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January 31 2021

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GeneralFlirting with Professor Tomoe by giving him massages and making him tea and cookies, Tormenting Hotaru, Science, Stealing Pure heart Crystals.
Heroes Professor Tomoe for saving her from her defeat with the Sailor Senshi the first time. He kept her alive and allowed her to work as a secretary and live in the house with Hotaru and her father.

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Characters: Kaorinite, Kaolinite, Kaori Kuromine, Magus Kaolinite
Verses: Sailor moon S, Sailor Moon Crystal,
Playbys: The Death Busters
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy,
Member Since:January 06, 2021

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About me:

My character's name is Kaolinite. She is known as the evil assistant of Professor Tomoe in the Sailor Moon Franchise. She is a beautiful woman who knows how to rock the big Ariana Grande style ponytail and appears to be very sassy and aggressive when it comes to fighting with the Sailor Guardians. In the first half of Sailor Moon S, she is sent out to search for pure heart crystals in order to find three talismans. She uses daimon eggs to extract the pure hearts from their targeted individual. Unfortunately she gets defeated by the Sailor Guardians at the end of episode 102, Birthday Blues/Usagi in tears: A glass slipper for my birthday.

She appears to be revived again near the end of the season as a mother figure for Hotaru and also she continues to work as a secretary for Professor Tomoe. She is then later killed by Mistress 9 at the end of Episode 123 in Sailor Moon S.

This is my opinion and a personal idea I thought of about her. I believe that Kaolinite secretly cared for Hotaru, even though they did not get along. However, she could have been influenced by Hotaru's kind nature which could have had a potential for Kaolinite to turn good. However, she does know that Hotaru is the Messiah of Silence and she still had to carry out the mission for Professor Tomoe and help awaken the Messiah, which she did succeed. Also her feelings towards Souichi had prevented her from turning to the good side, because she would carry out the evil deed of the professor to get his attention. I feel like their relationship was unhealthy because Souichi did not love her romantically and she would do anything to gain the love of the professor since she was deeply in love with him. I think Kaolinite was an underrated character and that is why I decided to role play her and give her a bit of a back story. I might think of writing a fanfic too about her childhood and growing up into the villain we know she is. Maybe something happened during her childhood had caused to end up this way. I am looking forward to seeing where I can go with this character in terms of role playing. I think it will be very fun

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Mass Mutiny

Jan 8th 2021 - 9:43 PM

Well hello there friend! I am not sure if I got a greetings to you or not. I was off for a good bit and donโ€™t know where I left off so I just decided to pick a spot. Anyways, the name is Kira, but most call me Mutiny. I hope we get to talk or rp sometime soon!
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