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About me:
Welcome to the world that I mold before your eyes, and allow you to play out a story that you will remember for centuries to come! I am The Dungeon Master, and you are entering my world!

This account will be covering multiple things and will be considered both a story driven account and multi-character account. The characters that my players can interact with will be added over time, but if you are interested in starting some sort of story sooner, merely ask and I will provide what information I can.

This account is loosely based on the Dungeons and Dragons world of Faerun. However, there will be aspects and elements of that world that will be weaved in some original and altering ways. The way I will have encounters play out can be discussed with me, and when a consensus is reached, we will get things underway!

So, enjoy yourselves and I look forward to hearing from you!
Who I'd like to meet:
Here is a small list of working characters within the world of Faerun (Least, this world I mold for you).

Bennitt: Bennitt is a ex-monk whom lost his sight at some point in his adventuring life. His head retains a bald look, much like from his monastery life, and he has a scruffy bit of beard stubble on his face. Once he lost his sight, he retired from adventuring and used his earnings to purchase an Inn in Waterdeep. Giving it the name "Bennitt's Inn", this simple man makes his living running an Inn in the worker's district of the large city. Bennitt has an uncanny ability to be able to 'see' those who walk into his Inn, using his hand almost like a scanner when people enter his establishment. All else, will have to be revealed in time.

Grog: Grog is a large Half-Orc male whom prides himself on his cooking. Being a Half-Orc, his muscles on his chest, arms, and legs are very pronounced, showing he was a warrior at some point in life. What he maintains on his abdomen is a nice thick gut, one that is large like that of a beer belly, but maintains forms and shapes of abs. A long time best friend and fellow adventurer of Bennitt's, he is the cook within his Inn and provides his customers with the best food they have wrapped their mouths around. Grog is a former barbarian, whom did not follow the traditions that his Orc father taught him to the T. However, he still holds true to his beliefs of his family and Orc line, having massive respect for his father and the teachings he passed down.

Viktor: A very large, broad, and wide man with a just a large mustache on his face. His hair is dark and thick, having a long horseshoe haircut on his head. Viktor prides himself on his workman and craftsmanship in this Blacksmith shop. Not wanting to limit himself on what he could create, he spread his vision to cover that of weapons, armor, and misc items. One thing Viktor does not deal in, as far as work goes, is magical items. To him, he sees magic as a handicap when it comes to your weapons. Viktor also has a special set of armor and weapons himself, one he only takes out in times of need and not to show off. You can find his large shop in the worker's district of Waterdeep. As he would say, "If you need something to slash or smash, you come to Viktor!"

Grimmish: One of the few Half-Ogres allowed in the region of Waterdeep, Grimmish runs a General Shop in Waterdeep. He is very large, large enough that he barely fits in the shop that he runs, and hardly behind the counter. He is completely bald on his head, not by choice but from obvious burns that he maintains on his head and face. Not much is known about him, other than he is a very large humanoid and sells his wares at a very fair price. If you show up at the right time on the right day, you may get massive discounts on what it is you need for the trail ahead!

Odeth: Ever wondered what it would look like if you bred a Dwarf with a Giant? Well, that would explain Odeth very well. Odeth is a large humanoid, roughtly 8 foot high and is covered head to toe in armor. He wears a thick helmet that covers most of his head and face, but allows his large Dwarven like beard to stick out of the bottom, which hangs to about his mid-chest. The rest of his body is covered in a thick armor that hides most of his features, other than his leather covered hands and boots. One his back, he carries two axes that are nearly double the size of his body. Not too much is known about this big man, other than he loves to sing and drink in the many Taverns, Inns, and Brothels around the land.

Verah: A Half-Orc beauty who is the manager and 'Lady' of the Brothel located in the worker's district in Waterdeep. She stands nearly 7 feet high and looks more like her mother than her Orc father. Surprisingly enough, she takes more after her mother than her father in nearly all aspects, other than her brute strength she still maintains. Sporting her beautiful dress to accent her lovely piercing blue eyes and blonde hair dawning her shoulders, she has a blue mysterious power about her. That is one mystery one must figure out themselves.

ReVhan Khan: One of many names and titles, ReVhan has lived many lifetimes. Standing at a very tall 7'8, muscular, and covered in scars and arcane symbols, ReVhan is one with a realm that only he knows, and that realm is The Void. Although it has other names, such as The Realm Between Realms, The Realm Betwixt, and The Inbetween, ReVhan embodies this realm and is its living incarnation. Going by many titles himself, ReVhan has been known through the ages as Khan, The Greatest Khan, The Collector, and The Tinkerer, amongst others. Being an entity of nearly infinite lifetimes, he only involves himself in situations or with people whom perk his interest, or those he finds entertaining. Always in some sort of regal attire or costume, Khan makes his way through the world by way of subtlety and does not make a spectacle, unless it is time to do so. One thing that is well known about him that makes his appearances all that more intriguing, is that Khan never shows his true form. What everyone sees, whether it be in his plane or others, is not the true face of "The One From The Void." If you are as intrigued as Khan may be to meet him, merely stand in a full lunar moon on a clear days night, have some tea ready, and Khan may make an appearance. Or perhaps, when you least expect it, you may be paid a visit by the man himself.

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