"She was so kind and beautiful...I wanted to be just like her."

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Reila Tsukiko


Reila was born in the Rukongai District 64. Due to Reila's reiatsu being something neither her nor her brother knew how to control she was often a sick child. Her brother (Kero) often struggled to get food for the two of them which created the idea of becoming a Soul Reaper. As Kero trained and worked hard so that he could join Shino Academy Reila worked hard on trying to remain as healthy as possible so that he would avoid giving her all of their food or worry over her. When Kero finally join the academy it left Reila alone and eventually led up to her finding Shiki Ayame. The two became close friends and thus she began living with Reila.

After Kero became an official Soul Reaper and began making a bit of money he moved Reila and Ayame to Rukongai District 1. He promised the two that he would eventually make enough to where they would never have to worry about food or shelter again. Around this time Reila's health took a turn for the worse and she began growing weaker unable to move about for long periods of time. Ayame feared she would eventually die even with the help of the medicine Kero would send and as such blamed Kero for leaving them.

When Ayame's own sickness began to get the best of her Reila was left tending to things like getting food and making sure she had medicine. While out to get food for the two one day she witnessed a Shinigami help out a young boy and found the woman to be beautiful and thought her brave. Reila vowed that she would one day grow up to be just like that and began training to become a Soul Reaper like her. After telling her brother her plans he decided to request the help of the 4th Division and was able to find out that the problem Reila was having was due to the nature of her power and as such sealed some of her reitsu away. Afterwards her and Ayame both joined Shino Academy.

Reila eventually became a member of the 4th Divison. Though she really wanted to join the 10th to work with Rangiku Matsumoto who she found out was the Soul Reaper she looked up to but she was unable to due to her being deemed weak in battle and more suited to support others. She didn't let that stop her though and instead embraced the 4th Division after getting to see just what kind of person her Captain was. Reila would often volunteer to deliver paperwork and fill in for the Squad where she was needed and enjoyed getting the chance to help out the other divisions as well as brief conversations with Rangiku.

Though it is still unknown why she abandoned her position and left the Soul Society it is known that she was sent to the World of the Living with her, Kero, and Ayame to investigate strange disappearance of souls. Reila doesn't speak about why things went wrong or why she allowed Ayame to return home alone, but she is honest about what she was doing while she remained in the human world. She started out pretending to be them after convincing Kisuke Urehara to give her a gigai and keep her status a secret. In doing so she met a man named Yamaguchi Daichi who was the head of a Yakuza family. After being taken in by them she learned a bit about the World of the Living from them and even about what is was the family did.

Despite the nature of Daichi's family he was very kind and chose to use his power to try and change the lives of the men under him. Where as his father had them doing horrible things Daichi worked hard to change their ways and wanted to bring his family name into a positive light. Daichi convinced Reila to continue to act as a Soul Reaper and help as many souls as she could while she was there trying to find what she was looking for. He believed that every soul was work helping and saving and because of his kindness she chose to help him when he had gotten sick and was dying. When Daichi died he left his home and his family in her care making her the head of the Yamaguchi family despite them not being married or having any kind of relationship other than friendship. Both saved each other from their own darkness.

Reila didn't really understand but vowed to take care of all that he left behind and as such she continued to live with his men with Daichi's right hand, Jin, taking control of their dealings.

It wasn't until after the war that she returned home upon hearing news from Ayame about all their comrades that had been lost since her departure. After paying her respects to her fallen Captain she decided to return to her Division so that she could work on becoming a seated member. Reila wants to work directly under a Captain and Lieutenant she could have the kind of bond she witnessed between Daichi and his men. Any chance she gets to sneak to the World of the Living she takes to check in on the Yamaguchi family and tend to her garden. She still refuses to talk about why she left, but it is assumed that Ayame and the Head Captain know what happened.

basic info

Full Name: Reila Tsukiko
Nickname/Alias: Hell Reaper
Title: (Do have a title along with their name? [Ex: Sir, Captain, Ms.])
Pet Name: "Mochi Mochi"
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Birthday: December 25
Deathday: Alive
Birthplace: Rukongai District 64
Species: Spirit
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Black (Origninal), Pink
Skin Tone: Brown
Height: 4'5" (134cm)
Weight: "'s a secret?"
Cup Size: "Y--You shouldn't ask a lady that!"
Birthmarks/scars: A beauty mark under each eye.
Family: Ayame Shiki (adoptive sister; active), Kero Tsukiko (older brother; missing)
Shikai: Souruita (Soul Eater)
Bankai: N/A
Uniform: She wears a modified version of the uniform and keeps the center part of it open revealing some skin. This is a result of her admiration for Rangiku and wanting to share a similar style. The teal haori she wears is something she picked up during her time stationed in the World of the Living not a symbol of her position.
Affiliation: Soul Society, Gotei 13
Squad/Position: 4th Divison, Unseated officer
Likes: Mochi, Dango, Tea, Rainy Weather
Dislikes: Pointless Violence, Spicy Food, Cutting her hair
Personality: Reila is typically a kind individual who takes others needs and feelings into consideration. She enjoys relaxing with a cup of tea and mochi, although can be hard working when the situation calls for it. When deal with enemies she can be short tempered and easy to anger at times which is a fact she is aware of and dislikes. Reila looks up to Rangiku Matsumoto though she admits she thinks she slacks off a tad bit too much. Her goal is to settle into a seated position one day though she believes Captain or Lieutenant would be too much pressure. Her time spent in the World of the Living consist of her relaxing in her traditional styled home she was given as a gift and tending to the garden. Tends to get shy around most men and large groups of people.

love interest

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Dated: 00/00/0000
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Jan 15th 2021 - 5:30 PM

I have been chilling mostly. Listening to music and getting some RP's going. Found a very old friend recently and we were able to get something going.
βœ— ʟ ᴜ x Ιͺ ꜰ ᴇ Κ€

Jan 13th 2021 - 12:18 AM

How have things been?Β  o-o
βœ— ʟ ᴜ x Ιͺ ꜰ ᴇ Κ€

Jan 12th 2021 - 6:53 PM

Welcome back, Mochi!
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