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"Enemies go boom, sir?" - Scorch - Clone Commando - Crossovers

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Characters: RC 1262 Scorch, Six Two
Verses: Star Wars, Sci Fi, Marvel, DC, Genshin Impact, Guilty Gear, Isekai themes, Crossovers
Playbys: Raphael Sbarge
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crossover, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting, Video Game,
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About me:

A clone with an explosive fondness for all things that go boom. Scorch is a Clone Commando. An elite soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic. He serves along with three other clones, Sev, Fixer, and their Squad Leader, Boss.

His full designation is RC-1262 His callsign was earned early on, when in training, Scorch somehow managed to singe his eyebrows and those of his Mandalorian instructor's completely off while working with an explosive ordinance.

Ever since his first deployment at the First Battle of Geonosis, Scorch served as the squad's explosive expert. When a door needed breached, artillery to be fired. or some structure to be utterly "blown into oblivion" Delta Squad could always count on his fast work in setting, priming, and detonating said explosive. Likewise, he was an expert at disarming IEDs, mines, and other explosive weaponry.

While each commando in Delta Squad had a unique personality, Scorch was often light hearted, humorous, and even sarcastic at times. Even as blaster bolts and grenades were flying overhead, he would be the one to find some kind of humor in the situation. And thanks to his unique silver lining outlook on life, he served as a sort-of morale officer among his peers and squad mates.

Most clones were trained under a variety of Jedi Overseers, hired mercenaries, and most of all Mandalorian warriors. Scorch learned and trained under the one hundred Mandalorian Cuy'Var'Dal group under a man named Walon Vau. As he matured, and earned his personality, Kaminoan Taun We regarded him as the "Heart and Soul" of Delta Squad.

Training would soon come to an end for Scorch as 22 BBY saw its first major official battle of the Clone War. Geonosis. The battle in question saw heavy fighting over the entire planet and would come at a high price in lives for both the Republic and the resident Geonosian Warriors. During the fighting, Delta Squad was sent through the front lines, and deep into enemy territory where their primary objective would be to wipe out a Geonosian leader, disrupt a communications jammer, and ultimately take out a coreship. All done in a four-man squad, without much backup from the Republic Army, as they were currently engaged in a full scale invasion. Despite all odds, the squad came out on top while completing their primary objectives

The war would continue after Genosis, with Delta Squad being called time and time again to serve. From the halls of their previous ship, the Acclamator Class named Persecutor. To the wartorn streets of Mygeeto, Coruscant, and even in the dense jungles of Kashyyyk. Each mission would take its toll on Scorch and his squad mates. But Kashyyyk would prove to be the most difficult. With one of their most dangerous missions to date, Scorch would have to infiltrate the jungle world alone with his three brothers, fend off Trandoshan slavers combined with the Separatist Army, all to save the Wookiee populace that called that world home. Towards the end of the mission, Scorch would finally face the reality of this war. One of their brothers would have to be left behind. Even he was devastated when the order to abandon his brother was given.

Scorch would continue to serve the Republic and even well past Order 66, where the Republic Commando unit was officially redubbed the Imperial Commando. With new weapons and armor, Scorch would be tasked with hunting down rogue Clone Troopers and Jedi that survived the purge.

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