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"Adventure is the slice of life, you never know what you'll find unless you go exploring for it. It's the only way to live as an archeologist."

Anthro/Furry Oc;

*Artwork isn't mind but the character is, all credit is to those who I've commissioned for it.*

33 years old

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June 06 2023

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Characters: Shinn Rinchi
Verses: Custom
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:March 14, 2021

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About me:
**For a more in-depth look into Shinn feel free to ask otherwise everything here is roughly a short summery.**

Adventurous, curious, and a mind always looking to the new horizons Shinn is no stranger when it comes to the call of the wild and the idea of adventure. As a young feline he often found himself playing pretend and off somewhere in the world he was born into. In his later years of present day Shinn has become a refined archeologist scouring the world of Aepheaus(Ah-Phi-Us) in search of it's rich history and uncover many of it's lost and forgotten relics. While his primary role is that of an archeologist his secondary field of study is that of scientific exploration, delving into gizmo's and gadgets even if he doesn't follow the blueprints a lot of the time, his failures outweigh most of his success though. Combat wise Shinn is rather good with hand to hand(Paw to paw I guess), and sword play due to his natural feline traits, but rarely fights unless needed.

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