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Likes & Dislikes ❐ Inuyasha
❐ Naraku
❐ Kirinmaru

I seek nothing more than to battle the most powerful beings alive, which excludes the lowly likes of you.

Personality information goes here. Sesshōmaru, born of a great yōkai bloodline, possessed the perfect power that many yōkai desired. Because of this, he was always composed and confident in his power, displaying a calm, calculating personality at almost all times. The only trait he inherited from his father was fondness towards humans, which didn't manifest until later on in his life. His calmness often kept his thoughts clear of emotional influence.

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His air of aloofness and indifference was a product of dignity that only one of such rare demonic power could possess. Sesshōmaru was more or less emotionless, with only anger, annoyance, and dissatisfaction showing on his face. Because both his heart and body were so strong, he had no desire whatsoever to own the Sacred Jewel, nor to conspire with allies. Sesshōmaru even responded sarcastically towards Naraku, who had assumed an air of impudence due to his increased demonic power.

In battle, he judged his enemy's power level and attacked with the minimum power necessary. Anyone in his way was considered an enemy he would exterminate without hesitation. He did not hold back his power, even against women. He rationalized that all his prey was the same, and defeated them accordingly. For one with such pride in his power, cooperation was proof of weakness, and being alone was a condition for the strong. Once he judged someone as an obstacle, he was quick to kill without hesitation. Sesshōmaru had a very inquiring mind when there was something he cared about, but at the same time, he had almost no tenacity of purpose. If he became interested in something else, he would arbitrarily turn his back on what he was doing at that time, even during battle. Just like his fighting style, he was quick to make decisions and act on them immediately.

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Sesshōmaru was obsessively proud of his father, Tōga, of whom the whole yōkai world was in awe. Because he respected his bloodline so much, he despised Inuyasha as well as Inuyasha's human mother Izayoi. He insulted Naraku, who tried to take advantage of Sesshōmaru's power. Anger welled up in his heart for not being able to use Tessaiga, the sword that could cut a hundred yōkai in one sweep which was left by his father, whom he highly respected, to Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru held resentment towards his father for having left Tessaiga to Inuyasha, whose power was weaker than his own. However, over time, Sesshōmaru came to grasp why his father gave him Tenseiga, and let go of his disgust towards his half-brother, even showing strong concern for him in rare moments

He refused to use Bakusaiga on Inuyasha when even Magatsuhi noted it was the obvious choice to make, and in the third movie, it was hinted that he actually did care about Inuyasha but refused to admit it when he was protecting him from Sō’unga's "Dragon Twister" attack. Sesshōmaru had stated that he sought only to fight the strongest beings alive and how he had wanted to fight his father and defeat him. Sesshōmaru's love for his father was so great that even though he inherited the (at the time) worthless (in his mind) Tenseiga, he kept it around him for sentimental value. During the brief period Tenseiga was stolen from him in the third movie, he stated Tenseiga was not a sword he would miss if he lost it, if not for his father.

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He used to feel nothing for anyone, but meeting various people, such as the ever-changing Inuyasha, Naraku with his numerous proposals, and Rin, had brought a change in his heart. After he saved Rin and became the true owner of Tenseiga, he started to show feelings behind his heartless and cruel words. He stopped the demonic Inuyasha's wildness by controlling his power, and he looked at him like an older brother reprimanding a younger brother, though he claimed he would kill Inuyasha, despite his actions showing the opposite. There was even a time when Sesshōmaru was angry at Inuyasha for rampaging around their father's grave, but he set his sword aside, before striking him with only his fist. By setting his sword aside, Sesshōmaru showed he was merely reprimanding Inuyasha for desecrating their father's grave, instead of actually trying to injure or kill his younger brother. Sesshōmaru did not even hit him all that hard, or Inuyasha would have been injured. He even refrained from killing Kohaku when he could easily have done so, so when he looked in his eyes and saw the emptiness and that he had given up everything it became pointless.

Sesshōmaru genuinely cared about Rin and Jaken, and while he rarely showed it, he did appreciate their loyalty. Sesshōmaru originally held much contempt towards protecting the weak, seeing it as a ridiculous waste of time. Unlike Tōga and Inuyasha, Sesshōmaru had trouble admitting he had people to protect (Rin and Jaken), and out of pride, would never admit that he did. Sesshōmaru's compassion for Rin was evident,

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But he preferred to disguise it, because it would taint his pride and reputation. However, he showed his love and concern for Rin when she appeared to be dead due to her time in Hell. Sesshōmaru entered Hell for the purpose of rescuing her, but upon learning that he couldn't save her life, he was crushed. When he realized that it was his urge to strengthen Tenseiga which brought them to Hell and that ultimately killed her, he cast the sword aside, saying that for the sword to gain power at the expense of Rin's life meant nothing.

However, when Sesshōmaru's mother revived Rin, he was very relieved. Although he cares for her, he does not pamper her, making her fend for herself when she is hungry, but keeps a close enough distance to come to her aid when need be. Apart from Rin, he's become more caring towards Jaken, whom he used to threaten to kill on a regular basis and treated like a slave if he failed to accomplish a certain task. Afterwards, while he would still strike Jaken whenever he annoyed him and would force Jaken to accompany him even during dangerous situations, he would tell Jaken to stay back when facing an enemy that would endanger Jaken if he was too close.

