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116 years old


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June 14 2021

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Scarcely known within the region of Alola under its moniker as the Gloomdweller Pokemon, the mysterious creature only referred too as Marshadow, is a mythical Pokemon that has resided within the fabled context of old shrines, and other such locations of otherwise sacred importance throughout the tropical islands. Displaying traits that comprise a blend of Ghost and Fighting, it has been written through stories passed down, that Marshadow has remained far beyond the watchful eyes of humankind throughout countless eons in history. Within the fabrics of legendary tales passed down by few in the ages, its time in hiding has opened its eyes to a pristine knowledge of martial arts. Having perfected the combative craft from extensive studying of humanity and their elongated history, Marshadow would resurface to wield its established fighting prowess against those fortunate enough to have encountered it within their lifetimes. Though small in stature and initially craven in appearance, Marshadow is notorious for its deceptive nature and otherwise unpredictable strength when used in battle.

Marshadow is categorized as a humanoid Pokemon, albeit of relatively short height. Its entire form appears to be shrouded in a smoky, grey coloration that gives it the appearance of a shadow, hence the origin of its namesake. Its cranial design mimics a form of headgear emulating a helmet around its head, with an additional set of curled horns that likely serve as its ears on either side of its head, and a singular wispy centerpiece. Marshadow's hues are bright and glowing, with a gradient blend that mixes an orange illumination into yellow pupils. Above each of its eyes are distinct yellow, circular markings. Wrapped around each of its frontal forearms are decorative bumps located along the wrist, and resting around Marshadow's neck is a smoky dark collar that imitates a scarf in aesthetic. It also traces a pair of shadows underneath each foot.

Should it be provoked or executing a powerful technique in battle, Marshadow will alternate into another state of being dubbed Zenith Marshadow. During this state, its fighting spirit is said to burn brightly. This is demonstrated through visual changes in its headgear and wrist bumps, as well as the collar around its neck, all of which begin to flare up and accumulate a raging glow of yellowish green in color. Marshadow's eyes also share a flaring look when in this state.

In the advent of its history, very few people have ever documented its appearances. Thus, it has forged a unique presence that is shrouded entirely within the writings of myth and legend. This directly references their natures in general, as a being who prefers to remain unnoticed by others by hiding within their shadows, where they can dwell out of plain sight. They only truly resurface themselves when they're absolutely assured that they'll not be readily spotted by others. Unlike most spirits who've wrought maliciousness and actively seek cruel motivations, Marshadow bear no ill intentions towards anyone that they've chosen to follow and pursue. Yet unlike even their fellow ethereal beings, in both emotional and mental aspects, Marshadow appears to demonstrate a primarily blank slate with little to virtually no feelings or fighting spirit whatsoever, and must rely on other sources to substitute for their emotions in short amounts of time. This is favorably done by forming a spiritual link with the chosen benefactors for quick durations, not only allowing Marshadow to feel and mimic their feelings, but in turn copy thought and fighting strength to a pristine replication in favor.

Although their only most notable downside to this form of mimicry, is that Marshadow actively runs the risk of mimicking anybody to their most deepest detail, regardless of their stance or nature. So if they choose to copy the qualities or attributes of a being with evil or malevolent intentions, Marshadow will likely develop a remorseless heart in much the same quality, or maybe even greater. With this being said, its strength and potential will accelerate beyond its benefactors until it has become well beyond stronger as a result. Though in conclusion, Marshadow remains ever so discreet in regarding those that it chooses to mimic, as caution for its own safety, and the wellbeing of others.

Whereas it might initially appear craven and cowardly upon first glance, Marshadow should nonetheless never become the subject of underestimation during battle. Naturally akin to ghostly beings, they wield a plethora of supernatural qualities. These are the powers of levitation and intangibility, as well as ethereal telekinetic traits and superhuman levels of strength and speed with wondrous stealth capabilities. However, this certainly shouldn't discredit its defensive stronghold in a fight, with much of its time remaining in the shadows of others exceeds the simple replication on the emotional spectrum. Befitting their power in mimicry, Marshadow's most recognizable application of such power, is that it can copy the fighting abilities of its foes to a fluent degree. In lieu of this, they can efficiently master whatever combative styles they discover within record time. With enough duration spent in their opponent's shadow, they can adapt and eventually surpass their adversaries, utilizing their own power against them with twice the devastation. In summary, this innate power makes them not only formidable in battle, but very dangerous and an undisputed force of reckoning.

