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"Those who can't learn from The Void, can never learn how to use it's power. Step up to me, and step into The Void." (Multi-Para to Novella - Literate - Accepts All - 21+ - Dark Themes Ahead - Story Driven - Open Verse)

28 years old
The Void,

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December 04 2021

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    The Greatest Khan's Interests
GeneralThe Greatest Khan has many interests at any given time, but there are a select few that are almost always the same. ReVhan is always interested in new things, whether it be time, material, or divine in nature. If he has not seen it before for whatever reason, he will want to learn any and all we can about whatever that something is until he is a master of it. Art is another peak of interest, mainly if it involves music or sculpting. Other forms of art can take his attention sometimes, but one must be of true talent or perhaps possible talent before he will take notice. Lastly, Magic is always an interest to Khan. Being a creature that molded and mastered his own form of magic in his realm, he has always been curious of what other magics can do and how one can master and manipulate them. Of course, some magics are considered abandoned or worse, forbidden, and those are the magics he seeks the most.

Common Interests:

Reading (Mainly anything historical or science related)

Classical Music (Producing or listening)

Clay Molding (Interesting fact!: He brings these to life. Has a personal clay soldier set the size of your average green and tan soldiers)

Toy Making (Most of these creations are intended to be some kind of living form. However, there are a few that are supposed to be and remain inanimate.)

Researching (His interest in magic should explain that.)

MusicClassical (As stated in "Interests")

"Music? I have heard much in my many times in the planes, and the best I have found is that of the older instruments. Percussions, Woodwinds, Brass, Bowed Strings...All of those make such a harmony that other music cannot touch. A ticking clock that is never off and never stops. Paradise to me."
Movies"Ah, the moving pictures! Much love has come from this particular bit of Art, and I enjoy it so. Be it on a stage in front of a live crowd, or recorded, produced, then shone on a big screen, this Art is magnificent. Now, throw in that of a chilling thrill, or maybe a bloody hour of non-stop gore, and I am a very, very happy fellow."
Television"One word: Boring. Next."
Books"All kinds! The fruit of knowledge itself is found between the folds of pages in a very good book, or many books. In fact, I have quite the collection and assortment of books that range from what you may consider mundane, all the way to ancient arts written in dead languages that could unlock th- Oh? You can't read dead languages? Ah. Of course. Well, never mind what I was trying to say before. Let's move on."
Heroes "Heroes never live long enough to gain what they rightfully deserve. And those who do live long enough, live a lie. Heroes are heroes because the gravestone says they are. Have you ever seen a living hero? What becomes of them? They all turn. What's that saying you hear? You die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain? I take no interest in Heroes. I take interest in people. Those of particular talents that will expand upon my own knowledge and, in turn, give them whatever can be offered."

     The Greatest Khan's Details
Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Bi
Hometown:The Void
Body type:Body builder
Education:Post grad
Characters: ReVhan Khan
Verses: Fantasy (Main), Versatile (Fits Anywhere, Just Ask), Dark, 21+
Playbys: Michael Ironside (Darkseid or Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell), Josh Brolin (Thanos)
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Psychological, Supernatural, Video Game,
Member Since:February 22, 2021

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Occult School of Dark Magic and Necromancy
Grad Year: University
Student Status: Alumni
Major: Arts

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   The Greatest Khan's Blurbs
About me:

Greetings, and welcome, one and all! I am Khan, or ReVhan, if you prefer. Please, come in and have a seat. I will provide the drinks and snacks, allow you some leisure before we begin the show. Oh? What show, you ask? The one in which you are the main attraction, of course! Have you never been to an execution before?!

This account continues to be a Work-In-Progress, so do bear with me when it comes to any roleplays I may do. Khan is a unpredictable sort, but thus is the nature of The Void. Khan does not take place in any one set genre or verse, and can be placed basically anywhere given the right material. So, if you are interested in seeing how Khan is and what he can do, do not be afraid to add and ask away!

