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This body is flawless! Everyone wants summa me, and I've got the creepy fan letters to prove it

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basic information

lets get to the facts
Full Name:Anthony Angelo Martin D’amico. (Toni)(Tony) || D.O.D/ C.O.D | Age: 1947/OverDose | early 20's to 30's|| Species:Human/ Demon|| Eye Color: Red|| Hair Color: white
|| Status: Single|| Occupcation:|Escort| Host, Stripper Residence:Anywhere - || Gender: Male || Blood Type: O- || A/B/O Dynamic: Omega - || Body Build: Semi masculine|| Nick Names: Angie (by Cherri Bomb) Angel Cakes (by Valentino) Hot Stuff (by Travis) My Effeminate Fellow (by Alastor) Striped Freak (by Sir Pentious) The Spider in the Kinky Boots. Cream Puff. Sugar Cube. Pepto-Bxtch.Fluffin' Muffin'.(Vindicta) Aka V ||Background Summary:

Angel Dust
Anthony, more commonly known as Angel Dust, is an adult film star and one of the main characters in Hazbin Hotel. Anthony Angelo Martin D’amico was born to Roma D'amico and Henry D'amico, along with his fraternal twin sister Molly Maria D'amico, in the city of New York, where they were thought both Italian and English. Angel's older brother Dante Sally Nicolas D'amico aka Nico, aka Sal had helped their mother raise the twins to the best of his abilities, causing the siblings to grow very close. When the twins were still young Roma had left. She had been tired of Henry's abuse, instead of taking the kids with her she left them in their care of their father. Which in returned caused Dante to always make sure they had enough to get by- even if that meant doing a few illegal things now and then- and he grew to be a very protective brother. He loved both siblings dearly and even learned a few things that could be considered ‘feminine’ behind his father’s back to be able to teach Molly when their ma could not, but he knew he couldn’t let them depend on him too much. Not with the type of family business they had. Especially Angelo. So he did his best to withdraw from the twins and would force himself to act coldly towards them in certain situations. He was harder on Angelo as time went by, knowing he wouldn’t make it far if he wasn’t. Growing up their father would beat Anthony constantly, for wearing dressing, trying on wings, and make up, for being more feminine looking than his older brother. Constantly trying to beat the gay out of Anthony. Dante did all he could to keep the violence from happening, allowing it turn on him. But Henry wasn't having it. He wasn't having a faggot for a son and kicked Angel out into the streets. Which lead Angel down a road of prostitution, drugs, and the adult film industry. He was disowned by his father who considered Angel an embarrassment to the family name considering his family was a well respected Mafia. Molly Angel's twin was the supported Angel every step of the way. Dante had did his best to try to. But one day him and Angel got into a fight and Dante gave Angel a black eye. Angel screamed out how he hated Dante and ran off back to the run down apartment which he lived. Hell's version of Angel A spider sinner demon who was elected to be the first patient the Happy Hotel attempts to redeem, Angel's selfish actions of using the Hotel as a rent-free living space threaten to jeopardize Charlie's dream. Anthony's family was tied to the Mafia during his living times in the world above. It is the reason his demon form has him as a spider, because of both life and death his family still had power. Angel how ever quickly rejected his families mobsters ties after his death. Angel Dust's death is confirmed to have been a drug overdose, a habit he still has in the afterlife. After arriving in Hell as a damned soul, Angel Dust alternated hanging around with Cherri Bomb and helping her in turf wars against Sir Pentious, while working for his landlord Valentino as both a male prostitute and actor in p0rn films, with Valentino also demanding sexual favors from him. Angel Dust wasn't the best employee or tenant, eventually owing a great deal of debt and unpaid rent to his boss. One day he tried to do his boss a favor, finalizing a drug deal with a group of shark demons. It went badly, turning into an argument and then into a fight, with Angel Dust ultimately drawing four sub-machine guns and gunning the sharks down. Unfortunately, this forced him to leave empty-handed, and Valentino was not pleased at all, especially since the botched deal caused Angel Dust to miss a scheduled film shoot. As punishment, the pimp ordered him to offer himself on the street until he earned enough to make up for it. His luck seemed to change when, after several demons seemed uninterested in his services, Charlie and Vaggie pulled up in a limousine, having spent the whole day looking for test subjects for their new project and getting no takers. After explaining the concept of their Hotel, Angel Dust seemed as skeptical as anyone else, but when Charlie offered to pay the debt and unpaid rent he owed Valentino, Angel Dust said he would at least consider it.

