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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:In college
Characters: Teresa, Princess Boo, Boosette, Princess King Boo, etc.
Verses: Nintendo, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Bros, Super Smash Bros, Crossovers and more.
Playbys: Teresa Boo
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Video Game,
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:April 01, 2021

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About me:


Luigi’s Mansion


Semi to Multi-para
KING BOO is an enemy and boss from the Mario series, and the main antagonist and final boss of the Luigi's Mansion series. He is the king of all the Boos and ghosts and the archenemy of Luigi. His most prominent ally is the Koopa King Bowser, who has aided King Boo in his various schemes. He is more than capable of devising and enacting villainous plans by himself, including his capture and imprisonment of Mario. Although not the biggest Boo, King Boo has abilities that far surpass that of the average ghost; he wields a number of impressive magical abilities, including the ability to materialize objects. King Boo's magical power is directly proportional to the number of Boos in his vicinity.

It is known that, prior to the events of Luigi's Mansion, King Boo was a free spirit. Believed to have been causing grief and mayhem wherever he went. His power was eventually challenged by Professor E. Gadd, who managed to capture the largest boo in the King's army, Boolossus, with his invention, the Poltergust 3000, a modified shop-vac made specifically to capture and contain Ghosts. Angered by the capture of his most powerful ally, King Boo mounted an assault on E. Gadd's laboratory in order to save Boolossus. After succeeding in his mission, he then went about rescuing all of E. Gadd's portrified ghosts, and using his magical capabilities to conjure a mansion, which the newly-freed ghosts decided to take up residence within. King Boo and his underlings took shelter within the mansion's walls. During this time, King Boo decided to make use of his powerful army of ghosts to exact revenge on the Mario Bros. as pay-back for all the Boos that fell to the brothers' hands in their past adventures. He does this by inviting them both to the mansion under the premise that Luigi had won the mansion in a contest. Mario had arrived first, and King Boo made swift work of him, trapping him in a painting and stowing said painting away in the Secret Altar beneath the mansion.

During the events of Luigi's Mansion proper, King Boo is nowhere to be found, he and his minions instead hiding away within the secret door in the Storage Room. Luigi eventually makes his way to said room and unwittingly opens the secret door, releasing the Boos and their King. However, the planned surprise attack goes awry when the boos notice that Luigi is in possession of the Poltergust. Fearing for his underlings safety, King Boo orders them all to hide. After this, E. Gadd calls Luigi back to the lab to explain his history with the King. After this point, King Boo remains mostly by the wayside save for two instances.

The first of these is occurs in the Bottom of the Well, where Luigi can see him through the mouth of the Lion Head Statue connecting the room to the Secret Altar, an interaction necessary to get the key to the Rec Room. This interaction has Luigi staring through a lion-shaped statue and them gasping at the sight, with the camera directly shifting over to King Boo staring at a painting.

The second interaction will occur if Luigi attempts to enter the Secret Altar without enough Boos captured, in which he will freak out after mistaking Luigi for Mario, before using the combined strength of himself and his fellow remaining Boos to blow Luigi away from the door.

Outside of these instances, his only other major appearance is in the Secret Altar itself, where he will suck Luigi through a portal and bring him to an illusionary version of the roof for the final confrontation. King Boo utilizes a Bowser Costume to attempt to defeat Luigi, but the plumber ultimately foils the ghost's plans, and sucking him up into the Poltergust, after which E. Gadd Portrifies him alongside all the other ghosts, rendering him harmless...or so thought.

It's revealed during Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon that E. Gadd had at some point sold King Boo's portrait at a garage sale. Mishandling of it by the third party ultimately allowed the disgruntled ghost tyrant to escape. He had obtained a new, more powerful crown and with it, he sought to exact his revenge on E. Gadd and the Mario Bros.

P...please, don’t look at me...

nasty party

ariana x ciara mashup

biography !

basic info




Full Name: Teresa Boo
Nicknames: King Boo, Boss Boo, Boosette, and Master of illusions.
Occupation: Princess of the Boos
Gender: Previously male, but got completely transformed into a female by accident.
Date of Birth: May 5th, but she is immortal and doesn't age.
Place of Birth: Haunted Kingdom
Current Residence: Haunted Mansion
Race: Boo Ghost
Eye Color: Rose Quartz pink
Height: Naturally 6’0 ft, but she can change her size.
Weight: Varies
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Mother: Unnamed
Father: Unnamed
Sister(s): None
Brother(s): None
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Taken
When: 4/14/21
Current Relationship: Luigi Mario
Past Relationships: None
Teresa has a very dual-sided nature. When unprovoked, she is very bashful and wary of other people. Like all the other Boo in the mansion, she prefers to stay hidden and hides her face in her hands when seen. Teresa is anxious and does not take to confrontation very well. She also gets very flustered when interacting with others, particularly when she does not know them very well. When provoked or once used to someone’s presence, she gets more confident and starts to be more outwardly devious. Teresa is a trickster and loves pulling pranks and teasing her victims. She often taunts them by using her powers to frustrate them or goads them into doing things that make them scared or uncomfortable.