Humanoid form

Sesshōmaru appears as a handsome, tall and slender young man. He has fair skin with pointed ears, slanted golden eyes with slit pupils, and knee-length silver hair with short bangs. He has a violet crescent moon on his forehead that could be seen beneath his bangs, two magenta stripes on each cheek, and a magenta stripe on each eyelid. When he used his Dokkasō, three magenta stripes appeared on his wrists. Like Inuyasha, his canines are fangs (although they usually weren't visible unless he transformed) and his fingers are tipped with claws, although unlike Inuyasha his could secrete a corrosive poison. For most of the series, Sesshōmaru had only one arm, due to his fight with his brother. Towards the end, he regained his left arm after getting his new sword.

In the third film, it was seen in his younger years, Sesshōmaru wore a slightly different outfit. His kimono was cream colored and had violet leaf patterns, and he wore a blue sash belt. His face too had a more feminine edge to it.

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Whereas his half-brother Inuyasha is a hanyō, Sesshōmaru is a pure-blooded yōkai, having inherited his yōkai father's abilities more completely than his brother. The level of his demonic powers are such that he is can nullify demonic auras in an instant by touching the object that has been possessed. For example, even though it remained corrupted after Kaijinbō's death, Sesshōmaru exterminated Tōkijin's demonic aura effortlessly with his bare hands. It was also presumed that, apart from the Inu no Taishō himself, Sesshōmaru was the only known yōkai who could possibly control Sō'unga, something which Inuyasha couldn't. Superhuman Strength: Sesshōmaru possesses Herculean strength, even with one arm. He has repeatedly overpowered and powerfully thrown aside Inuyasha. He can even use his claws to easily tear through solid rock, and through the bodies of most yōkai. His physical strength with only one arm was equal to Inuyasha's maximum strength.[17] Superhuman Speed: Sesshōmaru can close distances quickly and without warning. His speed far exceeded that of Inuyasha's own considerable speed, as in their fights, Inuyasha was not capable of landing a single hit on Sesshōmaru even with Tessaiga in hand until he learned the Wind Scar. He even got behind the cautious Naraku with ease.

Superhuman Durability: Sesshōmaru's tremendous demonic powers have granted him great resistance to injury. On the fairly rare occasion that he receives serious injuries, Sesshōmaru can often continue fighting in spite of them, showing tremendous resilience. This was demonstrated when he was able to easily kill an army of human samurai just after losing his left arm and initial battle over the Tessaiga to Inuyasha. Later on Sesshōmaru managed to withstand the Kaze no Kizu head-on long enough for Tenseiga to use its barrier ability to protect Sesshōmaru from the lethal damage level of the attack. Despite being heavily wounded during his battle with Magatsuhi, Sesshōmaru was able to continue fighting until his powers coalesced into Bakusaiga. Sesshōmaru is also shown to be able to withstand the shock of the Anti-Demon Barrier placed on Tessaiga in order to use occasionally when need be with little reaction, though not without suffering potentially debilitating injuries. Since he holds strong poison in his own body, he is able to resist or nullify most poisonous attacks (e.g. Naraku's Shōki or Mukotsu's anti-demon poisons).

Accelerated Healing: During his battle with Magatsuhi, Sesshōmaru demonstrated the ability to rapidly heal the burns and gashes on his right arm, as well as several large holes stabbed right through his body. This ability seems not to be a passive bodily function however, as he evidently needed to focus his energies in order to heal himself. In the same battle, he also showed regenerative powers, able to fully grow back his left arm, which was cut off by Inuyasha at the beginning of the series. It is unknown why it took so long, however, it is possibly because his left arm housed his Bakusaiga, and was subconsciously suppressed until letting go of his desire for Tessaiga, as Bakusaiga emerged with his new left arm.
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If these wings could fly
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Yōkai form
How we met: Sesshōmaru's true form is a giant silver dog with markings similar to the ones he had in his human form. His eyes become red with blue irises, the yōkai marks on his body widened and becomes more apparent, the stripes on his cheeks which are usually smooth became jagged and changed into a somewhat fiercer color, and his mokomoko wrapped around his body and extended into his tail. He only fully transformed to his yōkai form three times: once during a battle with Inuyasha, resulting in the loss of his left arm, again when he met his mother, and during the battle against Magatsuhi.
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Demonic Armor:, Sesshōmaru wears a form of armor over his kimono that can supposedly regenerate itself over time if it was ever damaged in battle. This is shown when Inuyasha broke it during their initial battle over Tessaiga within their father's corpse and after the battle, Sesshōmaru is shown wearing the armor perfectly intact when he faced against the samurai army despite not having made any attempts at repairing or replacing the damaged portion.

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In the moment we're ten feet tall
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We'd remember tonight
For the rest of our lives
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Physical Trauma: Major physical injuries such as stab wounds and dismemberment can cause Sesshōmaru pain and also slow him down. However, this is more or less momentary as he can rapidly recover from most injuries so long as he hasn't been weakened by other means such as spiritual power or purification methods.

Poison: While normally able to nullify most poisons because of his own brand of poison, Sesshōmaru can be incapacitated with extremely powerful miasma; for example, the miasma of the yōkai spirit of the Shikon Jewel, Magatsuhi, was able to severely burn Sesshōmaru on contact.

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