This account is intended for Fantasy settings, mainly medieval or even feudal in nature. However, if that is not your thing, feel free to ask any other verse you may want to try. I'm open minded and willing to give any verse or era a shot, given the information I receive strikes my fancy. Worst case scenario: We go our separate ways and writing between us never happens. Best case scenario: I like what I read and we work something out and go from there.
ALSO!! Be sure to read my blog rules!! Those are very important!! If you break any of those rules, I will give you one, and ONLY ONE, pass to correct yourself. Any breaks after that receives a delete and a block!!

So, enjoy yourselves and I look forward to hearing from you!

ReVhan Khan, The Greatest Khan: Some Background ____________________________________________________________________________________________

One of many names and titles, ReVhan has lived many lifetimes. Standing at a very tall 10'6, although, this height may vary and is always changing, muscular, and covered in scars and arcane symbols, ReVhan is one with a realm that only he knows, and that realm is The Void. Although it has other names, such as The Realm Between Realms, The Realm Betwixt, and The Inbetween, ReVhan embodies this realm and is its living incarnation. Going by many titles himself, ReVhan has been known through the ages as Khan, The Greatest Khan, The Collector, and The Tinkerer, amongst others. Being an entity of nearly infinite lifetimes, he only involves himself in situations or with people whom peak his interest, or those he finds entertaining. Always in some sort of regal attire or costume, Khan makes his way through the world by way of subtlety and does not make a spectacle, unless it is time to do so. One thing that is well known about him that makes his appearances all that more intriguing, is that Khan never shows his true form. What everyone sees, whether it be in his plane or others, is not the true face of "The One From The Void." If you are intrigued by what you have read so far, chances are very good that Khan is intrigued by you as well. And, if that is the case, you may be paid a visit from the man himself.

Khan's Backstory! ======================================================================================

(Khan's backstory is not set in stone, but there is a tale that has been told a few times that many find to be "The Real Story.")

One day long ago, there was a small fishing village that fell into a time of prosperity that many did not see coming. One of it's villagers found a rare treasure, located in a cave near the village's dock that was said to have not been there years prior. Either way, the cave was filled with gemstones and crystals, many of them so rare in fact, that merely one of these crystals caused the village wealth to soar. Not long after this discovery and this time of good health and fortune, a boy was born to one of the poorest families, and the boy had some issues, defects they would call them. His eyes strange, purple and white, and his skin was very pale, nearly luminescent white in color. His hair was two tone, white going into black, and strange arcane markings on his body, much like brands. Although the family did not want to keep this child, seeing him as an ill omen or abomination, they reluctantly decided to raise him.

Throughout these years, the boy grew much faster than expected, reaching a height as tall as his father by age 8, and taller than his mother by age 5. One day in Autumn, the father would finally rid himself of this boy, tossing him out into the street and shouting things about devils and witchcraft as he pointed at the boy. The villagers, already superstitious and blaming their good luck on the gods and heaven as it was, took to the shouting of the man and began to attack this boy. After the attack, the boy ran from the village and into an adjacent forest before finding an old and abandoned temple and seeking shelter inside. When the villagers approached this temple, only two or three of its denizens went inside to find the boy, but none returned. Instead, a large Naga woman appeared, showing them that this temple was her home or territory, killing the two who entered, feeding upon them before tending to the boy, whom she found to be much to frail and weak to eat. Truth was, this Naga woman would look after the boy, raising him for 8 more years before disappearing as her kind did with their young. When she left him, ReVhan began to do his own hunting and exploring, just trying to survive with what he was taught by his adoptive mother. Taking to things pretty quick, he survived on his own the next 4 years pretty easy, staying out of site and mind of his enemies nearby. One day, shortly after his 18th birthday, Khan went exploring but not outside the temple, just deeper into it's hidden underbelly. From there, he found the sleeping quarters of the monks or priests that once lived here, and a small treasure trove that held nothing that Khan could use. That was, however, until he found a long box that seemed to intrigue him, and he knew he just had to open it.

