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About me:

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Who I'd like to meet:
There are people who I feel comfortable writing with. I need you to be compassionate and understanding with me as my life isn't that great to be envious of, I have numerous Physical & Mental Health Problems/barriers. I am working to Improving my Physical Health and Well-Being. I am here to write with my best friends and people that I personally know and trust. It's more for my sanity and peace of mind than for cliques or drama. I do not deal with outside drama. I'm going to start speaking my mind about a lot of things and some people might not like some of the things I say. The only thing I can say is treat others the way you want to be treated. That is always my golden rule, and it's so basic a third grader can learn it. Please remember that this is a hobby and to have fun. It's no fun anymore if people are so serious about "rules" and dictating everyone else into boxes that look like old, boring, and barely house broken if they aren't careful with the company they keep.

Alcheon Archive: A laid back person i can be myself around.

— The Blackest Night♡ //that sexy FireFighter/Advanced Care Paramedic that put his life on the line everyday for us and saving lives: I know him personally in real life since his rp days on Tumblr in the naruto community (Papa Was A Rollin Stone or Ravens and Crows or cursed eyed-Sasuke) and the comic book community. This man is a like a Mentor/Big Brother to me when I first started out rping on Tumblr back in 2015.

very sweet man In real life & someone I can talk with on discord & thank you for being there for me. I'm really spoiled from all the edits I get from irl best friend. Anything that i ask he does it for me and i have known this man since 2015 back in his rp days on Tumblr and watched him grow into this wonderful man that graduated from Medical School * emergency medicine* and The Fire Academy. He never judged me because of my disability and he has that Warrior Mindset'. That what motivates me to not let my disability define who i am. It's been year since i competed my associate degree in business administration.

along came a spydr: A cool person to write with and doesn't judge me for my writing abilities

Blue Bird (Dick Grayson) a very sweet person that doesn't judge me for my writing abilities.

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— The Blackest Night

May 24th 2021 - 12:14 AM

OOC: I refrain from eating any food that people drop off unless it’s from a restaurant or they are known personally at the station. Most the other guys do the same.
— The Blackest Night

May 24th 2021 - 12:12 AM

OOC: Where i live its not usual that peple bring us gifts, and to be honest the gratitude in folks eyes after we helped/rescue then is enough. That said, ocaisionally some People bring a cake, snacks, 24pack of beer or a thank you card. 
— The Blackest Night

May 1st 2021 - 8:18 PM

OOC; Yeah, knowing other people are human and feel the same things you do is always a reality check. No, it's not strange. I'm normally mister fix it. Sometimes though, all your training in the world won't help the pit of despair you want to climb into. Sleep is the greatest relief. It'll be tough, but it's life. It's the nature of the job you want to go into. You'll get used to it slowly, little by little.  There are a few things that get me down. Anything with kids, those calls are the worst. Child abuse cases make you want to kill some people (I'm a mandated reporter; if I don't report I'll be penalized with a misdemeanor + fine.) It can be a little depressing at times, but if you're trained right and you're in the right mindset you can make it not affect you very much. Being attached to the patient and to the call is what causes people to burn out so quickly. You need friends, a life, hobby, outside of the job. There are always going to be calls that will get you down, but the calls when you truly do help someone will make you practically forget all the sh*t you've seen.

If you're the right kind of person and you had some proper foundation laid down for you, then you can find a balance. There's really sick humor inside this job that the public would find totally repulsive, but it's a way to help us cope with all the sh*t we're faced with.

I'm not going to lie; this job isn't for everyone. I've seen 30+ year old trainees get really affected after seeing a very elderly patient who was dead, and I had an eighteen-year-old trainee say "cool!" after seeing the body of a forty-year-old victim of a motor vehicle collision who was all kinds of F'd up.

 It's for people who can stay calm despite being surrounded by chaos, and you have to be able to "shut off". Yes, we all have that call that burns down to our bones, but people are relying on you, and you need to be able to wash your hands and go out to pick the next broken body off the asphalt.  I don't cry in front of others, it's very private and I would never dream of doing it in a professional setting. - but always in private.
— The Blackest Night

May 1st 2021 - 7:36 PM

OOC; I'm so glad you're enjoying the storyline so far!.

 My time working with the Fire department (search and rescue operations) has been a valuable part of my career, and I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me during my tenure here. Wanted to follow in the footsteps of my family (apart from my father's generation, everyone on my dad's side is involved.) This is going to be a little wordy, but I felt that the lead-in is important to the entire gravity of the call.

Firefighter-Staffed Ambulance:

Returning from a transport outside of our city, we came across heavy traffic. My partner (2 months experience) and I (7 years at the time) had just transported a city resident to a nursing facility out of town. Not a usual run but something we do as a courtesy. It was a Saturday morning...I was thinking about breakfast...and I hadn't had coffee yet.

When we hit the traffic jam, my first reaction is "F***, those bastards aren't going to save us any breakfast!" Then I realized that we were only about 1/4 of a mile from our exit...and surely, riding up the shoulder for a short distance wouldn't be the worst infraction ever committed. As I was about to do that...a State Trooper came FLYING up the shoulder...lights & sirens.

