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About me:



Don't sit there and waste your precious time.

When you want to do something, do it right away.

Do it when you can.

It's the only way to live a life without regrets.



Name: Sonic The Hedgehog

Gender: Male

DOB: 6/23

Height: 100 cm (3' 3", subject to change)

Weight: 35 kg (77 lb.)

Likes: Running, adventure, challenges, relaxing, his friends, chili dogs

Dislikes: Giving up, being unable to help, deep water, boredom, Amy's hammer


"I'm Sonic--Sonic the Hedgehog!


Jeez, I've been on so many adventures that I don't even know where to begin. Though the best place to start an introduction is with my first one, right?


South Island--my second home, after I left Christmas Island. That's where it all began. It had everything you could ever dream of: sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, natural loop-de-loops and corkscrews... you name it, we had it! I'd made good friends with the local critters that kept me company. But one day, a mad scientist by the name of Ivo Robotnik came along and kidnapped 'em! He stuffed my animal buddies into his robots--named Badniks--and used them as a source of power. I couldn't just stand by and watch; I had to do something. So I fought back, busting up each and every machine that stood between us until I finally took him down. He swore that he'd get his revenge one day, but I was just happy to have my pals back. I had no idea what was in store for me back then.


Fast forward to now and I've gone toe-to-toe with the guy more times than you can count. He's brought out giant mechs, space stations, freaky monsters and even all-powerful, reality warping deities to try and get the upper hand on me but each and every time I come out on top. I've been pulled into storybooks, gone to space, ran through time--you name it, I've done it.


But my adventures aren't gonna end there--not a chance!"




Sonic is confident, has an attitude, and free spirited--refusing to be tied down by anyone or anything. He follows his own beliefs and ideals, even if it may land him in hot water, or have him going against the general consensus. And while he appreciates and considers the advice given by his friends and allies, ultimately, it's his golden heart that has the last say on his actions. Sonic loves his friends and would do anything to keep them safe, all while respecting their strengths and allowing them to take the reigns where they can--he knows they've got what it takes to stick it out even through the toughest of times, and he couldn't ask for any better buddies. He enjoys teasing them from time to time too, especially ones of the hot-headed variety. Sonic is willing to give anyone a chance to redeem themselves, knowing the latent kindness that resides within everyone, and hoping to bring it to the surface. Examples of this are Chaos, Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles, just to name a few. Sticking around in one area for too long, or staying within an enclosed space, makes Sonic start to feel antsy. He likes open spaces where he's free to run around all he wants.




Sonic is a blue hedgehog with a tan muzzle, belly, and arms. His eyes are green, said to reflect the pastures that he often runs in. On his hands he wears white gloves that he folds at the cuffs. On his feet he wears red, folded-down boots that have white straps stretching horizontally along the top and golden buckles placed on the outer sides. The soles of his boots are a light grey/white and the grips on the underside are aligned in a stripe pattern. His appearance alters slightly when entering one of his super states.

Alternatively, his shoes are a pair of red and white PUMA Dares. He can also be seen wearing red hi-tops and sunglasses in his Riders get-up.




Super Speed

His supersonic speed is his most used and well-known trait. This ability allows him to surpass the speed of light, which even Sonic states is "small time". He uses his speed to travel from place to place in a matter of seconds and thwart Eggman's plans. It's clear that over time Sonic has gotten faster, as evidenced in his second fight with Perfect Chaos.

Super Strength

Sonic's strength isn't what you'd expect for his nimble body type. Thanks to this trait, Sonic has been able to go toe to toe with giant beasts and robots and come out as the victor. His strength allows him to tear through large, thick boulders and crush metal with ease. Simply by running into them, he can send vehicles sky high.

Enhanced Acrobatic Abilities and Reflexes

Sonic's body is incredibly limber, allowing him to make inhuman movements with precision. When he moves it almost looks as if he's made of rubber with how bouncy and stretchy he appears. This flexibility has allowed him to avoid and maneuver around all kinds of attacks and obstacles. His enhanced reflexes go hand-in-hand with his acrobatics, allowing him to react almost immediately to any oncoming harm.

Homing Attack

The homing attack allows Sonic to target his enemies and string together a combo of aerial attacks by curling up into a spinning ball and throwing himself at them. His strength and razor sharp spikes make destroying his foes with this move a blast to use, as Sonic usually poses after every homing attack he does.


The Spindash lets Sonic build up speed on the spot by curling up into a ball and spinning. The more he revs himself up, the faster the burst of speed he builds. Like the homing attack, his strength and spikes tear through any enemies in his path.

Chaos Powers

By using the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic has access to a variety of different Chaos Powers. The most notable ones allow him to warp both time and space, allowing him to stop the flow of time while leaving himself unharmed or allowing him to teleport to another location entirely.


The Ancient Light was gifted to Sonic by Tikal, an Echidna from an old and very nearly extinct tribe. At full power, it manifests as a very fine blue electricity that zips along his body. The Ancient Light provides a temporary boost to Sonic's output, increasing it twofold and giving him access to several new moves.

Sonic Wind

Sonic Wind is an ability that allows Sonic to manipulate the air around him for use in an attack, though only in conjunction with Ancient Light. He can create cyclones or waves of razor-sharp sky blue wind, which he can send hurtling toward his enemies.

