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How am I still alive? Simple, Eroge fuel my existence~

117 years old

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August 13 2022

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Characters: Xiao Xinyue Xiang
Playbys: strawberry blond girls with icy blue eyes
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Open, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Member Since:February 10, 2021

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About me:
character info was wiped due to pettiness, so it'll be some time as i try to remember a years worth of information and developement/growth.
Name: Xiao Xinyue Xiang
Nickname: Xixi, dumbass genius
Aliases/titles: Mad Magiteker, XXX magitechian, lewd inventor
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: unknown
Current Residence:
Ethnicity: Chinese
Species: Human
Hair color: Blonde with a heavy pinkish tint or strawberry blond
Eye color: icy blue
Height: 173cm / 5'8
Weight: 56kg / 123 lbs
Sexual orientation:
Father: Xiao Su,
Mother: Liu Bingbing
Sibling(s): Zhenya, Liuxian
Cous): Bao, Xieren, Jingyi, Zedong, kang, yating, Sigrun Gundersen
Relationship status: Single
Current relationship: None
Past relationships: "None"
Occupation: Magitek engineer, inventor
Likes: Tokusatsus
Dislikes: taking it easy, working out
Strengths: Magitek knowledge, magitek creation, personality
Weaknesses: wax, bdsm, personality,
Birthmarks: None
intelligence: "really smart, but also really, really dumb" - Zedong
Who I'd like to meet:

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