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"I take the cases the normal cops ignore. The kinds that involve all the folks that are treated as monsters in this society. Im the detective that helps out the supernatural". (Read Profile

23 years old

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June 14 2021

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About me:
Basic Info
The name's Haily Somura. Mom's Japanese so thats where the last name came from. All natural blonde standing at a respectable 4'10''. Rockin a C-cup a slender waist with a cute little butt. Former cop, private detective working for the supernatural community. Kind of a huge flirt, cant stop myself from hittin on a curvy little thing near me. Oh ya Im only into the Ladies by the way! Main fighting styles are 7 years of martial arts training and this sweet magic gauntlet I got from this hot witch a while back. Retracts into my bracelet and lets me copy any magical powers of supernatural folks just by touching their "mana repository". Most of the time its in the guess where chicks keep their mana? -w- Anyway Im all for some action, adventure and romance stories with some Mature themes and comedy mixed in.

Not into One liners, "packing heat" or being rushed.

Full Bio
Her name is Haily Somura. Grew up idolizing her parents; her mom a police officer and her dad forensic investigator. They always worked together to bust cases wide open and take down crooks like it was nothing. So from the time she could walk she wanted nothing more then to be like her folks, so much so she worked her way to the police academy and became a beat cop at age 22. It didnt take her long to get into trouble though, she became a notorious flirt around the station. She even had a notorious fling with the chief's daughter for a while. She always got picked on for being "way too cute" to be a cop. She laughed it off and took her job seriously, wanting to help where she could in their out there little society.

See a few years back a massive discovery was made. The world of the supernatural was confirmed real. Apparently living off in unmapped parts of the world we never knew of or something. Finally talks were made and supernatural creatures were offered citizenship though integration programs into human society to see how we could coexist. On the surface it all seemed great, so many unique creatures and people providing incredible skills and even magic to their society. That is until you look underneath it all...

It all came down to a response call she made with her former partner. A family of cyclops had been robbed blind. Of course they took all the nots and evidence they could and told them they would work tirelessly to recover their stuff...then her partner tossed all the notes into the ashtray of their car...

"Their monsters". he said "They can fend for business bein here anyway". he laughed

She couldnt believe it...they were freakin people too! They're lives were destroyed and this a$$hole was going to just let them suffer? Oh F*ck no! This is not what a cop does! She put in her resignation the next day, her folks didnt understand even when she told them what happened. She simply went off and started anew in the city, opening up her own private investigations agency. It was tailored to mainly focus on helping the supernatural population.

The pay wasnt crazy and she kinda lives in the other half of her office but hey, she's finally doing what she's always wanted. She's helping people who really need it, it does her soul good every time.

Who I'd like to meet:

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The Moonfall Sisters

Jun 8th 2021 - 9:53 AM

Pleasure to meet you madam.
We are The Moonfall Sisters. Claire , Victoria & Eclipse
Its a honor to make your acquaintance.
We are all Employees and Owners of Dress Me UP. 
It is our very own dress shop!
Claire is our Resident Seamstress, Victoria is our stores Maid and Eclipse Delivers Orders if need.
If you wish to Chit chat or discuss a Roleplay. We always up for it.
We look forward to seeing you as a customer in our shop
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