Light Speed Attack

Another ability gained alongside his acquisition of the Ancient Light. By fully charging up the Ancient Light, he can focus all of his energy into a single flurry of attacks that come out at light speed.

Mystic Melody

A passive ability granted by the Ancient Light. Sonic can summon a transverse flute and play a melody lost to time. In some scenarios, it can assist in creating a path forward, and in others, it can soothe the angriest of souls.




Caliburn is a legendary, sacred sword that Sonic pulled from a stone in Misty Lake. It is also a sentient sword, capable of speech and movement on its own. Caliburn acts like a proper and polite gentleman, which often clashes with Sonic's easy-going attitude. The two tend to go off on one another, calling each other names like "Over-sized Letter Opener" or "Knave The Hedgehog". He also acted as Sonic's mentor, teaching him skills that would help in his fights with the Knights of the Round Table.




When transformed into Super Sonic, Sonic's blue fur turns into a gold color and his tan skin gains a slightly golden hue. Additionally, his green eyes become ruby red and his quills turn upward. His top quill varies in position though, either having its angle slightly raised or being upturned like his other quills. He also possesses a golden aura which can be anything from smooth to flame-like in shape and displays either faint sparkles or electrical sparks.

Super Sonic is easily one of the most powerful beings in the series, having defeated titanic robots, fearsome monsters, forces of nature, other Super State users and even all-powerful deities. Due to having the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic accordingly commands ultimate power and has access to unlimited energy.

As Super Sonic, Sonic's abilities far surpass his normal ones. His strength has been increased to incredible, incalculable levels, allowing him to take on many opponents of varying sizes and strengths. His speed is enhanced too, along with his reflexes and durability. Like the traditional Super State, Sonic has gained new abilities, such as flight, time manipulation and the power to warp reality.

Of course, the Super Sonic form can only last for a certain amount of time.




Hyper Sonic looks very similar to Super Sonic, sharing the same body proportions and upturned head spikes. However, Hyper Sonic flashes in all seven colors of the Chaos/Super Emeralds and has large flashing sparks floating around him. Also, when moving, he leaves several after-images.

Hyper Sonic has all of Super Sonic's abilities, such as improved speed and strength, flight, time manipulation and the power to warp reality. Since Hyper Sonic is generally an upgraded version of Super Sonic, it can be assumed that all of Hyper Sonic's physical abilities surpass that of Super Sonic, meaning he possesses greater strength, durability, and speed.

Sonic requires the Super Emeralds to reach this form. The Super Emeralds are enhanced versions of the Chaos Emeralds, brought about only by the Master Emerald's power.

Like Super Sonic, this form can only last for a limited amount of time.




Toward the end of his adventures within the world of the Arabian Nights, Sonic's genie companion Shahra met an untimely fate at the hands of the Erazor Djinn, who had absorbed the Seven World Rings to bring about a godly form and rewrite The Thousand And One Nights. Grieving over his friend's death, various feelings began to swirl around uncontrollably inside of him, causing a reaction in three of the Seven World Rings which then migrated from the Erazor's body and into Sonic's.

These rings--embodiments of powerful emotions such as Rage, Hatred and Sadness--brought around a form fueled by their respective element. This form is known as Darkspine Sonic, born from raw negative emotion.

His fur is mostly a dark shade of purple with white segments. Darkspine Sonic's eyes are pure white, lacking both iris and pupils. The cuffs of his gloves and his white socks are replaced with golden bands. This form is capable of both speeding up and slowing down time, as well as granting Sonic the power to rewrite reality almost instantaneously. It is by far his strongest form in the series.




While fighting the Dark Queen Merlina at the End of the World, the hedgehog had been brought down to his last stand. Caliburn--Sonic's Sword--had been broken in two, leaving him with no way to defend himself against Merlina's relentless barrage of attacks. But even in the face of defeat, knowing that every blow could be his last, he continued to get up and fight. Both the Dark Queen and the Knights of the Round Table were bewildered by his actions, the latter yelling for him to make his escape, urging him that Chivalry has nothing to do with this dire situation. But to Sonic, that was never what it was about. He just had to do what he had to do, and that was all. Through his courage and unflinching desire to never give up, even if it meant staring death in the face, the long-lost light of the sacred sword awakens. With the assistance of the Knights of the Round and their blades, the light reacts, encompassing the hedgehog and giving Camelot one final shot at hope.

Unlike Sonic's other forms, he himself does not undergo any physical changes. However, he dons a suit of golden armor, covering him head-to-toe. The armor has a small red cape flowing in the back. His Sword, Caliburn, does undergo changes. Transforming into the legendary sword Excalibur, capable of slicing through anything it so desires. The hilt of the sword now gains a crown with a red ruby-like centrepiece and a large glowing outer blade that surrounds the main blade. Within this form Sonic is renowned at the Ultimate Knight, hinting at a high level of skill and power. He gains super strength, the ability to fly, and access to an ability called Soul Surge. Soul Surge allows Sonic to swing Excalibur at light-speeds, the sword's outer blade extending to enhance their reach.



//Thought I'd add this, just because. I'm not strict when it comes to rules. I don't really have any aside from the most basic ones. As long as you can follow these, then we're good.

Please don't control my character

Please don't godmod

Please be patient

That's all. Seriously. Easy stuff, right? I look forward to talking with you all!


"Let's blast through with sonic speed!"
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