I told my partner we'll just go up and see if we can help out....it's probably nothing.

As we came over the blind hill, we saw a flipped SUV.....a bunch of police cars...and no ambulances. As soon as the cops saw us...they started waving us over frantically. As we got closer......and saw the carnage laid out in front of us.....the severity of the call started to settle in. I could already see one person rolled up like a ragdoll in the street. I just turned to my partner and said "Get ready, this is going to be bad." I radioed into our dispatch that we were out of district, only EMS on scene and would be stopping.

1st patient was the one I saw rolled up. As I was walking over, the state trooper said "He's gone....you got three more". I went over and checked him out anyway, and he was gone. I yelled to the trooper "How many total?" "Four total..." So now I know how many people I'm looking for.

I told my partner to check the vehicle and I'd do a sweep of the road. Patient #2 I found half inside/half outside the flipped SUV....breathing, not conscious. I told my partner to start on him...give him some o2...see what you can do for him.

Patient #3 was about 20 yards past the SUV....face down, not moving....and being attended to by a good Samaritan. I got the Samaritan to help me roll the pt. onto his back....found a thready pulse, very shallow respirations.....

now I'm thinking to myself "where's #4?". I also have to remind myself that my responsibility here isn't to save the day. My responsibility is to do a rapid, mass-casualty triage.

I ran over to the other side of the vehicle and found pt# 4 completely lodged inside the collapsed driver's compartment...I can't even reach them to check for a pulse. I go back to pt#3 and start to treat.

It was probably only a few minutes before help arrived...but it felt like hours. I had never attended a major mass casualty incident, much less triaged one before. What I learned was.....you can only do so much with limited resources....prioritize and adapt. There will be time for second guessing later.

What I would have done differently in hindsight...would be to have busted out the triage tags....because since I was first on scene, every new unit to arrive was asking for my size up...and I spent more time re-telling it.....when I could have just directed them to the info in the tags.

Easily the worst day of my EMS career...and hopefully it remains so. Some teenagers with mustangs decided to race each other down the highway at 1am. End up losing control at insane speeds and initially bumping each other, sending the car in the right lane off into the trees, driver somehow survived and was MedEvac’d out in critical condition. Car in the left lane went over the guardrail median and head first into a Jeep, then caught on fire. We got on scene and found the now-extinguished, burnt mess of the wreck. Passengers of the mustang were just... carbon stacks. No bodily or facial recognition whatsoever, just charred masses of what used to be people. The driver of the Jeep was severed in half, torso hanging out of the driver side window, legs still by the pedals and organs everywhere in the seat.

The worst part was the driver of the Jeep was just minding his own business, driving along to wherever he was going. All because some kids decided to be idiots, his life was over in a split second. I have seen my fair share of blood, gore, dead bodies, etc. Most of it doesn't bother me, I'm kind of numb to it now. I still hate seeing bad calls involving kids, the parents screams are probably the worst. But another big thing I hate is just bad smells and sh*t.

One of the worst bad smells calls I had was for this guy who sideswiped a bunch of cars. So, the cops found him and pulled the dude over, but when they were talking to him, they noticed his foot was all bloody, so they called us out. When we get there, we start assessing the guy and realize that he is missing a toe and half of another one. He had an infection that went untreated and he was losing parts of his toes. The smell was absolutely horrible.

The gross call involving sh*t was a homeless guy that was covered in his own (I at least hope it was his own) sh*t. He had been sh*ting himself for so long that a lot of it was already dry and was caked onto him and his clothes. And as you can guess the smell was bad also. The loneliness, heartbreak, mental illness, and drug addiction I witness on a regular basis is almost as bad. I also hear a lot of sad ex-wife stories, war stories, and every kind of trauma imaginable is shared with me. Sex is just a tiny part of it all. And the old-guy-sh*tting-his-pants thing is a regular occurrence in my line of work, it's pretty much reached trope status. Puke, sh*t, piss and infected wounds are common and rarely even bother me anymore. I've seen some nasty stuff over the years...too many to remember and to be honest I hope not to remember most of these...but they won't go away.

Burn victim had his face, ears, eyes, nose burned off. Yet he could still communicate by nodding. Poor guy...don't know if he lived or not. The smell of burnt flesh was still there. And wow...doing wound care was an exercise in sadism.

heart surgery patient: things went bad in the OR and basically the upper lobe of this guy's lung migrated out of the ribcage. Basically, think of a balloon you can see inflating and deflating under the skin of the guy's chest. The visual aspect wasn't so disturbing, but I was asked to assist in suctioning the patient. It was my job to "hold the lung"...kind of put pressure on it. The feeling of that lung expanding under the pressure of my hands is something I doubt I'll forget. And you'd be surprised at how strong that lung is when the patient coughed....I had to put some moderate pressure to the site.

