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Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
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  • The blood moon was high above the clear skies, the sounds of a woman screaming could be heard deep within the castle room corridors. Soon silence fell as the cries of a newborn infant were heard. Cradled in his father's arms. Pure silver-grey eyes look up in wonderment, curiosity. The newborn babe was named Azerial by his mother the undead royal. His father a powerful dream entity and the first of his kind. Azerial was closer to his father learning and growing with him, his mother however neglected him. Feared him even thinking of the poor child as a monster, an abomination. Azerial was pure and innocent but did hold a darker side he couldn't control yet, Though it surfaced more when the fresh scent of blood was around. Hungering for the blood lust and destruction. He carried omnipotent powers, making him much stronger than his siblings and his own parents. His father however never found this as a negative thing, but pride that his legacy would live on through his son who had something he didn't a soul.

    Azerial grew up as a rambunctious child, always playing out in the forest he made a friend his first-ever friend which was a lone wolf girl orphan. They were inseparable always together playing and discovering new things together. Times his darkness would slip and his father would have to cleanse him to keep it away. Azerial growing up had a passion for music and the arts. he often colored and drew, while he practiced playing music on his father's guitar and would sing and dance. Becoming quite the performer even. His voice would lure in many to hear him and fallow. His mother left hurting his father leaving him with his father and baby sister when he was about 9 years of age his baby sister was 4. He helped watch his baby sister and was overprotective of her. It was when he was about almost 10 years of age. His father had met a new mate that had become his stepmother, helping raise him and trying to give him a mother's love that he never had before. he accepted it but it wasn't the same, he wanted to have his mother accept him, but she never did and thus he despised her.

    As Azerial grew to his teen years he was still struggling to control his temper and his powers. He even ran into a young Kitsune he had become smitten over. he would try to impress her, being a big soft romantic sort of boy. he had earned her heart or so he thought, but the relationship wasn't so happy all the time. She ridiculed him, calling him worthless, that he would never amount to anything like his siblings. making him slowly believe he was nothing, and useless. That his kind soft nature made him weak. he went through hell and back for this girl, even had twins with her. but soon after the children were born. She had left him taking the children he never got to ever meet. He was heartbroken, mentally damaged from the separation. he started to slowly become numb, closed off even. Running away from home to live on his own and be alone. Making sure his father couldn't find him. He wanted to escape, but the escape he got was not what he had asked for.

    Azerial had great power, power people craved to control themselves. While he was going home from working on a single working as an idol with his dream in the music career. He was the youngest idol being only 17 of age at the time. He was kidnapped and heavily drugged. Taken by force by strangers they used a special collar that locked up his magic and power to make him docile, immobile from using his abilities. Growing weaker from losing connection to his link to the dream stream even. The people had sold him in a slave trade auction, to the highest sickest bidder. hearing of his rarity and his singing voice. he was countlessly drugged always in a dazed state but often woke up bruised and hurting with no clothes on in an old locked cell room. Scientists doing tests taking blood work to try and analyze his DNA and how his powers worked exactly. Forced to do things he didn't want to do. He was slowly losing a sense of his humanity, whispering to the dark voice in his mind since it was the only company he had and could trust as a friend. Laying there waiting for the next tests, starved and becoming malnourished for the poor teen boy even forced to take drugs that would put him in a numb high while his captures did as they pleased to him.

    Azerial started to lose his sanity day by day living this life for 4 years. He just wanted to go home. The collar itched and bruised his neck. He knew one way out of his hell. That was to leave this body when he was alone in his dark cellar room. His wrists bound together he raised his hands up. Clawing away at his neck tearing his own skin off piece by piece, the pain hurt like hell but felt so good he endured it if it meant his freedom. choking on his own blood he started digging more at vital parts of his body, dying a slow painful death while bashing his skull against the hard floor to tell there was nothing but darkness.

    His soul returned home in the realm of dreams where his father felt him and found the injured soul. He was damaged and had nobody to call his own, Terrified to recreate the body he once had given the damage it had been through, with his father's help. He made a new body. Becoming a tall obsidian skeleton. No longer wanting to take the Name Azerial any longer, but instead changed his name to Mortem.

