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This is a Multi Character profile. My current profile Character is my Rogue, however If you do not like her dont fear; i have others. I play Both males and female characters. So anyone is welcome to send me a Pm, hope to hear from ya soon.

23 years old


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June 20 2021

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This is the darker section of the characters. These guys have a more evil side to them . Pick your battles and enjoy
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This is an area in which creatures once thought to be extinct exist.
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This is an area for some of the following Anime: Wolfs rain, Inuyasha, Demon slayer, Fullmetal Alchemist Movies/shows : Harry Potter, and the walking dead series These are just to name a few
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GeneralGetting to know the Roleplayer

Hello everyone, this profile is currently being used as my rogue, however I do have other characters. They are all in my album section on my profile. Everyone’s information is listed in the comment section on there picture. I do play both male and female characters. Mostly I do para+ rp, my first post is always the longest, so please dont let that scare you off. I do not expect you to match my post size at any given point in the rp. I just ask that you dont give me a one liner to a six para post, that really gets under my skin.

I love to rp, however I do not like this website, I prefer more live action post, instead of having to constantly refresh the page to see if someone posted or if they are even online anymore. I do have a discord if anyone would like to move there.

Lastly I dont want to be this person, i understand we are all busy, but please dont make me wait a month for one post. If your losing interest in the rp, or your just not feeling it; let me know and i will change or add something or we can even do a different rper. I do everything in my power to make my rp partners just as happy with the rp as I am.

Discord: SpitFireCowGirl#8690 being it wont let me do the sn correctly S in spit, F in fire, C in cow and G in girl is all caped.

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Body type:Athletic
Occupation:Ranger, which is pretty much a bounty hunter.
Verses: I’m game for pretty much anything, this includes mature, gore, horror, inuyasha , wolfs rain , fma
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction,
Member Since:June 03, 2021

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About me:
Sex:female ​

Race:Human ​

Occupation:Ranger. *This is just a bounty hunter with the skills of tracking the unknown and unseen*

Hair Color:Burnett ​

Eye color:Light green

Scars/noticeable markings: Linning her back is a number of scars ranging is thickness and length, one would assume it might have been belt whippings. Along with this were two tattoos upon her hips meaning always free in chineese. ​

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, the arrows resting within a sheath made from an animals pelt. Along with this she would carry a dagger about 8 inches long made of pure silver. The half of the dager made from a bucks antler ​

Skill Set

hunting , Great with a bow and arrow , Amazing Tracking skills, the ability to sence the unknown lurking within the shadows.

Hunting Down the things within the night making the world a safer place.

History: ​

Demons, angels, and creatures of the night, have been apart of the history of her and everyone's past for as long as she could remember. Stories told to the young olds, and passed down throughout the ages. However she always knew, or well more or less felt that they weren't stories; they were more then just a myth, a tale to be told to young ones to assure they would stay good and pure of heart. She was always a loner, never liking to be near others or get close to anyone.

She always wondered outside the borders of safety within her villa, never obeying the rules; however most of the time getting caught. With each time she would get caught her rather strict father would punish her one way or another. When she got of age , the one known as her father wished to marry her off to wealth, more or less because they would get a large sum of the wealth for her hand. But a day before the arranged wedding, and in the mist of the might she would run off; 15 at this time she would run to the place she knew she would be safe. Running into the bosom of the rangers strong hold.

They would take her in, train her seeing the heart of fire deep within her soul; knowing she could be a great ranger one day. They trained in many skill sets, from tracking to being able to see the unseeable. What some may see as normal every day events she was trained to see the reality in it all. Trained in the knowledge of many fighting skills, from hand to hand combat, to sword fighting, and use of the bow and arrow. The day soon came that she would be able to put all her training and skills to use. Now she travels the world doing what she was trained to do. Hunt dangerous things down, and find lost things people never knew or believed existed .
Who I'd like to meet:

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What's your discord
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Jun 13th 2021 - 11:34 PM

Thank you for the request. Would you like to roleplay?
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