morbidly obese patient who asked for assistance wiping her ass after a sh*t. I asked how she managed at home by herself. A: "I use a towel between my legs and pull it up and down." A different morbidly obese patient told a coworker that she had her daughter wipe her ass for her. some f***ing people.....

flesh eating bacteria patient: When I saw this guy, he was almost dead. He had his leg amputated up to the hip socket, he had most of his right abdominal wall removed as well. I did wound care. It was crazy taking off all those bandages and when I peeled back the last layer, well, that was an anatomy lesson right there..... This case bothered me for two reasons. One the obvious damage to the body. Secondly was how damn fast the infection progressed. I took care of this guy ?7 days after his initial wound which was a scratch on his leg while out walking in his fields. Get scratched...7 days later you're basically dead. Life is fragile.

homeless dude brought into the ED. ED removes his clothes and what do they find? Maggots.....yes...live f***ing maggots living under this guy's jeans.

A sh*t story for y'all. I won't forget this guy. He lived, but for 3 days I thought he was going to die any damn second. Bottom line is this guy had emergency surgery, had massive blood loss and low blood pressure for hours. Like I said...thought he was a goner, but he lived. About 12 days after surgery this guy has a bowel movement. This was sh*t like no other I'd seen, or have seen since. First the visual: It looked like translucent worms....chunks of translucent worms...but nothing else. I assumed it was the intestines shedding a layer of skin. No fecal matter. Now the smell.....well, after working in a hospital for 10+ years you smell all kinds of foul nasty stuff. Yes, it bothers you, but you do get used to it. This guy's sh*t was THE FOULEST smelling substance ever...rotting meat/sh*t/God I don't even know.... All I know is that was the first time/last time I've actually puked in my mouth from doing my job.

Now a humorous sh*t story: Was working night shift, busy as hell and had this elderly lady that wanted to get on the commode. I helped her on it and gave her the call button to push when she's done. Well...time goes by, and I realize it's been an hour, so I go check on her. She isn't done yet.... I check on her 30 min later...not done yet. Check again 30 min later and she's done. I get her back to bed and go to empty the commode and what do I see? 10-15 perfectly round sh*t balls. The balls were the size of Ping-Pong balls yet f***ing perfectly round. That was unusual, but being busy as hell, I didn't even question it. How the hell do you have perfectly round sh*t? lol.....to this day I don't know but it still gives me a laugh.  I have literally watched kids die of cancer in front of me; worked numerous infants that died for no apparent reason; been called to scenes where it was my friend or coworker that had died; and heard and delivered another man's dying wish to his crying family.

Probably the saddest thing I've seen is a car crash that killed both parents and 2 of the 3 children. All 3 kids were brought in but only the middle daughter survived. She was old enough to understand what was going on with her injuries but not quite old enough to understand the concept of death. Her entire family was gone, and she didn't understand it. She kept saying things like "after we do that, then can I see my mommy?" and "if I do that good, do I get to see my family?" She was a really sweet girl and I can only imagine what kind of world she woke up to.
— The Blackest Night

Apr 28th 2021 - 11:06 PM

Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words ♥" 
— The Blackest Night

Apr 23rd 2021 - 1:34 PM

Hey, Sweetheart, just a quick heads-up:— I'm off today, but feeling very gloomy. Last week I saw the message which you had sent three weeks earlier. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. 
τ н ε - c o η v ι c т.

Apr 16th 2021 - 12:29 PM

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||{The Heart of A Thug, The Mind of A King:}||~

Red = Spanish

“Thanks for acceptin' my request, compañero. Most peope would try to avoid a gangsta out of fear or some sh*t. But here you are. Eso es un montón
Let me put 'respeck' on your name.
Because you got a back-bone, Ill be blunt.
I like that sh*t.
I don't tolerate people who bitch or moan. That sh*t
gets me real annoyed. If you don't got a back bone, hurry up and grow
some damn balls so we can get sh*t goin'.
People need to hear it believe it or
not. Don't let roleplay hurt yo' feelin's.
A gangsta being nice now, I can't express how many times I
had to explain that this is only roleplay and they still get butt-hurt.
I'm a reasonable guy.
No vayas a dudar de mí ahora.
Speakin' of, most of us are here to roleplay. So if
you wanna jump right in or discuss, I'm up for
it. Mierda, we can just chat or have a mini-roleplay
in comments. Smoke a blunt and get to know each other or some sh*t.
If you're interested, let a gangsta know.
Ears are open.

||- Hello, Sorry for the rudeness or intimidation I may have caused. Was just tryin’ to keep my characters personality in it so you could how he is first hand. Hope it ain’t too much, if it is I’ll tone it down. If I’m not using (||-), then I am going to be in character. And I like to be in character most of the time. ! So please don’t take offense to the words of Dante Primo. It’s only Roleplay, of course. ^^ -||

(((Eso es un montón cojones = "That's a lot of balls.
Mierda = Sh*t
No vayas a dudar de mí ahora.= Don't go doubtin' me now.)))

Ω Symbol of Destruction

Apr 15th 2021 - 9:51 PM

Thanks for accepting me
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