooking, Night walks.


People treating Elves, Servants or anyone of low class bad, Her title coming up, talking about the past, howe.

Pet Peeves:

-The Servants being treated badly.

-Someone giving up with not say in the matter.

-Pointless talk.

-Bringing up the past.

-Judging someone for no reason.

Closet Hobby:

Writing poems, Night walks.

Greetings and Farewells:

"Milady, How are you?"

"How do you do Ser, may I help you with something?"

"Pleasant dreams."

"May the maker watch over you."



The Virgo are an intelligent lot, who would love to know about various subjects and increase their general knowledge.


They don't believe in living in the fantasy world and will be very much in touch with the reality. Their practical approach is one of their biggest strength. Analytical The Virgo possess an analytical mind and see things in black and white. They are capable of producing a clear analysis and thereby a solution of even the most complicated problems.


You can trust a Virgo for following the instructions and trying his best to do the job well. Besides, he is a rational person and would not let emotions affect his decisions.


Since they are goal-oriented, perfectionists, rational and reliable, it is very likely that they are great achievers too. But you will rarely see them boasting about their accomplishments.


They have such a clear picture in their minds as to how things should be, the Virgo tend to be overcritical and lose the plot in the process.


The Virgo-born often get lost in details and they will not have a peace of mind till they resolve all the issues. Besides, their strong likes and dislikes make them quiet fussy.


Pleasing or impressing a Virgo is tough job, as anything less perfect (in their eyes) does not make the cut.


They call a spade a spade and they don't sugar-coat their opinions before putting them across. Their harshness does not always go down well with the people around them.


The Virgo are conservative and won't readily accept modern ideas. Maybe it has to do with their need to test the waters and be sure of the outcome.


The Virgo-born are criticised for being judgemental. They cannot ignore faults and mistakes as anything less than perfect is not good enough for them.


Cousland Crest.






The outpost of Highever was originally a bannorn and was held by the Elstan family, who was a secondary branch of the then-freeholder family of Howes. During the Towers Age, Bann Conobar Elstan was murdered by his wife, Flemeth, thus ending the bloodline. Sarim Cousland, the captain of Conobar's guard, took the lands and title.

The Couslands declared their independence from Amaranthine, starting a war that lasted thirty years. When the war ended, Highever won its independence and possession of half the land that had once been southwestern Amaranthine.

Highever became a teyrnir during the Black Age. Previously, the Couslands held only the minor title of Bann. During the lycanthrope plague, Bann Haelia Cousland[1] or Mather Cousland[2] according to other sources, gathered the lords together under the Cousland banner to drive the werewolves out of their lands, thus earning the title of Teyrn.

Calenhad Theirin was born in Highever in 5:10 Exalted as the third son of a poor merchant. He left at a young age to become a squire, but returned during the Unification of Ferelden as a Teyrn. The contemporary ruler of Highever was Teyrna Elethea Cousland; She fought the soon-to-be-King Calenhad in an attempt to maintain Highever's independence, and so when Calenhad's army reached Highever, Teyrna Elethea led the local banns against him, but lost against the future king. After Elethea's men were defeated, Calenhad asked her to swear fealty. She did, thus allowing the Couslands to retain the teyrnir in Calenhad's new kingdom.[2]

In the beginning of the Storm Age, the Couslands conspired with Warden-Commander Sophia Dryden in the Grey Wardens' attempted rebellion. The rebellion was betrayed to King Arland by politicians before it began, and the king's guard ambushed their meeting place, with the rebels barely managing to escape. The Couslands were not so lucky, however. King Arland executed the Cousland Teyrn and a number of others, and then sent soldiers to Soldier's Peak to stamp out the remainder of the rebellion.

During the rebellion against Orlais, the Couslands opposed the Orlesian rule. However, Arl Tarleton Howe of Amaranthine supported the Orlesians and this resulted in several bitter battles between Amaranthine and Highever. Eventually, the Couslands manage to capture Harper's Ford and hang Tarleton Howe for his treachery.

Unlike his father, Rendon Howe was part of the rebellion like his uncle Arl Byron Howe. Rendon and Bryce Cousland fought beside each other at the battle of White River, becoming two of the fifty rebels who survived the defeat. Thereafter, Arl Rendon Howe was a great friend of the Couslands.

Arl Howe later betrayed the Couslands, using the chaos of the Fifth Blight as his route to power. Teyrn Cousland had called together the forces of Highever and Amaranthine, intending to ride with Howe to support King Cailan against the darkspawn. However, upon arriving at Highever, Arl Howe told Teyrn Cousland that the Amaranthine forces would be delayed for a few of days. Not one to keep the King waiting, Teyrn Cousland sent the bulk of Highever's forces ahead to Ostagar under the command of his eldest son Fergus Cousland, intending to leave with Howe's Amaranthine men once they arrived.

After Fergus left the castle, Howe's forces took advantage of the Couslands' weakened defense and made a surprise attack during the night, killing the teyrn, his wife Teyrna Eleanor Cousland, and Fergus' wife Oriana and son Oren, as well as most of the other inhabitants of the castle. Though Fergus was left as the rightful heir to the Teyrnir of Highever, Howe then declared himself the new teyrn.

Eventually, however, Duncan will rescue the human noble from the surprise attack on Castle Cousland in exchange for joining the Grey Wardens.

Following the end of the Fifth Blight, Fergus Cousland will inherit Highever and become the next Teyrn. Fergus will also be given control of Amaranthine, which he presents to the Grey Wardens.

Theme song:

Winter Song.

Who I'd like to meet:

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