Branching from these qualities, they are reflected in the execution of Marshadow's signature technique, Spectral Thief. In use against its competition, Marshadow will gather spiritual energy to replicate the positive stat changes embedded within its foe and effectively delete them from said adversary in the same demonstration, retaliating against its opponent with twice as much strength as a result. Furthermore, with additional assistance from a held Marshadium Z, it can activate its own unique move in the form of its signature Z-Move known as the Soul-Steeling Seven-Star Strike, which as the potential of dealing an incredible degree of physical damage against any it happens to strike down during battle.


Pokemon Verse, Gijinka Playby
Detailed and Literate Writing
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Crossovers Happily Encouraged
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Feudal, Horror & Supernatural
Occasional Meme & Shitposting
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May 24th 2021 - 1:54 AM

The name instantly made her think of a giant marshmallow. In a way, she too looked like one too, except she was tiny. And her cheeks weren't too fluffy, nor her figure. This thought made her giggle.

"You catch on fast, unlike so many others who never suspect a thing. This will be fun," Ayeong looked in different directions thinking of something to do with her new acquaintance until finally, something came to mind. Sweet honey eyes sparkled with excitement thinking of the one thing she had been dying to do for some time since arriving around the area.

"You and I need to go shopping for a cute swimsuit, I heard there was an amazing and relaxing beach nearby! And don't worry about money, dear! It will be my treat!" She explained with excitement in her tone. "Maybe I can get us both checked in to a hotel with an excellent view of the beach and we can soak in their hot tub or simply have a nice sunbath outside!" Her kind wasn't bothered by sunlight, even if she was a creature of the night. Myths of vampires were outdated, or possibly it depended on how they had turned into one. 

"You seem like you could use a little sun, what do you say Marsh? And you can call me Ash!" She added with a cheerful smile. Regardless of her answer, the blonde was determined to take Marsh with her on adventures. It would be a shame to waste such a beautiful day with anything less than what she had in store for the two of them.

May 18th 2021 - 6:36 PM

Looking into the other's eyes was like looking into beautiful flames. Fierce and willing to burn down anything in their path. Whoever she was, Ayeong had already taken a liking to her. Eyes drowning in honey could never compare to those who set fires into people's souls. Even so, her eyes observed her particular and rather unique complexion. 

"Whoever is your designer, I must meet them," Ayeong mostly wore white to play innocent with others. The color made her look pure, yet her insides had rotten away the moment she killed someone dear to her. That, however, was a story for another day, or perhaps it was best to never be told. 

"What exactly are you?" She asked arching a brow, still a friendly smile remained. "It would be silly to assume you are like those pesky humans, you are so much more than that! And don't be afraid, my lips are sealed," Ayeong brought a digit across her lips, and made it seemed like she was zipping them shut. 

"And if it helps, I am also not what I seem to be, which is why I must know more about you,"

Feb 9th 2021 - 5:47 PM

~ ~ N E W C O M E R ~ ~
Listen here, you gremlin of the  night-...

Wait, did you says dead memes! No! That's worst than death!  Dismiss me from this dreaded circle of yours, pronto!
- S.V

Feb 9th 2021 - 5:47 PM

~ ~ N E W C O M E R ~ ~
Listen here, you gremlin of the  night-...

Wait, did you says dead memes! No! That's worst than death!  Dismiss me from this dreaded circle of yours, pronto!
- S.V

Feb 9th 2021 - 4:44 PM

~ ~ N E W C O M E R ~ ~
Bold of you to assume that I..have a pokemon of m'own. Very, very bold.

Anywho! Circle, eh? Coolio. Do we have jackets? Hats?
- S.V

Feb 8th 2021 - 10:55 PM

~ ~ N E W C O M E R ~ ~
'Ello , and greetings! My name is Sylas Verdant, and as you can see, I'm a Pokemon Trainer! Though, it's been a while since my short hiatus, I'm willing to back into the shape of things! Thank you for allowing me on your friend's list, it warms the heart. I can't to start a collaboration of sorts, or if you just want to chat, that's just fine as well! 
I hope to here from you soon!`
- S.V
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