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Powers & Abilities:Much of Tōga's abilities are unknown, but he is known to be tremendously formidable in battle, having defeated many extremely powerful Daiyokai. Immense Demonic Power: He has been stated to be one of the most powerful yōkai by Myōga and Tōtōsai, as he had defeated extremely powerful Daiyokai such as Shishinki, the Panther King and also Hyoga. However, despite his great power, in his fight with Ryūkotsusei, Tōga met his match and was fatally wounded but did manage to penetrate his extremely powerful defense once and seal him away. His power was initially superior to that of his sons, as he could fully control Sō'unga a demon sword of tremendous power that can easily corrupt and possessed all the past yokais who tried to wield it and not even Inuyasha, his second son, despite his own tremendous demonic power, could completely resist Sō'unga's mind controlling powers, whereas Toga managed to wield it without succumbing to Sō'unga's influence and Sesshōmaru believed the only way for him to surpass his father is for him to get one of his great swords, but at full potential, they eventually managed to surpass his power. Shapeshifting: He could change his appearance to resemble that of a human's, much like Sesshōmaru. His true form was that of a gigantic dog with a single blue jagged-like stripe on each cheek and twin streaks of fur running down his back. He was much larger than both Sesshōmaru's and Sesshōmaru's mother's yōkai forms. Immense Endurance: Despite having suffered fatal wounds, his enhanced anatomy enabled him to travel an incredibly long distance and defeat an army of samurais to save Izayoi and his newborn son Inuyasha and fighting Takemaru equally until the castle collapsed on him and killed him. Master Swordsman: Toga is a powerful demonic master swordsman, as he has commanded the three swords of Supreme conquest: Sō'unga, Tessaiga and Tenseiga with great skill. While fatally injured, Toga used the Tessaiga to annihilate an army of samurais with a single Wind Scar attack and also made short work of Takemaru, slicing his arm, despite Takemaru being himself a master swordsman, in their first round and then fight him to a standstill. According to Totosai and Myoga. Toga is the only one who can fully control Sō'unga, the sword of hell that can destroy the world. Foresight: Aside from his immense strength, Tōga also had incredible foresight, with some of his actions having a hidden message behind them. He entrusted the Tessaiga to his son Inuyasha, accurately predicting that he needed the sword to protect himself, as well as another, namely Kagome. He bequeathed the healing sword Tenseiga to his eldest son, Sesshōmaru, in order to teach him compassion. Tōtōsai eventually reforged Tenseiga into a weapon, giving it the ability to perform the Meidō Zangetsuha, presumably on Tōga's orders. Barriers: Tōga was somehow capable of creating barriers of immense power as he was able to put a powerful barrier on Tessaiga, which was powerful enough that not even Sesshōmaru, his own pure blooded demon son and a powerful daiyokai himself can withstand.


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Characters: Toga
Verses: Inuyasha Yashahime.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
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Great Dog General

Izayoi...You must survive. Live a long life. Live long and well with Inuyasha.


His white hair is only seen in a very high ponytail. Like other full-blooded yōkai, he has pointed ears as well as fangs and claws. He has wide, jagged purple-blue stripes on the sides of his face and amber irises. Outfit Tōga dressed similarly to his son Sesshōmaru, in that he wore a white kimono and hakama, armored boots, and a long flowing sash, with the latter two suggestive of Chinese influence. They also share similar breastplates, with a spiked rim, with the addition of Chinese vambraces and armored gauntlets, as well as layered spiked pauldron on each shoulder. He wears a parted pelt that extends from both shoulders and trails behind him as he walks; representing the two streaks of fur running down the back of his yōkai form. The Tessaiga and Tenseiga are worn at his waist, while the Sō'unga is worn across his back.

I'm trying to find where my place is I'm looking for my own oasis
So close I can taste this, the fear that love alone erases
So I'm back to the basics, I figure it's time I face this