    Mortem knew how to control his darker side over the years soon splitting his soul in half giving his darker half its own entity like self-being his actual shadow. Training with his new friend and her father to become better and learn how to better control his powers and skills. Finding a new sense of purpose, he started living in his father's sacred forest, wherein the distant mortals lived peacefully in a village, he often helped the villagers from a distance or unseen by their mortal eyes. Becoming a deity they worshiped over. Granting wishes for them even. Reaping the souls of the dead, observing them whether they should be devoured or saved to be reincarnated. Soon granting wishes once a year to the villagers or strike deals to the tainted owns he would later collect the rest of their souls to keep and devour.

    Mortem had often wandered around other places, sometimes to visit his father, other times to visit his older brother as well as old friends he knew and family he had come to adore in his past life. His travels eventually led him to a sense of loneliness, Wanting to have children of his own that would be his, and his alone to raise, He remembered how his father had created his older Brother, So trying a similar aspect using his full omnipotent capabilities he created life not one but two, The deity of light and space, and the deity of shadows/darkness and time. Giving them the names Yuinia and Messorem. He raised his children the way he knew how his father raised him. His children had grown to live their own lives and find their purpose in the world as he keeps himself in his place he calls home his forest.
    Name: Mortem Dream Corvinus.
    Nickname(s): Morty, Azzy, Omni.
    Alias: Azerial, Rapier.
    Age: Over 10,000.
    Height: 9 foot. (Human form 7 foot)
    Weight: All bones. (Human weight 250lb)
    Gender: Male.

    Hair color: Black.
    Eye color: Sapphire eye lights that can shift crimson or both. (Human eye color: Heterchromia left sapphire and right silver grey)
    Species: Deity of dream/nightmares and death.
    Sexual orientation: Pansexual.
    Tattoo(s): Along his back, arms, and neck in human form.
    Marking(s): Along his lower vertebrae, ribs, and cranium.
    Piercings: Along with his ears, right lower lip in human form, and tongue.
    Father: Nightmare.
    Mother: Suicide.
    Bother(s): Storm, Ken.
    Sister(s): Lila, Aurora, Ava.
    Daughter(s): Yuinia, Rebecca. (Adopted)
    Son(s): Messorem.
    Status: Taken
    Whom: Amati Miller
    Dated: 28/01/2021
    Engaged: 00/00/0000
    Married: 00/00/0000

    Comments: What can I saw about the little entity halfling that I've grown to adore over the years I've known him. Well for starters he brings a side out of me I never knew I had, we are like two souls intertwined together as one. He isn't just my friend but my companion, my lover, and helps me keep going even when I'm at my lowest. I love this boy like crazy I'd kill for him even without a second thought or guilt. He brings out my possessive yandere side I didn't know existed this much. And I couldn't ask for a better soul mate than him.

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    May 2nd 2021 - 10:50 PM

    Hey sorry the long wait. Time just slipped by for me lol
    things here and there and boom the months already over 

    With that I want to thank you for sticking around! Much appreciated for sure.
    But yes I can't wait to be friends and discuss a story-line
    Do you wanna move to messages or stay here? 

    Apr 2nd 2021 - 12:20 PM

    that's cool! x3
    alright let us discuss! did you had the time to read about my character? :o

    Apr 1st 2021 - 8:35 PM

    it's nice to meet you Mortem!
    well i'm up to discuss a rp whenever you are up for it :D
    that's ok no need to be sorry i completely understand how that can be so no worries ok? take your time
    i never say no to chatting either haha besides i always like to make friends anyway!

    Mar 27th 2021 - 8:37 PM


    Mar 26th 2021 - 7:50 PM

    Ohayo! O genki desu ka?

    Arigato for accepting the friend invite!
    i'm Togai Yohachi, it's nice to meet ya :D
    are you up for discussing a rp and/or chatting? i'm cool with either, so it's whatever you are in the mood for!
    would be awesome if we could become great friends eventually,
    gomen this greeting probably sounds boring but i never really know what to really put up here lol but at least i'm trying right?

    Eto i hope to hear back from you but i am a patient person so take the time you need with you're replies!
    ∂αяк ѕтαℓкєя

    Mar 19th 2021 - 5:10 PM

    I will try not to waste much of your time and keep this short as possible. I very much appreciate the add and/or acceptance. It’s always a pleasure meeting new people. 
    I'm looking forward in getting a discussion going with you soon. I hope in the future we will be able to build up a connection between our characters.
    Don't be a stranger now not that I won't enjoy a good hunt. Hope to hear from you soon!
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