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"Stay still! Just let me heal chuu!"

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Characters: Pup Sparda
Verses: Crossover
Playbys: Herself
Length: Para
Genre: Crossover,
Member Since:January 23, 2021

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About me:
Name: Puppy Sparda.
Alias: Age: 189 years.
Race: Shiba Inu.
Personality: Sweet, kind, fragile, wary of others.
Weapon of choice: A tome.
Family: A father who wanders around the world. A dotting little sister and niece who she adores very much.
Likes: Cookies, soft things, looking at the clouds, flowers, shiny things, games, cuddles, head pats.
Dislikes: People who use and hurt her.
Distinctive Markings: She has an old branding mark around her wrists. Piercings: None.
Height: 4'10.
Weight: "Want to be part of my army of the dead~?"
Hair: Pure white.
Eyes: Right eye clear blue. Left eye grey.
Story: During the late events that happened with the civil war between the Inumimi race and Sorcerer, there was a small Inumimi that was roaming around the barren towns. Some inumimi were still currently living in the isolates of their birth, never wanting to leave. Her parents had wandered off long ago, leaving their daughter with the chieftain of the village. It wasn't long until those who stayed eventually died from hunger and early age from the negative emotions that took over then. Even she was reaching her lowest point.
Just then, a human male in barely in his twenty's had taken in the smaller canine. She was the only one who survived for so long, because she had hope. That same hope, was the reason why she saved. Though, she was rather weak because she was so thin and fragile. That didn't take too long for her. In a new home, new surrounding, the inumimi was very curious, yet still reserved. It took her an entire week to finally trust the man who took her in.
After eating, gaining her strength back and such, the two formed an unbreakable bond. He did name brand her, only when she had gotten older. He didn't know what to really name her, yet all the time he called her "Pup". It had finally stuck with her. She cared for her Master Lucian, happy to be apart of his life, and her to his. The two inseparable. Even though he was guardian, she treated him much more like a father. The two slept together, eat together, everything. They were happy, all they needed were each other. By the name he was in his late twenties, she was in her later teen years.
He had taught Pup how to read and write, he had even taught her the use of magic. He was a jack of all trades, being about to use dark, anima, and light magic. Slowly but surely; she soon mastered the basics. She could've had any tom of her choosing and this small pupper chose a dark tome. For whatever reason, Lucian couldn't figure out why. But she probably had her reasons.
While the girl was out collecting the items, Lucian needed, she had heard a loud clash of magic in the direction of the home the two had lived in. She ran her way back home, only to find it ransacked, The door was off the hinges... It was from her master who has blown it away. Making her way inside, she seemed like they were still in their home. Thinking quickly. she had hidden herself in a small cabinet, in the hallway.
A brash and gruff voice spoke out, "Where are ya hiding at Sage. You know you can't keep playing this game forever." After the invader spoke, there was an evil cackle right after. Just then, there was a hand that covered the canine's mouth pulling her in from behind as there was a secret room where her Master was hiding in. When she was in, she had grasped onto her guardian, two shared a rather long hug before he had pulled away and explained to her what had and what was going to happen.
Lucian had placed a pendant around her neck, it was grey, she couldn't tell what it was, but there was something in it that was shining. He had placed his shawl around her and once he did, the sound breaking and axe hacking had commenced. The invader, A large man, slender, skin blue, eyes black like dolls... Staring into a person's soul. He had one horn that was curled down his face and up around, like a mountain goat while the other was broken off and ridged, had stepped in from the hole in the wall.
Lucian cursed under his breath and casted magic from his book, yet the Tiefling did nothing but swing his curved sabre at the magic spell, dispelling it. With such quickness, the man had had gotten close to Lucian, taking the full blow and knocked him out of the way. The girl stared at man, she was in fear, yet not towards the man, but towards her Master. With a small glance the Tiefling had looked down upon the canine. He had smirked and raised his blade. Yet, Lucian had came in and blocked the incoming attack towards her with his book, Gleipnir.
The Tiefling growled and laughed insanely while gripping onto the book. "Give it..! Give it to me! You have no right to hold that book!" The enemy had chanted some words that the little canine had no idea what they meant or what they were, yet they were stuck in her mind. Lucian had yelled to Pup to run away, yet she couldn't. She wanted to stay. For that split second Lucian had looked away when he yelled to her again. The Tiefling had drove his sabre into Lucian. The cut was too deep that the blade went directly through him. Lucian had groaned in pain and fell to the floor, gripping onto his wound... until his body had slowly turned to stone. The book was now in the possession of the Tiefling.
He had laughed, opened the book. "I, Zarxius, am the true owner of the Demon's book!!" He had bit his finger, smearing his blood into the book, his fate was seal as his eyes were now red. He had nothing and vanished into a cloud of shadows.
The canine had crawled over to Lucian, holding his body to her while he continues to turn into stone. He was weak, dying in a way. Lucian reached up with his blooded hand and smeared blood over her brand, releasing her from his bond and leaned up to place a soft kiss on her forehead.
"Thank you..For coming in my life..Pup. I'm sorry..To..Leave you. But I will..Always be with..You.." With his final words and and breath, his body had turned into stone entirely. Pup had tears coming down her face and onto his stone body.

Rules, because yesh.
1. Chuu add, chuu start. I add chuu, I start. I dun see why I need to greet when chuu added me.
2. If I see chuu online and chuu haven't replied within 7 days of the day we have added then, bye. It's not fair that I see online or around and chuu are replies to others, I know I'm not the only one chuu speak to, but if chuu leave my message alone, then I'm gonna assume that you aren't interested, so bye. :u
3. If I dun approve of something, and I will tell chuu to stop. If chuu keep doing it, then I will block chuu. Like..Read in between the lines.
4. Obviously, I'm not gonna be here 24/7. So, don't expect me to reply back as fast as I can. It'll take at most like a week. Real life is important. [Come on now.]
Who I'd like to meet:

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