+ Tōga's relationship with his first son was somewhat strained because of the former's relationship with the human Izayoi and the latter's ambitions to surpass him. Sesshōmaru was greatly offended that his father left his hanyō brother Inuyasha, and not him, the Tessaiga. In Swords of an Honorable Ruler, during his last night alive, the gravely wounded Tōga asked him if he had "someone to protect." Sesshōmaru flatly responded "No." His father passed to him the Tenseiga rather than the Tessaiga. Initially, Sesshōmaru deemed the Tenseiga useless since it cannot cut anything; however, over the course of the story, he started to understand and then respect its power. He also came to understand his father's cryptic words. Upon meeting the human child Rin, his attitude toward humans began to change. Sesshōmaru felt he should protect the young girl. With something to protect (Rin, Jaken, and sometimes Inuyasha), Sesshōmaru became a very powerful daiyōkai, just as his father intended for him. Sesshōmaru's feelings towards his father and family in general seem very complicated. While Sesshōmaru never expresses any direct emotional attachment to either of his parents, he gives indirect clues. He wishes to be greater than his father. That his father does not grant him what he feels is his birthright seems to hurt his pride and drives him to demonstrate his greatness. While Sesshōmaru may appear to have always hated Inuyasha, the earliest depicted feelings are his anger that Inuyasha cannot join him in a battle since he has been sealed to a tree by a human, Kikyō. That this half-demon and half-brother gained the birthright he expected kindles his resentment for his father as well as his hatred for Inuyasha. It would appear through the early parts of the story, he believes killing Inuyasha and gaining Tessaiga will, in his mind, prove his father wrong and elevate him above his father. That Inuyasha can wield Tessaiga and would have killed him if not for the protection of Tenseiga further shakes his confidence. However, Sesshōmaru shows nothing but respect for his father's remains to the point of punching Inuyasha for daring to be present. When he sees his father again at the end of Swords of an Honorable Ruler, he looks in awe and respect rather than contempt. As the story depicts the maturation and development of all the main characters, Sesshōmaru's attitude and understanding of his father, particularly his wisdom, develops as well. For his part, Tōga certainly cares for his elder son, but he is often frustrated and disappointed with his callous attitude towards humans and his focus on power above anything else. As the story slowly reveals through the characters Myōga and Tōtōsai who knew him, Tōga devised a very elaborate plan to bring his sons together. Ironically, Sesshōmaru ends up protecting a human just as his father did.
+ It is unknown when they first met, but they ended up falling in love and married which resulted in a half-demon child, Inuyasha. After his last battle with Ryūkotsusei, he rushed to save her without first tending to his wounds. He fought through the soldiers only to find her already dead. Using the Tenseiga, he brought her back to life, giving her the Robe of the Fire-Rat, and telling her to escape with their newborn son whom he names Inuyasha. His last words were: "Izayoi...You must survive. Live a long life. Live long and well with Inuyasha." This showed that the Great Dog Demon did deeply care about his sons and did not see them as mere tools of heritage.

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Nov 23rd 2021 - 12:15 AM

Hello, new person! ♥

I just wanted to reach out to thank you for accepting/requesting. I will skip the boring stuff and get straight to the point.

You + Me = Epic Storyline. Yes?

I hope to become good friends with you and establish a bond through a story--if that doesn't strike the fancy, chatting is always cool until you are all ready.

I'm Botan, it's nice to meet you. I do wish to give you a heads up, that I can play AU, Canon. I'll even have her enter other worlds if that makes things easier for you.

I hope to hear from you sometime and thank you for your time.

I hope you're having a marvelous day!
coded by: Botan /grimxreaper

Nov 21st 2021 - 11:00 PM

hello there. i'm so sorry for the bare profile right now, i will be getting more information up as needed. thank you so much for the acceptance and i would love to discuss a plotline with you. i just ask that you read my rules and i will go around your profile looking for your own. let me know when you are ready!
Whimsical Elegance

Sep 23rd 2021 - 4:52 PM

Well to be happy..thats all I have wanted for a very long time. Sometimes there are hills or mountains you have to climb. 
Whimsical Elegance

Sep 14th 2021 - 5:33 PM

Just hearing that makes me feel better.. and thank you. Sometimes I just like I'm fighting a battle of my own sometimes. 

Aug 28th 2021 - 3:39 PM

"Hit. The. Mark!"
Thanks for the add!
Or for accepting me!
I look forward to discussing things and getting a storyline going!
I can do canon or AU Kagome.
I am a chemistry shipper and a Mutli-story roleplayer.
This means I will have several stories with 'relationships' happening normally.
I do this so I am not closed off from getting to write with others.
That being said, I do not instant-smut. If you want that, exit left!
Also please don't be a silent friend!
Whether chatting or roleplaying, I'm for it!
I have a discord if you wanna exchange tags!
Let me know, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Aug 27th 2021 - 9:40 PM

Hello !

It is a pleasure meeting you...
I do want to thank you for adding/requesting me. It is very much, Appreciated.
I do hope we all can become the greatest friends! I'm open for Story-Line's and Simple Chatting;
Whenever ready! So Please Don''t Be A Stranger! I hope to hear back from you soon, Till Then;

Have a splendid day! Ayame; Wild Iris🌺
Whimsical Elegance

Aug 27th 2021 - 4:36 PM

Occ: I'm doing okay, I didn't sleep much last night. Worried about my brother possibly having to go to Afghanistan again.
Whimsical Elegance

Aug 27th 2021 - 12:06 PM

Smiles warmly as she finishes up eating her plate of food. I'm glad you enjoy it my love. Occ: It's alright, rest well :3 be safe
Whimsical Elegance

Aug 26th 2021 - 8:38 PM

Nodding softly as she rested her hand on her cheek.
"I think we both are in a way.." 
"After this what would you like to do my beloved?"
Whimsical Elegance

Aug 26th 2021 - 8:18 PM

A soft nod as she smiled while kissing his lips. As she began to eat taking small bites at a time. "I have to take care of my husband.." I don't want you to starve either." I am truly happy we get to spend time together once again."
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