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Characters: Seijin Twilight
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
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About me:
In many universes the heroes would win over the villains that would threaten life on their planet for their own personal goals but in this one they have won. The half angel sits on a mountain overlooking the ruins of a town he once grew up in. The destruction seems rather recent as there were still smoke from the ashes that was visible in the distance.

He had given up his life as a normal person in order to support his best friend as their angel towards the end of the journey. There wasn't anything he could do as a human, but at least as an angel he could be there by his side. But as fate would have it, the heroes would not win their battle and now the world is split between multiple factions between each major head that took role in the fall of heroes.

Those who survived are either broken and in hiding, or slaves, or both broken and slaves. Any who tried to resist were killed off. The only one left who could do anything is this angel. But it's a rule that he should not interfere so he had to watch them one by one vanish.

After seeing so many suffer at the hands of evil some thoughts crossed his mind. 'Why do we care for them all they return is our deaths and laugh at it? Maybe it's our fault for caring about them so much? Believing that anyone can change.' Thoughts like these plagued his mind and tortured him until finally he gave in.

Forging himself over the course of months divine armor, he puts it on to hide his identity and presence before setting out on his own journey. He'd do it himself and fix the world. He knows he'll be punished if he is caught by the others, but until then he'll give them what they desire. No more mercy, just death.

And death he has brought to them without hesitation, just as they desired. So many times has he heard "Hero's don't kill, this isn't how it's supposed to go, who are you? But those are just empty words now. If he gives them an inch, they'd just come back and take advantage. They only have fun because they get what they want. When they are losing they don't want to play anymore.

His divine armor has become corrupted due to his sins since taking this role. It wasn't long until he confronted the cause and cut them out the picture, permanently. Of course he knew doing such deeds would bring notice to him, that is why once he was done why he has left the world to inhabit another.

In this new world he lives a double identity hidden to everyone but him. The first being a nameless religious male who is best define as often having a sad expression and not being one for speaking much of his past. The other whenever he feels the other angels are close to discovering or someone tries to pry too far, he becomes a nun that throws everyone off his trail as no one would expect a male to turn female and it makes it harder via the fact he refrains from using any of his angel abilities outfit of changing his identity as needed.


I won't get too far into this as I don't think any rps that'd test his powers will show up. But will update this if they do.
Who I'd like to meet:

1. I prefer people who actually talk/rp. If you the type that becomes picky on who you reply to and when, don't add me. It's not fun to wait for someone that replies only when they got nothing better to do.

2. Don't control my character or try to put him in a position that only benefits your character.

3. One liners are a no go for me. Also no first person.

4. If you don't make the effort to be my friend, don't expect me to want to share you out or like your stream etc. I'll do it if we are good friends, but I'm not going to do it for a stranger that may or may not reply.

5. This character changes gender depending on the situation and will not do it for the sole purpose of shipping. It just comes and goes, not for getting off rocks.

6. More may be made later as needed.

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