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Characters: Noire, Black Heart
Verses: Hyperdimension Neptunia, Magical Girls, Crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Video Game,
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About me:

Noire is a habitant of the alternate dimension known as Hyperdimension (also known as Gamindustri) and the current ruler of one of its four main nations, Lastation.

Just like the leaders of the other nations, Noire is a CPU (Console Patron Unit). A CPU is created by the faith and hope of those who live in their respective nation, magically fused together and given physical form, usually of a young girl who are adored as Goddesses. They govern over its people, but also help them when they're in need of protection from the many and powerful monsters that plague Hyperdimension. A CPU will be stronger the more faith is deposited into her, feeling that along with how popular she is constitutes the power known as Shares. Without enough Shares a CPU can't fight with her absolute strength, and if they go low enough she could even die and disappear forever. They won't age or die from natural causes however (even though they can be killed in combat). Regardless of the reasons, when a CPU dies the remaining oldest one will take her place, or a new one will be born if there isn't any. If a nation has more than one CPU, all but the oldest receive the name of CPU Candidates. While they don't rule, they do assist the current CPU ruler.

Noire is perhaps the second most popular and beloved CPU in all of Gamindustri, making her the second most powerful as well. While in her true CPU form, known as Black Heart, she can fight and destroy the monsters trying to get into Lastation with ease, and her nation has enjoyed a long period of peace and safety thanks to her efforts. As Black Heart, she's able to fly, summon all sorts of gear, perform magical and energy attacks, and her strength and toughness reaches its maximum. While in this form, Noire and all other CPU are almost invincible and indestructible. They can't stay in this form for long periods of time however, as this can drain their Shares rather quickly.

Noire makes great effort to appear as proud and mighty before others, but this is only to cover her many insecurities and, at heart, shy nature. She gets embarrassed with the same ease she gets upset, but never to a point of being too mean. If she does, she often ends up reluctantly apologizing. She often feels lonely given how she doesn't have many friends and only one person as family, the Lastation only CPU candidate, Uni...but just like with that one feeling, Noire tends to be shut tight about how she really feels and will become flustered when prodded too much about it. But despite holding the name of Black Heart, Noire is deep down really kind and noble. She's by far the most hard working CPU in all of Hyperdimension, and also the most efficient and organized as a ruler. No matter what she says, you can count on her.

Unknown to most, she loves doing voice acting and cosplay incognito.

She's currently investigating a small gateway between her dimension and this one.

Who I'd like to meet:

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