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Characters: Lunar Remnant
Verses: Open, Fantasy, Crossover, Feudal, Modern, Sci-fi, and more
Playbys: Varies
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Supernatural,
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The cat sidhe

Lunar Remnant

Meow Meow Choco-chow
Greetings, I will be your guide. Will I guide you to salvation....or damnation?

Age: Appears 16-30 (Age varies by verse and setting)
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Zodiac: Libra
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Varies by rp. Often serves as a guide. Often builds things in his free time to make ends meet.
Race:Cat sidhe (Can be altered pending verse/setting. Always remains cat-like)
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Blue
Notable features: Purple cat like ears and tail.
Tattoos: A few celtic symbols on different parts of his body.
Height: 6'2
Likes: Ear scratches, food, playing tricks and mind games with people, building things when he isn't feeling lazy, food, orchestra music,
Dislikes: People assuming he likes fish. People trying to tempt him with balls of yarn, people who fear him for the wrong reasons, the company who burned down his town.


Found in the world as a baby, he had no recollection of who his parents were and where they were. All he had was a blanket wrapped around him and a note with his name on it. The name read as “Lunar”. Lunar was abandoned in a forest near a small town, an elderly couple found him on their leisurely stroll. At first, they thought he was a normal child, until they found out he didn’t have any human ears. When they looked more closely, they found out he had ears atop his head. They were cat like and a matching tail was protruding out from the blanket.

The elderly man was skeptical at first, saying they shouldn’t take the child, but the elderly woman felt sorry for the child. It was then she saw the note and read it, stating his parents wouldn’t be able to come back for him. It stated there was war in the realm he came from and they didn’t want him to be put at risk, so they left him in the human realm to have a life. After reading this, she believed the child wouldn’t be of harm to them and decided to take the child home with them. With no children of their own, the elderly woman thought it would be pleasant to have a child, even for only a short time.

The child was brought back to their town which was filled with a group of elderly people who lived in the village. The younger generation appeared to have left the village, relying on the neighboring villages to help them in their times of need. Part of the village was excited to have a young one in their village once again, thinking they could have a child to take care of again, but others also were nervous of his unique features, growing up with tales of monsters crossing into the world and killing or enslaving humans. The village remained divided, but encouraged the arrival of the child as time passed. They watched him grow, but as he got older, the elderly were either dying out or had been taken by their children to come live with them. They tried to protest, saying they had to help care for Lunar, but the children didn’t care, looking at his appearance and thinking he would just be some type of creature that couldn’t fit into city life.

As the years continue to go by, Lunar began to form his interests. While the remaining elderly got older, he noticed the difficulty they had doing chores he once saw them do when he was younger. He began constructing things. They realized he was a gifted being, being able to construct intricate items at a young age. They benefitted from the items, but they were only used for so long before the elderly of the village would either be taken away by their families or meeting their end as they passed away. Thanks to living with these people, he embraced the concept of death that applied to the world. It was a sad thing for the male, but it was something that happened. He couldn’t stop it at this point in time, seeing he could only make little trinkets or works that made things easier for people to thrive in the village. That was, until he was the only one to remain in the village.

The one’s who came for their family wouldn’t take him in and the final group who met their end had no family, so Lunar was tasked with burying them just outside the village. Living alone in the small village, he learned to take care of himself. He cooked for himself, did chores like cleaning and even doing what he could to acquire funds to gather items he couldn’t in the village or the nearby forest. This meant he sadly had to sell his inventions to the other village. They served a new purpose there, but in doing so, he began to incur some complications in his life.

He was about a young adult when a corporation from the bigger city life came across one of his inventions and approached him with an offer to give him a better life if they came to the city to work for them. Lunar pondered it but realized this was his home; he couldn’t abandon it, despite being alone in the village. He turned them down and explained he couldn’t leave his home. The one who brought the offer to him immediately became displeased, but merely nodded and left the village, deciding to bring more underhanded tactics into play.

