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Length: No less than 3/4 para + dialog

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Supernatural, Psychological, Slice-of-life, Fantasy, Action

General: Crossover friendly, and open to genre's. I can do a feudal era take or modern, very flexible with this character. His outfit and backstory only need to be altered in small detail.

NOTE: My playby is Mokuba Kaiba, I do NOT play as him, and am not interested in Yu-Gi-Oh verse. Also I use mature themes such as gore and murder, just an F.Y.I.

Rules: Multi-para and up only, I need content to work with, vice-versa. Literacy, and being able to take mature content or even immature content. I am story driven, and this is your story too. I am a girl in RL, don't know why that would matter but I do feel it's important to say NO SMUT or ERO. I'm playing a 12/13 year old boy, what's wrong with you! D=<

Theme Song: https://youtu.be/Gk6Y5oAbHqo

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Characters: → Kuroki Hiroshiba (OC)
Verses: → Custom, → Crossover
Playbys: → Mokuba Kaiba
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Crossover, Open,
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About me:

Chapter One: When Tragedy Strikes

5 years ago

On 9th day of Autumn beginning, at night while the town of Honjo was asleep. A murderer fleeing from a fresh kill broke into the home of 9 year old Kuroki Hiroshiba and his family. The thought crossed the killers his mind to hold them hostage since authorities were closing in on him. Looking back, Kuroki would have given anything to be a hostage. That wasn’t the case, on a spree with nothing left to lose; the murderer ran upstairs and found Kuroki’s parents. 1 dagger to the chest for both of them before jumping out a window of their 2 story home and disappeared into the night. Authorities also broke into their home to find them slain and poor Kuroki hiding in a closet, shaking.

The week to follow this event found Kuroki lost in a broken system of foster children. The murderer was never found and Kuroki being an only child had no one in this world. 10 more hours on the 7th day Kuroki was shipped to a 2nd foster home that had room for him, but that was all. Lacking a natural supply of serotonin and dopamine he was destine to battle depression. His spinning mind and hearing voices was all the on-set to an inevitable dysfunction of behavior and emotional stability. The first night of this new foster home, he broke out and ran away. He only got about 3 miles from the home before he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. He did not die instantly, he survived for about 4 more minutes before internal bleeding drowned him out of his Earthly body.

The unfortunate souls don’t get to find peace, those who don’t are cursed to wander the grounds they used to know. Where every trip you take is a nostalgic one and every face you see continues to change, except yours. It’s cruel and unusual, and most of all unfair. You didn’t ask for this, you never plan for tragedy when you’re a child. Such vulnerable minds take damage like an old banana, and left to stare at the bruise. Kuroki never left his home town. Though he hated every inch of it, he tried several times to travel further away, but would always come back. He would tell you it was because he was “curious”.

On the super lonely nights, always in the corner of his eye he would see a shadowy figure stalking him. Chasing it was pointless, and shouting at it never worked. He was never entirely sure if it was there. As years passed by he developed abilities that increased with his anger. He was stuck in this mirror world, forever on the outside looking in. These abilities came to him quite easily and either out of spite or boredom he would exercise these abilities and cause frustration or harm to others. 1 incident in particular changed Kuroki’s mind forever.

Wandering the streets at night, he saw an extremely intoxicated man with a bottle in his hand get into his car. Flashbacks of the night he was hit and killed and left to die flooded his mind. Emotions ran high, and adrenaline sight set in. Using what he knew, he appeared as a glare to the drunkard and lead the fool into a guard rail, flipping the car and killing the man by way of head injury and hemorrhaging. That was almost a year ago and since then, Kuroki has made a habit of doing that multiple times a week. He has indeed been responsible for the deaths of dozens of people.

What it takes to kill someone is a wildly deep topic with many points of view. The sheer loneliness and madness of reliving the past drove a young boy into the early stages of a monster to be reckoned with. Kuroki sometimes would have visions of himself becoming more ghost-like. Perhaps going to look at his feet and only seeing a wispy tail. Or going to catch a baseball and it falling right through his hand. He was going through changes all the time, he normalized it but in his sub-conscience the gears may have been turning but they were not doing so smoothly.

One night as he was isolated and playing with his abilities, he was visited by another entity. A large yellow glowing orb approached him. Intimidated and scared, he at first thought that perhaps his time as a ghost was about to be over. As if this thing was going to collect his soul. He was sort of right…what he was approached by was in fact a soul collector. The glowing orb grew eyes, arms and a tail and carried with it a pipe. It made the sound of chains though you could not see any. Telepathically the orb spoke to Kuroki in a language he did not understand, but did at the same time. This deity if you will spoke and said to Kuroki “Take this. This instrument will alert me of your danger. I shall appear and take you back my child. I am, but at a single call away…”. Before disappearing and a necklace with a whistle appeared around his neck.

Never asking questions, never receiving answers, never seeing that orb again. Kuroki wears the necklace always, hoping to never need to use it, but also curious about what if… He stares at it longingly at times, true to his belief, Kuroki suspected that he himself was a spirit of change. Though only hearing short tales and myth of spirits in folklore. He knew that he wasn’t suppose to be here. Something was wrong, that visit cemented that hunch. He felt pending doom within himself, but felt indifferent on the notion of trying to help himself. Rather let go of the struggle, and let what feels nature take its course.

Today, he forever hunts the shadowy figure, has made a hobby out of killing those he fears will turn another child or innocent person into a wandering spirit. He also continues to battle with himself. His powers continue to grow, although so does his anger and emotional highs. There are other worlds that he does not know exist, but he may find one day. More than just the mirror world he is glued too. The world that turned it’s back on him, when all he wanted, was 2 parents to love him, and to play on a cloudy day.

To be continued…

Chapter 2: First Contact

Enter: [Insert your name here]

[To be written]
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