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Orientation: Bi
Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:College graduate
Characters: Agatha Wayne
Verses: Miraculous, Superhero, DC etc
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Romance, Slice of Life,
Status: Single
Member Since:May 21, 2021

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About me:
My name is Agatha, Daughter to Bruce and Lilly Wayne. I was only a temp but now I will stay perm, I will only accept few people so I don't get swamped. I can do crossover etc, so please feel free to ask. RULES: 1) Don't try to control my character, If they are happy they are happy if they are sad they are sad. So do not write that my character does that, or feel that unless its intimate or such. 2) If we are rping intimate don't let it take over the whole RP, it gets pretty old pretty fast. 3) If you add you talk, easy as that and visa versa :3. 4) I do RP Yuri, and straight, much more stuff so do not be afraid to ask :). 5) I do accept all but please try to write more than one line, I often adapt to the ones im rpig with. 6)Crossovers and visa versa is always welcome ^_^ 8) You add you talk simple as that :) INFO: Stage Name: Night Fury Real Name: Agatha Wayne Age: 18 Gender: Female Personality: She is a pretty wild one, fun-loving and caring but can bring out her crazy side at times. Bio: Agatha was born on a hot summer day, her mother who had been ill for a longer time died in childbirth. She was brought up by her father Bruce Wayne and their butler Alfred, she did not know her father was Batman until the age of 8. From that point on, she got rather interested in the crime-fighting business, but she was too young for it. She trained in secret with Alfred after her father went to "Work", she attended school as usual but was always longing to train. She was heavily interested in fireworks and bombs, which was a bit reckless for a superhero. But she was good at it, and Alfred thought so too. One day she surprised her father with the costume and the bombs, he did not take it all too well but after a lot of talking he consider letting her go along. She had some test runs and she has been rather reckless with the bombs, but she caught the thief at least that is what she thinks.
Who I'd like to meet:

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