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Characters: 𝘌𝘴𝘬𝘦𝘭 𝘗𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘭𝘢
Verses: blitz * // science fiction
Length: Multi Para, Novella
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About me:

Name: Eskel Pelela

Age: 26, ageless

Species: bristizian ( Brist-iz-ian )

Gender: male

Current Location: unknown


Appearance: he is built for war, extremely imposing, lean and broad. it is important to note he has been enhanced via magitek technology. he could, quite simply, crush someone with one hand.
Personality: A HUNGER THAT CAN NEVER BE SATIATED, a raging bloodlust for brooding beasts. he is a hunter through and through and will not be appeased by mewling pigs. from such hunger comes an emptiness, that which has blossomed a near nihilistic belief inside his hollow husk of a heart. the world is empty and ephemeral ; a place where the strong conquer the weak.

above all, however, he seems to be the most alive on the battlefield, he often is seen smiling while in combat; hinting a sadistic side which compliments his thrill for blood. moreover, he tends to toy with opponents that are weaker than himself before finishing them off remorselessly.

despite his apparent sociopathic tendencies, eskel isn't without a heart. he's been shown to care for those close to him; furthering his somewhat complicated personality.
Biography: eskel was only eight years old when he was torn from his mother’s arms and went into hiding. his entire world had turned upside down on that fateful day. he became the sole surviving member of House Pelela that day. what followed next would only further the damage as parim inserted their own political figurehead into play; oraen kryst, of a lesser and non-high-born household, was enlisted as King of Blitz. with his reign, he all but vanquished the head of household political spectrum that had existed for a thousand years. all high-born families were stripped of their land and titles; they were kicked down and held in place when it came to their social status. none of this mattered to the vengeful eskel. he would dedicate his life to the complete eradication of king oraen kryst and his kingdom that now stood atop the mountain with his feet settling on the dust of the old Blitz.

as far as eskel was concerned, it was all oraen’s fault. he would at the very least carry out his tasks as if this were so. eskel pelela’s father was an honorary member of the crest unit. what remained in their home would be the only thing eskel took as he delved into hiding for the next two decades — his father’s cloak. the city in which the House of Pelela ruled over was called odens. the city of odens is vast and home to the factories and manufacturing outposts for the capitol’s military armory. it is the origin and initially discovery point of the Iron Oak. the wood that it is utilized to form the crest cloaks as well as the capitol guard’s armor and weapons. eskel has spent the majority of his life conducting vigilante-like operations against the crown’s presence in Odens in hopes to make the capitol vulnerable and under armed.

every third night a train carrying Iron Oak enters odens from the outskirts running through the factory chain. it's in the still of the night that people say a cloak phantom-like man walks the top of the train fighting the Imperial guards. the crown has since doubled the security of these shipments but all seems futile in the wake of this phantom. he appears in a gas of black smog only to vanish and reappear again and again attacking them with ease as if he’s not a physical being at all. the only thing that witnesses can attest to his appearance is peering, ghostly golden eyes. like an animal staring through the darkness of the night. when members of House Sevin meet eskel pelela after the fall of parim ( A.P. ) he is very close to being fully ready to enact his plan to destroy the capitol. a suicide mission to say the least. one which he insists will deliver him a glorious death and return him to his family again.

eskel is living beneath the city of Odens in shutdown substation terrain. his wall is bathed in criminal, imperial, and political face-posters, all of whom has had a hand in the enslavement of Blitz people over the last thirty years. those who worked hand-in-hand with parim to offer soldiers for the games and further the enslavement regiment of Blitz people. eskel has all of them linked to the centerpiece of his puzzle, king oraen himself.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Jul 26th 2022 - 8:09 PM  | Smoke drawing, Dark anime guys, Cigarette aesthetic


I am Xiol Saktara.
A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Welcome to the twisted carnival of mayhem and misery. From the cesspools of rotten cities to the underbellies of nightlife only the most depraved can find. Find refuge in the sinners and the unwanted, and elevate your senses with the stories yet to be told. Like a needle to the arm, these drugs are sure to satisfy, if only for a little while.  

Hope to hear from you soon.

|Bang - Bang|

Jul 8th 2022 - 11:29 PM

your discord doesn't work for me buuuut I added your ani.


𝐌 𝙰 𝙺 𝙰 𝚅 𝙴 𝙻 𝙸.#0923

Jul 8th 2022 - 11:29 PM

your discord doesn't work for me buuuut I added your ani.


𝐌 𝙰 𝙺 𝙰 𝚅 𝙴 𝙻 𝙸.#0923

Jun 24th 2022 - 8:39 PM

gimme ur new profile oR ELSE

Feb 16th 2021 - 5:23 AM

Alright, here goes attempt number two with you.

/outstretches a hand towards him

✧✧・゚ Ɗ I A M O N D Ɗ U S T ・゚✧✧

Feb 12th 2021 - 6:36 AM

The empress of ice wreathed in frost, she is known for her signature move, 'Diamond Dust' which freezes everything in an instant."
 *~" Hello dear I'm not sure if we have talked yet, thank you for requesting/accepting I hope we will be able to get along good and be able to get something going soon. I do not mind either comment's or messages, however I am extremely slow so keep that in mind. I also do not mind mixing things around to so don't be afraid about wanting to mix things up I am an open book and willing to try different things. 
 Sorry I'm not very good at these thing but I hope to hear your thoughts soon and that you have a wonderful day. I have discord if that also helps feel free to add --   ✧Ɗ I A M O N D Ɗ U S T✧#4272   "~
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