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Characters: Ichika Abarai
Verses: Bleach
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Fantasy, Slice of Life,
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Legal Info

♦ LEGAL NAME: Ichika Abarai ♦ ALIAS: Red Bolt ♦ NICKNAMES: Info (by someone) info (by someone) info (by someone) ♦ GENDER: Female ♦ SPECIES: Soul ♦ CURRENT RESIDENCE: Seireitei, Soul Society ♦ PARENT(S): Renji Abarai (father/alive) Rukia Kuchiki (mother/alive) ♦ OTHER FAMILY: Byakuya Kuchiki (uncle/alive) Hisana Kuchiki (aunt/deceased) ♦ SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight ♦ RELATIONSHIP STATUS: I don't care about that stuff! ♦ OCCUPATION(S): Shinigami Apprentice ♦ LIKES: Her family ♦ DISLIKES: Monsters ♦ FACT: Has red hair like her father. ♦ FACT: Likes to wander off on her own. ♦ FACT: Prone to getting into fights. ♦ FACT: Easily shocked by unexpected things. ♦ FACT: Is fond of her father. ♦ FACT: The theme song that Kubo chose for Ichika is "Typhoon" by the band Pia-no-jaC.

Red Bolt

discord: n/a

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Ichika is a confident child, willing to wander off without her parents' knowledge. Her mother indicated that she was prone to getting into fights. She greets Kazui Kurosaki by pointing her Zanpakutō at him while introducing herself. Ichika is easily shocked when something unexpected occurs, such as when Kazui reveals himself to be a Shinigami. Ichika is fond of her father, but dislikes monsters.

She's the Soul Reaper apprentice of Rikichi Yuki, 3rd seat of Squad 6.

Her fear of monsters started when she was younger. During a trip to the world of the Living she came across a scary looking Hallow which created the fear (though she isn't afraid of Hallows in general).
She thinks Kazui doesn't look tough enough to be a Shinigami.
Usually is the one dragging Kazui and Nemu into trouble.
Loves Chappy and the Sweaweed Ambassador but is embarrassed by it.
Enjoys Byakuya's company and can sit quietly while having tea with him. Normally.
Gets embarrassed around Rikichi Yuki. Is currently training under him.
Wants to be Head Captain someday, but will settle working under her father and uncle until then.


Zanpaktou Release Command: "Soar"

Shikai Name: Nuehane "Winged Chimera"


In Shikai form the blade takes on the form of a red, serrated, segmented, double edged blade.

Special techniques are: an electrified whip called "torao no mai" (dance of the tiger tail) and an electrified laser called "ryuga taiho" (dragon fang cannon).


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