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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
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Characters: Link, Savage.
Verses: The legend of Zelda.
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About me:
His father a soldier who died in the war. The elvin mother put trust in the guardian of the forest with her son before her final breath. Faith have it for this boy,watched by fairies and raised by wolves. Link at ten years of age had successfully obtain the spiritual stones in order to help the Princess Zelda stop the future calamity. Chosen by the Master Sword, Link was sealed away in the secret realm for 7 years as the evil king Ganondorf authority ran supreme, forcing the princess into hiding. Upon Links return as a man only to find the world he once knew in ruin. With pride he accepted the role of hero. With Shikes guidance, Link successfully rescues all the sages and several friends along the way. Discovering Shike was actually the Princess Zelda in disguise the entire time only to be kidnapped right after. The showdown at the evil King's Castle. With the mighty Master Sword alone, Link single handedly slain the evil King as Zelda banishes Gannon to the Dark Realm. Peace at last came to Hyrule as it began to prosper and thrive with the Master Sword returned to the Temple of Time and his childhood returned. Link decline the role as Zelda's appointed knight as he warned her of the future events with ganondorf's fake loyalty. Zelda sends Link off with the ocarina of Time in his custody, wishing him a safe journey. A tragic hardship had Link tied up in the land of Terminal to save ClockTown and himself from a terrible fate then just a cursed moon. Link had healed many sorrows, manipulated time, the seasons and even change shape to Hyrules famous species Deku,Gorron & Zora. The final battle within the belly of the cursed moon. Fierce Deity Link, a transformation so devastating with power, the corrupted moon not only stopped but was obliterated and kept from crashing on the doomed Clocktown as well destroyed the evil of Majora's Mask effortlessly. Moon shards can rarely be found across the world, rumors say it birth the unique flower species known as the silent princess. Sparing the Skullkid's life, the original thief of the dangerous Majora's Mask as well reuniting him with his lost friends. Link enjoyed the after party before adventure would call his name once again. Concealing his new fierce deity transformation in fear of unfertold consequences if he became consumed with power. A handful of years and several exhibitions, plenty victorious tournaments,sailed many seas with the infamous captain Ivy Valentine, intimately. Defeated several evil versions of himself, losing his shadow in the process. United all the royal leaders of Hyrule. Made a peace treaty with the Gerudo's. On Princess Zelda's request. Upon ivy Valentine's request, Link traveled to a far land to destroy the a legendary evil known as SoulEdge, Earning Link a SoulCalibur of his own to summon. Returning to his home land only to find Princess Zelda encased in stone. Vaati the evil sorcerer time would quickly come to an end, with Impa's aid Link had achieved another legendary blade. The Four sword allowed Link to split himself into four clones. One Link was bad enough as the four Links effortlessly defeated the evil sorcerer and the princess sealed Vaati as well in the Dark Realm. Peace return to Hyrule once again with this time around Links accepts the position as the princess Zelda's appointed Knight. Link having the opportunity of guarding Princess toadstool intimately on her private exhibitions. Forging new allies in the mushroom Kingdom and Kong country. The birthday of princess toadstool, Zelda shared Link as her gift for a very very fulfilling results and privileges. Much training done with this time of Peace before a different type of calamity forced Link to channel his inner beast and rendered Princess Zelda captured once again. With Midna's aid, Link learned how to control his inner monster and successfully defeated Gannon and Zant and he too banished to the Dark Realm. Link discovering that this ganondorf was just a clone. Without a doubt, Link knew Ganondorf would return one day. Evil all ways returns, no matter the name. With Midna ruling the Twilight Realm as Zelda ruled the Light Realm, a powerful alliance was born through this colossal adventure. Link what off then miss his flirty feisty intimate traveling companion . Link spent several years as Zelda's appointed knight. Through the long years of peace, affection blossoms between the princess and her knight, how inseparable the two have always been. With a familiar calamity returning, the Castle attacked directly with guardians and demons alike,Link successfully places Zelda in Impa's custody before using the remainder of his strength for battle. To Links surprise to see not only Ganondorf's return but Vaati and Zant as well. An overwhelmed Link with no Mastersword fights anyways. The where organized, they had inside information and Link was sure of it by their actions alone. A devastating end having the near death knight over a waterfall. Faith having Zelda along with Impa as they had retrieved the knight from the river. The guilty princess sealing away the knight in the shrine of Resurrection. Ten years as the knight awakens to the corrupted land he once called home. On his journey to find Zelda and broken memories. Unfortunately there was no love for the hero as once good friends selfishly went after his bounty, selling him out, ambush and traps alike. Impa and her granddaughter Paya thankfully came to his aid. Mipha, princess and leader of the Zora's eagerly would come to Links aid. In fear for the princess, Link couldn't wait any longer, he had to see Zelda. The visions and dreams,her voice echoes in his conscience. Confident, he went alone. With the Mastersword in his possession once more along with a healthy arsenal. The gate open what the carpet rolled out, no fighting,no traps,no puzzles involved with Link directly invited to the throne room where he faced the three new dark lord's of Hyrule. Link ready with small introductions. To Links surprised as Ganondorfs young daughter was present. Links