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Just a Merc with a big sword, looking to work and make some coin... Twerking cost extra XD //Mainly in character.

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Body type:Body builder
Characters: Aaron Steele
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BIRTH NAMEAaron Steele.

OCCUPATION Mercenary/Bounty Hunter.
HEALTH Healthy.

HEIGHT 6'8".
EYE |HAIR COLOR Brown. | Black
VOICE Corpse Husband.
SMOKE | DRINK No. | Yes.

Aaron Steele


Growing up the child of a black smith and a waitress at a local tavern, he was no stranger to the true nature of men. The lustful and lecherous as well as the hard working and war driven. As such from a young age he was pressed to help his parents. While most kids his age went off playing and enjoyed their childhood, he spent his time training and working. In his youth it was mainly helping his father and learning the trade, with his mother it was learning to read people and keeping their hands off her.

Although young, he was no slouch, reaching over six feet tall by his preteens the boy often over looked most men. This coupled with good genetics and his father's line of work he was rather built. Most often mistaken him for an older novice adventure. But that life wasn't for him, at least not initially. It wasn't into his teen years he'd become conscripted into his lords war and fought valiantly making a name for himself. His skill with a blade was unmatched, his ability to take on greater foes un rivaled. His feats and highs unlike any those around him could compare.

Yet his humility would come some time later into his 20's when he met his match, his equal and his love. A dark skinned goddess with whom he loved to her last breath. Learning much from her and experiencing new things, emotions feelings. The two would last a while. That was until the fall of his kingdom, upon returning from a conquest they'd be ambushed by another army. Valiantly fighting, till her demise. They had won the battle, but at what cost. Losing her was too much, so upon the demands of his lord he'd renounce his allegiance to the kingdom.

Had it not been for them he'd still have her, so leaving his family and friends behind he'd take to the life of bounty hunting and becoming a mercenary. His blade crafted of his fallen love's armor and materials. She was his sword and he was her shield and even in death he'd be damned if his queen wasn't going to be by his side until his last breath. Thus he'd walk the very land seeking out the day he could return home to her; a worthy opponent and a chance to reunite.

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May 7th 2021 - 3:20 PM

Greetings! This is just a generic greeting so my apologies if you were expecting a custom one, I'll make it up to you I promise. Also if you prefer message, feel free to reply back in message as I'm pretty flexible.

Name's Xion, from kingdom hearts series. Do not be alarmed if you don't know anything about my character, I'm willing to answer any question and give out a short summary.

I hope we become close friends and get to discuss a wonderful plot in the near future! I look forward to hearing back from you! Tatas~

May 6th 2021 - 2:10 PM

I would love to discuss. I will add you on discord and we can discuss there.

May 5th 2021 - 12:50 AM

The way he laughed at her, she almost wanted to punch him but something told her that she would end up with a broken hand in the process.

"It's not very good advice, so I feel like I get a free pass." She scrunhed up her nose in a sarcastic smile, and crossed her arms over her chest. Narrowing her eyes towards him, he really seemed to just be wanting to piss her off at this point. It was working, since she could feel the tips of her ears go hot and red "Well, the last thing I'd want is some jerk belittling me while trying to teach me how to fight."

When he took a piece of her hair, her whole face went red the blush spreading from the ears to her cheeks. Swatting his hand away frantically while tucking her hair back into place "A-As if I'd go on a date with you." Her lashes fluttering as she avoided his gaze "I'd like to see you try. And my name is Timantha, not little miss." Not finding his teasing as amusnig as he thought he was.

// oh gosh, don't apologize! if anything i feel more sorry for him that he has to deal with her.
𝐵𝓇𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝒩𝑒𝓃

May 4th 2021 - 11:35 PM

More and more as they fought, the two began to see bits and pieces of each other's prowess as well as some personality traits. When blood was shed, there was as side of Aaron that seemed to revel in it. On the other hand, when execution was unavoidable, Ryunmei was stoic.

