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26 years old

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October 13 2021

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Characters: Kyoshi Masaru
Verses: Slice of life, normal
Playbys: Trafalgar Law
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Spar/Fighting, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:June 02, 2021

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♦Kyoshi Masaru♦

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His Story

After the group went their separate ways, Kyo was left alone and was reminded just how painful that was. Although he had is studies to keep him busy, there was more to happen in his life that he would much rather write out of his life. And those years started when he was only sixteen years of age. Darkness took a hold of his life and dragged him down deeper than he had ever been taken before. And he thought that losing his parents would have sent him to that low. But he hid his struggles by studying and keeping away from others. And once he had moved away to study in a rare university, things only got worse. It was during those years that he picked up smoking on occasion and drinking at least once a day. Due to keeping his nose to the books and the long nights of practice, Kyo was excelling with his grades and was going above and beyond the expectations of most. He took to working in the emergency department of the local hospital and waited until he was far enough to transfer back to his home state.

Once he arrived back, it was a bitter welcome for him. Realizing that he was still on his own, he had to get a place to live and fast. So he settled for one of the cheapest and crappiest places possible. But for him, it beat living on the streets while he earned some cash. For the first year of his return. Kyo worked on double shifts just to make ends meet and place a little something aside for a better living condition. His big break came one day and a huge check went into his account. It came from working nearly three weeks straight and living in the hospital. But he finally had enough to ditch the rundown apartment and get a far better place. Now, Lyo still works insane hours and gets great pay. But he longs to be reunited with the people that he called his friends and some even family.

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My heart lies in you

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