Taking two long days of trying, he finally opened this box and discovered inside, old scrolls in a gibberish of a language that he could not even begin to read. Determined, he laid each of these large scrolls out, and began to read them, or at least try to read them. Possessed with the idea of reading these scrolls, he eventually was able to comprehend the contents of the texts he had, only for their true power and essence to take effect, and awaken his mind. No one truly knows what that means, but the next few days would prove to be his former hometown's downfall. In the middle of the night, a large creature resembling a demon of unknown origin or true shape would attack, killing everyone and everything it encountered. When the village was investigated some time later, the father of the boy was found, impaled through the entirety of his body and left on display in his yard. The wife and mother of the boy found almost twelve hours later, having died of what appeared to be fright, as her skin was so pale it nearly glowed in the dark of the closet she was found in. It would take several years to recover from the incident and new villagers to populate the area. At some point after the village had repopulated and all had been forgotten of the incident, ReVhan heard some rumors throughout the area about his parents. He sought out the source of what was being said, and found out some more information that made him feel somewhat better about his upbringing. The parents he knew were not his parents at all. Instead, he was kidnapped from his biological mother, a great being that was said to have great power endowed into her children at birth. Not wasting time, he left to find this woman, which he did in only a few short days. Fearing the worst, when he knocked upon the big doors that led to her home, she embraced him as if she already knew who he was. From that point on, he returned to this woman from time to time, enjoying her company, a welcomed change from the kidnappers who raised him. When her name was asked, she gave him a name with a voice as sweet as all the angels: Opal.

Much like a wise man once said, "Nothing is set in stone." This story, though the most popular, is still seen as just that, a story.

Tale Of The Tape:

Name: ReVhan Khan

Age: Ageless

Weight: Varies

Height: 10'6, But Also Varies

Race: ???

Sex: Male, But Can Vary.

Powers and Abilities:

Super Strength|

Super Speed|

Super Endurance|

Godlike Magicka|

Fighting Expert (Knows many forms of combat and martial art styles, but has preferences)|

Godlike Strategist|



Limited Omniscience|


Soul Shred (A power gauntlet of his own design. Controls and manipulates souls on many levels, including, as the name would entail, shredding or destroying them.)|

Exotic Taste (A Polyblade that shifts on command. Mainly used as a Nagamaki, but has been seen as just about anything.)|

Void Essence (Being an incarnation of the Void, he has control over it's properties and contents. This also includes using the magicka that flows through it and manipulating it to his own will.)|

Stat Block:

(This section is honestly just for fun. Don't take too seriously.)

Str: 36 (+13)

Dex: 29 (+9)

Con: 29 (+9)

Int: 30 (+10)

Wis: 42 (+16)

Cha: 42 (+16)

AC: 100 (Dex +9, Divine +17, Natural +30, Deflection +16, Void +18)
Who I'd like to meet:
"When it comes to those I wish to encounter, I say, give me unique. Give me entertaining. Give me fun. If you cannot be any of those things, then do yourself a favor, and not waste either of our time. But, if you can be at least one of them, then we may be in business. And by business, I mean that both figuratively, and literally." -Khan

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Nov 24th 2021 - 6:58 PM

That's That's me.
I'm that Mommy.
I'm Opal~

Nov 13th 2021 - 7:46 AM

Both men are towering figures. The Khan seems the like of guy? To want to flex his strength. Fox does that daily. And also? His split-second reaction to a point-blank attack? It's the exact opposite of Goku reacting to Nappa's point-blank attack. Fox defensively fell back. Instead of defensively attacking like Goku using his kamehameha. Against Nappa's mouth blast.
Sword-a Human (Seasonal slowness)

Sep 12th 2021 - 4:21 PM

Thank you for offering a chance to spin a tale by joining me in this realm of partnered literature.ย 

Goodness, he is a tall fella, twice Saliska's height. Such a sad life he held, a good thing the Naga took him in, I would love to work on a story with you. Such a violent kill, but at least he got his vengeance!ย 

I would love to get something going with you, Be it discussions or even just jumping right into a story. ย A bit about Saliska; She is a rather dark and violent character with a deeply ingrained urge to kill. ย I have two versions of her I think the fantasy version would be best for our story.

ย I write multi para exclusively. Therefore, I am looking for partners with whom to build such stories. I do action, adventure, psychological, and long-term stories. I do romance as an organic connection between characters only.ย ย 
Thank you again for your time, and have a fantastic day.ย 
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