Long ago, in her late teens, the martial artist was naive to the horrors of humanity's cruelties. Through years of experience on the road, she learned the difference between just and unjust violence. What they did today needed to be done, though she took no joy or remorse in her actions.

Wiping warm crimson off her cheek with the back of her arm, an interesting glimmer caught her eye. This was then followed by more display of raw strength and a physical attack which produced combustion on enemy targets.

"I believe so, and let us hope not. As much as I care for the horses, I do not want my investments to go to waste as well."

A single thin brow arched when she took notice of the man's massive hand going for hers. Humoring where this went, she allowed him to do so. While the unique abilities and strength he showcased earlier were by no means standard, what happened next was something she could say she never witnessed before — at least not by a human.

Helping herself off, the nen master flipped off his massive heap of a shoulder. Landing downward like a gentle piece of pollen, the brunette gazed at the horses  then to the swordsman.

For a split second she almost considered joking why they needed horses when he could move like that. However, she held her tongue due to the last comment. That tone and look in his eyes, she knew it all too well.

Not wanting to pressure him into elaborating further, Ryunmei gazed at him silently. If there was more he wished to share she'd be all ears, but only wanted it to be by his own doing.

May 4th 2021 - 9:55 PM

Huffing quietly, her arms crossed over her chest "What's wrong with my genetics, huh? I think I'm fine the way I am. Maybe- Maybe you're the one who's genetically...weird." The moment his hand touched her head, she stiffened staring ahead wide eyed and just...shock. Something about the gesture almost brought out her primal and feral senses. Blinking up at him she fluttered her lashes at him "Take your hand off me or I'm going to bite you."

May 4th 2021 - 5:08 PM

 ( it doesn't bother me ♡ I'll reply properly when I get home !! )
𝐵𝓇𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝒩𝑒𝓃

May 4th 2021 - 2:35 PM

"To keep it simple, it is similar, yes."

Noticing his hand movement, the nen master's fists loosened. The moment she did this, the globe dissipated back from the source it was channeled.

Upon doing so, her ally took off like a frenzied animal. Though leaving the horses unattended was not something she felt wise, Ryunmei followed behind without hesitation. Her trust was not so easily attained, yet the man had done enough to show he had her back.

Namely from his actions earlier. While it may have not been kind to question his loyalty, the nen master showed no signs of noticing the first set he deflected with his sword. In reality, she was curious to observe two things: how good his reflexes were and if he'd just defend himself.

That simple gesture did more than any assortment of kind words could have. Not long after they made it to the group, the towering swordsman showed more of what he was capable of.

A simple nod was given before retorting, "I will be with you shortly."

Darting from one downed bandit to the next, the small framed woman showed how ruthless she could be. Delivering a single flat-palmed strike to each, the nen master hit vital point after vital point — bringing death instantly.

Just as she promised, the petite brunette regrouped with the merc a few strides behind. Ryunmei remained silent after his remarks. There were eight in total. Like the other half earlier, these could not be left alive. Showing mercy to those that showed lethal force was never wise, she knew this. They only went to harm more innocents.

"I will flush them out," she stated simply. Closing her eyes for a brief second, the brunette concentrated and picked up on each one's life-source. No trunk, no boulder, could hide their presence from her.

In one swift motion, she spun in place and held a hand outward; her digits scrunched. Upon yelling out a command in a foreign language, an azure surge of crackling energy rushed out and began moving in a snake-like pattern.

Two were immediately struck by the ethereal dragon and were left paralyzed where they stood. The rest quickly caught on; she knew where they were and retribution was coming in the form of an electrical semi-transparent beast.

With the bandits now fleeing in the open, prime for Aaron to pick off, Ryunmei closed her clawed fist. Those still stuck in the dragon's coil met a gruesome fate. The moment her fist closed the azure construct exploded in dazzling fashion.

Metal and leather shrapnel ,caked in gore, splattered throughout the immediate area. What little moral the remaining lowlifes may have had was sure to be gone now. Now likely came the part where they were sure beg the swordsman for mercy.
𝐵𝓇𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝒩𝑒𝓃

May 4th 2021 - 12:44 PM

Good to know he could adept well to unexpected developments. Her gaze stayed fixed in the direction of their destination.