rage burned, imagining the worst as the Hyrules most famous battle began. The stature and walls would crack and crumble from the shear force of the battle. Link could keep Zant and Vaati away long enough for the real prize, Gannon's head. Links final attack was interrupted by the holy Light arrow which spared Ganondorfs life. In Links final moments as he fell into darkness, his eyes filled with the woman he loved, bow in hand with the young daughter in the other,which only confirmed Zelda was the mother however one question remains... Why? Link cast to the exiles of the infamous evil dark realm where he helped send so many before. Faith granting a certain sorceress and opportunity. The world hand forgotten the hero as others drag the name through the mud. The rich get richer as the poor and innocent suffer. There very small few who prayed to the goddess for the hero's return. Faith have just that, or will it? Cia at last obtains the forgotten knight With a tasteful deal to escape the exiles, coincidentally getting Link tied up in a dangerous tournament known as Mortal Kombat. Hand in hand, Link with Cia's aid, slain an evil ruler known as Shao Kahn. The flustered Cia in awe, witnessing the devastating power from the legendary Fierce Deity. A deal is a deal. The rubble once known as the Temple of Time reassembled and surely didn't go unnoticed. Ganondorf the new king of Hyrule was sure of Link's return. New gruesome rumors and a thicker bounty rewards, dead or alive. Time had lost its grip on the young knight for he no longer aged. Regardless the elf type known to naturally live incredibly long years. Tricking Cia, concealing her in a ring, enslaving her to his will for magic and her fellatio skills. Silent moments at the empty coast. The knight struggling to maintain his humanity with Cia the sorceress silenced. Link's boat, King of the Red Lion's, A gift from the king Dolphiness himself. So many memories. Ready to set sell and abandon Hyrule. Numb to his soul while the sorrow of sapphire eyes laid across a treacherous land he failed and once called home. The fire in his heart burns from Zelda's betrayal. Pleasant memories rushing to his head followed with the traumatic ending. Everyone he knew gone or lost. Death around every corner. Giving in to his beastly instincts and the power of the fierce deity pulsing through his veins. Such fury, marching right back to the cursed land with his hollow broken heart and raging soul wanting only two things.. Blood... and Revenge.. With the help of the evil Ganondorf's rumors, Link had forged a new name for himself. The Final Savage. On his journey to recover his power, Link established home based in the Lost woods. Beasts and animals alike instinctively aid the lost hero. Fallowing some sound advice from a wanderer by the name of Conan. Such a familiar territory, making it a point to annihilate Ganondorf's raid camp's and strongholds along his expeditions without trace or mercy. Enslaving his own thralls as well kidnapping some of ganondorf's personal ones and supplies carts. With no trust in man but in beats as the savage tames and rally's some of the world's ferocious monsters against Ganondorf's authority. How comfortable the hallowed elf was becoming with Carnage. Even went as far to regaining his lost shadow, Dark Link. Taking his time to sever and eliminate Ganondorfs resources and connections. Every move had a reason behind it. Vaati's head and broken hand mirror was Link's first gift to Gannon with Zant's head and heart that came shortly after. The final message came to Gannon in the form of a message bird. The Savage had brutally taking over the evil King's Homeland, enslaving the Gerudo's, ruling as there king. Link enslaved his worthy challengers while horrifically ending his foes. Urbosa one of Hyrule surviving guardians and queen of Gerudo Kingdom ad well ganondorf's hand chosen warlord was made into Link's personal bodyguard and bed warmer. The knight made sure the evil king knew it. At the end of it all Link had changed the routine and kidnapped Ganondorfs and Zelda's precious daughter in a carriage raid, leaving the king and queen in such panic and despair for an entire year. Little to there awareness, they're precious princess grew fund of her kidnapper rather rapidly, appreciating all of his lessons and teachings. At the end of it all, the Savage freed all his captured thralls and slaves alike, giving them homes and guidance. Reuniting Urbosa with her own freedom and authority once again. Leaving the desert queen to to desire peace or revenge as the final savage journeyed for his. The precious princess used as bait to draw out the king and queen. The princess was in much safer hands with her kidnapper than her own father. With little to no time, all of Ganondorf's dark magic struck the land the moment he witnessed the fury of the Fierce Deity Link. The horrific battle endangering reality around them before coming to an end with the evil king's decapitated head resting at the queen's feet, in front of their daughter's innocent eyes. What little humanity the Savage had is what kept Zelda alive. The guilty queen staring into the eyes of her former lover before finally Link had abandoned the land of Hyrule. Thralls and slaves alike brightly share his stories and teachings. Rumors told of the savage knight renown and possible return, a true hero, kind to all. The stories of the final Savage inspired guilds, bands of brothers and sisters to stand together in the name of good and love for the land. Zelda's daughter grew into a strong and caring Queen Hyrule deserves as the young queen never forgot Link's gentle teachings or the shock of her corrupted father's death. Legends say when the moon is full that Zelda can still hear the howls of her former knight and lover. Heroes can be reincarnated however, legends live forever. Whatever happened to the savage Link? Did he set sail to a new world? Return to the lost woods? Ruled as Urbosa and Mipha's king? Did he build a harem or married Paya? Go searching for Paradise or greater evils to slay? Did he free Cia too??? Will he return to Hyrule or did he ever really leave it? That's a story for another time. [ The legend of Zelda The Final Savage]
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