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Characters: Wolfgang Krauser, Earl of Stroheim, Emperor of Darkness
Verses: Fatal Fury, KoF, Street Fighter, Tekken, Wrestling
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
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About me:

Fatal Fury
As a famous and reputed crimelord of darkness, Krauser decided to amuse himself. Once he hears of South Town's reputation, he sends a letter to Geese. Though it was written in a polite manner, it was really a threat for his older half-brother to engage in a contest with him. However, he never received a written reply since he heard Geese died soon after. He was beaten by a man named Terry Bogard in the King of Fighters tournament. Intrigued by the man's name, Krauser sent an imposter to defame Geese's company and came in person to South Town (retconned in Fatal Fury Special).

Staging his own King of Fighters tournament, he injures several veteran fighters from the previous event (retconned in Fatal Fury Special). He also hires three fighters to serve him who are Billy Kane, Axel Hawk, and Laurence Blood. Eventually, he fights Terry himself. After a fierce battle, Krauser is defeated and remains missing from the fighting scene.

The King of Fighters
Nothing was heard of from Krauser until The King of Fighters '96 tournament, when Krauser joined forces with Geese and Mr. Big to create the Boss Team. Although Geese used both him and Mr. Big as pawns in his attempt to nab an ancient power called Orochi, Krauser only cared about self-improvement. After learning of his faults at the hands of Terry, Krauser vowed only to fight stronger opponents in order to restore the strength and prestige he once possessed. For now, Krauser wants only to improve himself first.

Who I'd like to meet:


  • Superhuman strength level: Krauser possesses incredible strength capable of throwing anyone high in the air using only one arm. He can also defeat skillful enemies using his brute strength only.
  • Fire Projectile: Krauser can launch fire balls from his hands. He named this move Blitz Ball.
  • Energy Projectile: Krauser can launch a wave of chi energy as his super. He named this move Kaiser Wave.
  • Hurricane Fist: Krauser can spin his body in great speeds creating a hurricane around him. This is named Senpuuken or Hadou Senpuukyaku; originally belonging to and was copied from Terry Bogard during a fight between the two fighters. In Real Bout Special, he calls this technique Gigaton Cyclone.


  • Armored Fighting: As shown in the OVA, Krauser can fight very well while wearing his heavy golden armor. He takes it off for speed and agility.
  • Musical Instrument: He can play the piano/organ very well which he plays at least once a year on the anniversary of his father's death.
  • Horse Riding: Krauser can ride horses very well as he has been riding since young age playing sports like polo.
  • Agility: For a big muscular man Krauser is a very fast and agile fighter even with his full armor on him
  • Gambling: Krauser is said to be an adept and shrewd gambler, though due to his stinginess, will choose his games carefully.

Fighting Style

Krauser's fighting style is the Stroheim Fighting System which is a synthesized martial arts style based on the German martial art named Kampfringen and the ancient Greek fighting style of Pankration. Krauser also uses wrestling moves such as drop kicks, suplexes and others. These moves were inspired by the anime character Tiger Mask. Most of them have a Kaiser theme naming motif, which is the German word for an emperor or ruler.

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