"They do offer a spare bedroom for travelers. Last I checked it was vacant," she responded in a continued effort to keep their facade going.

Then a barrage of profiles came their way. An annoyed sigh came in response to this, though not in result of Aaron's noble gesture.

"Perhaps playing indifferent to their presence worked against our favor. They may have figured it was their best chance to strike us down."

Ryunmei made sure to keep the horses calm, while her partner made his declaration. Just like bandits, looking to make quick profits when others showed vulnerability . Unfortunately for these lowly criminals, these two were not the weak they preyed upon.

A confidence that could easily be misinterpreted as arrogance was on clear display by the petite martial artist. If they intended to impose fear on them, then they clearly were not showing anything worthy to invoke such emotion.

For a short period, neither side made a move. Then, to her annoyance, the bandit's unleashed an overhead shower there way — more concentrated than earlier.

There was a quick rolling of the eyes before she dismounted. Fists clenched firmly at opposite sides of her waist, arms curled and feet planted firmly, the well-toned brunette shouted two words.

"Nen Guard!" At that moment, a translucent orange globe extended around herself  and the party. Shimmering and sparking constantly, the construct didn't falter as the arrows connected only to ricochet — rendering the bandit's actions futile.

Retaining her posture, Ryunmei glanced at the swordsman. "Though I am not a betting woman, how much do you wager they will still be foolish enough to continue?" An unmistakable smirk on her lips was given to the mercenary. At this point she was peeved and was willing to give the idiots a beatdown; they were clearly asking for it.
𝐵𝓇𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝒩𝑒𝓃

May 3rd 2021 - 12:55 AM

Interesting, a hunter as well. Ryunmei kept a mental note of this. It was immeasurably valuable to have as much knowledge as possible of survival, as well as other quirks when you found yourself on the road more than civilization.

Another intangible he possessed was humor. Oh how useful such simple aspects were. Many a times had she and past companions kept their morale high during tough situations with wisecracks.

Though she did not show it, the brunette picked up on the distant followers for quite some time.

"Almost there," she retorted nonchalantly. This may have initially thrown Aaron for a loop, considering it seemed she dodged the question. Instead, her true answer was in the seriousness in her eyes.

In a tone barely above a whisper, she added. "It is best we feign ignorance for now. Their misperception will aid us when they make their move."
𝐵𝓇𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝒩𝑒𝓃

May 2nd 2021 - 11:08 PM

Gloved digits retrieved and brought the teacup to her lips once more. Here and there she took minuscule sips, while listening to her newly met acquaintance's input. Long lashes hid those lively chestnut hues for but a moment.

"Yes, I would have to agree with you. Everywhere I have put down the living dead, there was someone or something behind their reanimation." By now, the tea began getting more on the colder side than she preferred. No matter, their introduction was reaching its conclusion anyway.

Standing upright, the brunette reached downward. A leather sack with some signs of wear was retrieved by the female martial artist. Slung over her right shoulder, the adventurer gave him a half-smirk. "Well, considering you came more prepared than I expected," she started while motioning towards the double-door entrance. "We can stop by some stables near the southern outskirts of town first."

"I doubt we shall come by these ways for the foreseeable future. With what little I have managed to save, I purchased a spare steed in case you came without means of travel. Since you did, I intend to sell it back to the farmer."

Once outside, Ryunmei tied her leather bag onto her horse's harness. With a warm smile, she approached the front of the second mare purchased earlier. "Looks like you won't be coming along with us. Don't worry, your sister will be in good hands."

Turning to face Aaron, the nen master's countenance returned to a neutral tone. "I'll take the lead for now. Unless, you passed by the farm on your way here?"

Awaiting his answer, she got onto the black mare she intended to keep. With both mares untied, she grabbed the other by the lead. Thankfully she had enough experience ponying horses in the past to do so once again without any problems.
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