While cruel, her insults are generally very childish. In short, she’s the type of person whose bite is worse than their bark. Teresa has a superiority complex and can come off as very haughty and prideful. She has a very high sense of self-worth. She can also be very sadistic and takes great pleasure in frightening those who wander into the mansion. Despite this, her shyness comes first and she often waits for her targets to turn their backs to her before she attacks them. Her sadism can also sometimes hinder her in battle, as she chooses to extend fights just for fun rather than finishing them off when she has the chance. For all her wicked behavior towards trespassers of the mansion, Teresa cares a great deal for the other Boos. She rarely vocalizes these feelings, but she thinks of them as her family, specifically like little siblings. Though they tend to be annoying, Teresa wants to care for and protect them. Unfortunately, she struggles with showing even the slightest bit of affection and gets embarrassed easily when trying to do so. She is a bit “hot and cold” with non-Boo, which can make interacting with her difficult. She views kindness as a weakness and she won’t show her endearment very obviously. But, she has the potential to warm up to non-Boos and given enough time is capable of caring for others.
Superhuman Strength: Queen Boo has shown herself to be very strong, able to send heavy balls of a single load to the ground to fly and, during the events of the first game, pull Luigi around the rooftop like battlefield whilst being sucked up by the Poltergust 3000.

Flight: As with all Boos, Queen Boo is capable of self-propelled flight.

Teleportation: Queen Boo can make herself fade out of existence and fade into existence at will in a different location.

Ground Pound: Queen Boo's primary attack during Luigi's Mansion 2 where she pulls off a variant of Mario's Ground Pound attack by flying up and hitting the ground hard enough to generate shock waves on concrete which stun Luigi upon contact.

Portrait Entering: Queen Boo can enter paintings at will and seemingly escape from them at will, although she cannot do this after escaping. The only reason that she was able to escape was because of Boolossus before the events of the first game, because E. Gadd sold her painting between the two games, and because of Hellen Gravely during the prologue of the third.

Conjuring: Queen Boo is able to conjure up anything from nothing; like an entire mansion or a painting.

Fire Breath: Queen Boo is able to spit blue flames from her mouth.

Power Gust: Queen Boo's most powerful "attack" in Luigi's Mansion 1 which she does when Luigi tries to enter his Secret Altar with the key from Vincent Van Gore if less than 40 Boos have been captured. She will call upon her minion's power and summon a massive gust of wind strong enough to launch Luigi back to the foyer, though how this occurs is unclear since the screen fades out when she's flying away and fades back in to Luigi recovering in the Foyer.

Duplication: Queen Boo is able to duplicate herself, into two, three or more copies

Illusions Creation: True to her nickname, Queen Boo is able to create realistic illusions.

Electrokinesis: Queen Boo can control lightning such as when, during her battle during the second game, she can summon purple lightning to strike certain squares indicated by them glowing. This appears to be the answer to Bowser's pyrokinesis, though it is also shown that she can use pyrokinesis as well.

Ghost Summoning: After the defeat of Big Boo in the penultimate mansion in Luigi's Mansion 2, Queen Boo summoned a plethora of ghosts to invade this realm which would have torn it asunder had they not been stopped by Luigi.

Size Change: Queen Boo has shown herself to be much taller in Luigi's Mansion 2 than in Luigi's Mansion which she does at will after every time Luigi lands a hit on him as an extra segment in that game.

Technopathy (possibly): Queen Boo may have intercepted Luigi's teleportation, but the process for doing so is unknown.

Telekinesis: Queen Boo was to destroy E. Gadd's laboratory, levitate E Gadd and the Toads and then throw them into a painting during the climax of Luigi's Mansion 3 using just the power of her mind.

High Intelligence: Queen Boo is much more intelligent than the rest of her race. She was able to set up complex plans as well as deceive and manipulate Luigi many times.

Parasol skills: Queen Boo can effectively use a parasol. She can use it to block attacks, glide and float, and attack opponents.

Invisibility: Being a ghost and all, Queen Boo can make herself tangible and intangible at will.

Portal: Queen Boo can create portals to escape to other dimensions

rules !