One day, when Lunar had found himself going to the forest to gather items and parts, a group who worked for the company had roamed the village and decided to steal the entire male’s works and then decided to torch the place, burning the village to the ground. By the time Lunar found out, he found the village in flames. Running through the burning village, he found himself at the home that he stayed in. It was set ablaze with the rest, but the flames didn’t fully engulf it just yet. Without thinking he went in and grabbed a photo of the elderly couple with him in the photo still intact. He took it and the letter that had his name on it that he never chose to open, seeing he had no need to. Once he grabbed them, he rushed out of the burning home and as he came out, the building caved in inside and he couldn’t help but watch the village burn away to charred remnants of its former glory.

When the flames finally extinguished, he tried to find himself anything he could scavenge, thinking there could be something he could use, but as he found himself going through the remnants, he noticed something off. He walked around the charred homes and noticed his contraptions were missing. He had no idea why at first, but as he kept finding more and more missing, he began putting it together. It was after the final home, he noticed footprints leaving the village that didn’t belong to him. He followed them to the village he often dealt business with, finding a majority ending up at a bar. He asked the owner about any recent people here, hearing them mention a group boasting about working for a company were in the bar celebrating a nice haul. When he asked about the company, he found out they worked for the company that came beforehand to recruit him. He asked if they were still around and owner mentioned they left to head back to the city. He decided to catch up to them. He had no idea how he was going to stop them, but would figure out a way.

When he found them, he had just found them about to leave the village. He saw them packing his contraptions and when they turned their backs, he ran and grabbed the bag and ran off, heading back to the forest he was familiar with, knowing he could take them in the forest, knowing he often set traps there to deal with creatures he needed to catch there. They saw what happened and immediately gave chase. In the end, they followed him to the forest and they ended up falling into his traps he left in the forest. He hid his contraptions and confronted the group that he trapped. Anger in his eyes, he grabbed one by the throat and began choking the life out of them. He wanted to make them pay for destroying his home. As he was about to kill them, a breeze passed through the forest where he heard out a familiar voice whispering for him to stop. He stopped and looked around, seeing no one there, but recalled the voice as something familiar to him. He couldn’t figure out who it was but it snapped him out of his anger and he knocked out the people, taking anything of value from the ones he caught. Realizing he couldn’t stay here any longer, he decided to leave and find a new place for himself. He hoped to one day put the owner of the company in their place, but for now, he had to do what he could to keep going in the world, knowing he will have a target on his back.


| | Just a mental note, when it comes to anime and gaming worlds,I know all these abilities won't fit. I don't intend to make them all fit. I understand the rules of the realm to make sure he doesn't wind up overpowered in the world. I understand an overpowered character isn't fun for a story. These are just abilities I like to work with for stories. I don't intend to use them all for one story. | |
  • 1: (This would also be his quirk in MHA verse and his semblence in the rwby verse) Invisibility: Lunar can turn himself invisbile. This can apply to his whole body, or certain extensions to it, such as his arm, leg and other parts.
  • 2: (Also something related to his quirk as he will be based off the cheshire cat in MHA verse) Cat like hearing and behavior: He gains some traits of a cat, such as strong jumping prowess, enhanced speed, climbing potential, sprouting claws from nails, enhanced hearing and other cat-like abilities.
  • 3: (Mostly for fantasy verses) Magic usage: Thanks to the ties of his cat sidhe lineage, Lunar can use certain types of magic, either for combat or for personal means of survival.
  • 4: (Another abilitiy related to fantasy verse) Soul stealing: Lunar can see lost souls or claim the soul of someone after they have died. This often instills fear when someone finds him stealing souls.
  • 5: (Another fantasy verse ability) Animal shifting: Lunar can transform between a cat-like form and a human like form with cat-like features.
  • Will add or explain them better once another verse pops up that I choose to dabble in.
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