Angel is very sarcastic and sassy and has no problem with being reckless at the expense of others. He's known to be a bit of a prankster, switching between playful and easily destructive as he pleases. His humor tends to be crude or crass, with an emphasis on dirty jokes. Angel's attitude can be considered blunt, yet with a sense of style, always carrying a flirtatious and confident persona everywhere he goes. He's also shown to be a bit narcissistic, as Angel believes most of the demons in Hell are ugly freaks and says his body is flawless. However, that persona can be knocked when Angel is either dealing with his boss or when his looks are insulted. He avoids holding emotional relationships with others and tends to be a loose cannon with most of the other cast. However, deep down, Angel actually does have a caring side for the people he cares about. During the turf war, he quickly pushed Cherri out of the way when an egg boi was about to shoot them both with a gun. Then when he noticed his teasing about the hotel’s lack of people was upsetting Charlie, he stopped laughing and tried to comfort her, but then he ultimately decided to leave her alone.






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Angel Dust

"Addicted Angel"

Likes: Dislikes: Family.

Likes:Drugs, anything sexual, pranks, action, aquariums, cooking, flirting with others, the color pink, popsicles, money, drinking.// Dislikes: His feet, storms, being squeezed, losing creditability.// Family:Fat Nuggets (Pet Pig), Molly Maria D'amico(Twin Sister) Dante Sally Nicolas D'amico aka Arackniss aka Sal, Aka Nico.(Older Brother), Henry D'amico (Father), Roma Isabella D'amico ”

Take My Heart

Three of Swords


Past Relationships:None
Status: Single not Looking
Sexual Orientation: Gay
First Started Dating: 12/15/2020
Official: 12/15/2020
First Kiss: 12/15/2020 | Where at?
Song Dedication:Him and I
Lyrics: "He's out his head, I'm out my mind We got that love, the crazy kind I am his, and he is mine In the end, it's him and I, him and I"
Love Songs: Song Title Partner's in Crime - Artist Set it Off | Song Title: Living on a prayer - Artist Bon Jovi | Song Title: Falling Skies - Artist Yungblud | Song Title - Artist | Song Title - Artist

Bad Romance


"Love myself."




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Shadow The Shinigami

12 hours ago

How you been Angel?
Shadow The Shinigami

Jun 11th 2021 - 10:16 PM

Hey there how you been angel?

Jun 6th 2021 - 6:40 AM

Did it not go through? Stupid website. Was trying to be sweet. It was supposed to say I heart you. Well I’ll say it again. I LOVE YOU! :D

Jun 5th 2021 - 11:21 PM

Shadow The Shinigami

Jun 5th 2021 - 11:27 AM

Hello how are you?

May 27th 2021 - 8:11 PM

Sorry for taking a while with the starter. Been kinda out of it lately. I hope you enjoy it!
𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝔻𝕠𝕔𝕥𝕠𝕣

May 22nd 2021 - 6:54 PM

Bones were heard cracking. Footsteps heavily stomped, getting closer and closer. 
The 9 foot tall doctor lurches toward the new person--and potential patient. Not a word was said, the only thing that came out his mouth is audible wheezing underneath the paper bag. 

Stopping his tracks, he shakingly points at the new individual, almost menancingly. "........"

Surprisingly, he peformed a random act of kindess. A gloved hand quickly plunged into his maw underneath the paper bag, gagging loudly. The doctor yanked out a bottle of vitamins, sliding them over toward his 'patient' as maybe a gift of friendship?

((Hello! Thanks for accepting this doctor! I am hoping to become good buddies in the future. Do not let his appearance frighten you, he is harmless and usually not always this creepy-looking for he is usually a goofy character from the fighting game Guilty Gear. :D if you don't know the game, that's fine. Don't be afraid to ask me any questions related to Dr. Faust.))
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