1. Whoever adds first, will message first.
2. Be kind and respectful towards me as I will you, or else I will unfriend / block you accordingly.
3. I will not share my social media to anyone for roleplay purposes, I only do that here.
4. Don’t approach me in character, I prefer to discuss our roleplay beforehand.
5. When speaking out of character, please use symbols like these: // () [] etc.
6. Please don’t pressure me to respond, but a poke every once in awhile is okay though.
7. I remove inactives from my friend list in a month's time.


1. The only character I will be playing as is Queen Boo on this account!
2. This character is based off of King Boo from Luigi’s Mansion, but I will be roleplaying her in a different way as you can see.
3. No godmodding, powerplaying, or metagaming!
4. I only roleplay in third person!
5. My favorite genres is horror, thriller, supernatural, action, adventure, cross-overs and more.
6. I don’t do romance or nsfw with anyone, other then with Queen Boo’s boyfriend: Luigi
7. Let's have fun and enjoy ourselves with a good story.

I’m not cute, I’m scary dammit! Curse this form!


Teresa is a Boo, a spectral creature born from the negative emotions belonging to the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is descended from the very first Boo, the King and Queen. As such, she has supernatural abilities like teleportation, flight, invisibility, superstrength, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, and mastery of dark magic.


As a child, Teresa was born in the Haunted Kingdom and at first lived as the spoiled prince. His parents were strict and did not often give into his demands, but the servants wanted to avoid his childish tantrums. They did their best to pacify him with whatever trinkets and gifts they could. Over time, he took an interest in terrorizing the royal staff. This pastime proved to quell his boredom and soon he was regularly pulling pranks on the other inhabitants. His parents found this behavior inexcusable and sent him out into the world with a few common Boos to watch over him on a journey to become a better leader. While on this retreat, he called himself their “King”- a result of his inflated ego. It was only once he could fully contextualize the outside world that he gained a bit more sense and stopped his relentless cruel behavior towards those immediately around him. Instead, he gained a sense of patriotism and took out his sadistic urges on those threatening the Boo. He grew to care deeply about his own kind and puts his guard up against outsiders.

Luigi’s Mansion Games

After declaring himself the Boos’ new sovereign ruler, King Boo built the mansion. He and the other Boos spent their days scaring off intruders and living among one another until Luigi defeated him. He went after Luigi two more times by capturing those who are close to him like his brother after his initial defeat. He was single-minded in his revenge and failed every time. It even came to the point where he disregarded his own citizens, something that was uncharacteristic of him at the time. In his last battle with Luigi, he was stripped of his powers and his crown.

Becoming Queen Boo

King Boo was utterly humiliated- both by his behavior towards his own subjects and the loss of his crown. To him, losing his crown was like losing his kinghood entirely. On the search for a new crown, King Boo found out about Toadette’s super crown. He discovered the headwear could seemingly transform it’s user into a human and give them other attributes. Interested in gaining this power and becoming a handsome man worthy of his appearance, he ordered his leftover servants to steal it, eager to properly return to the rest of his subjects and his throne. However, when he finally wore it, the cursed crown turned him into a woman. Initially, she was shocked and took it off, but she still remained in this feminine form so with strong reluctance, she became Queen Boo. Because of the magic contained in the crown, she was able to at least regain some of the power that she had lost in addition to the powers of the crown.

friends and enemies!

Luigi Mario ❤

Luigi is responsible for the awakening of King Boo's claustrophobia, since he trapped him within the confinement of a painting more then once. This is due to him capturing his brother Mario and later his other friends too, putting them through the same traumatic experience. These past events made King Boo despise him with every fiber of his being, not only that but thanks to all the losses he endured from facing the plumber dressed in green, the ghost ruler lost his most precious crown. Looking desperately for a replacement, he discovered Toadette's well-known super crown has unique abilities he thought would be useful for his revenge against Luigi so he sought to steal it and he succeeded. However, his stolen prize backfired on him transforming him from a King to a Queen. This curse casted upon her, deepened the hatred she had for Luigi even more as she blamed him for all her misfortune. Though, when she put her plan into motion to fight him once again, what she didn't expect was for him to be taking care of her loyal subjects in his hotel during her absence. Luigi's kind actions both confused and frustrated the Queen greatly, but they came to a shaky compromise. Though, overtime one thing led to another and the woman found herself developing feelings for the short male. Failing to understand why she would be beginning to feel this way towards her worst enemy, Queen Boo internally struggles between her duties as a ruler and her non-beating heart that shouldn't even have a ounce of romance in it to feel such a thing.

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