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About me:
--New to this website, but far from new to roleplaying.-- //Hola, amigos. (I don't speak Spanish, sorry. Just a good greeting I like to use.) You may be wondering why I have these slashes in front of what I'm saying. I'm using my limited programming knowledge to speak out of character is all. Anyways, another question you might be having is what my profile is all about, so here we go! The idea came to me when I recently watched the anime series called GATE. Watching a bunch of Roman-style soldiers being mowed down by an AH-1S Cobra got my brain going to work. For one, it was highly entertaining. Secondly, I was constantly thinking about interactions between modern military troops and gear mixing with fantasy settings. Hopefully, that will be the forefront of what happens on here. ~THAT BEING SAID~, I'm absolutely open to any unique plots or situations anyone else can think of. Feel free to add me if you're from a modern or sci-fi setting as well. I can always find ways to mix my character into whatever universe you might enjoy roleplaying in. --Rules-- *Subject to change at any time. 1.) When it comes to roleplay length, generally, more is better. There's no bigger tap to the nuts when I've spent a considerable amount of time replying to the roleplay with a well-thought and detailed reply, and end up receiving a half-assed, two sentenced response. It shows me that you're not too interested, which makes me not too interested. I may still reply in the roleplay depending on the situation, or might just end it there. Again, depends on the situation and my mood. 2.) This rule kind of goes hand-in-hand with the one above. Literacy. Everyone makes spelling mistakes; I'm not a grammar nazi. Regardles, getting a repli lik thic, or some weird form of text speech is not compatible with me. I can't work off of it. Broken English is okay. Purposely bein lazy isn't. If you like that stuff, roleplay with others who do as well. 3.) I roleplay mainly on here. My Discord really isn't meant to be formed around my character here as it is used for other things. If you truly, absolutely must use Discord over this site, and the roleplay potential is good enough, I'll add *you* on Discord. 4.) Absolutely no real life correlation will be made here. I'm in a relationship IRL, so none of that. Extremely quick block. 5.) Everyone is busy. You're busy. I'm busy. Understandable. However, if I'm waiting over two weeks for a reply for someone, I will assume the roleplay is dropped and un-add the person it was with. If you want to start it back up again, just comment on my profile at a later date. 6.) Another one that's related with a rule above: Please do not ghost me. I will not do the same to you. If there hasn't been a reply from me at all, it *will* be a technical error by the site or myself. Just let me know if you don't want to continue. No hard feelings will be held. 7.) Make situations as messed up as you want. I'm very hard to make uncomfortable. Just let me know if you have any limits with something going on. 8.) Send me a notice if you've read all these rules. Skimming over them is fine too. Better than nothing, I guess. //That's all I can think of at the moment. --Character-- Name: Christopher Kincaid (Chris) Rank: E-3 (Specialist) MOS: 12-B (Combat Engineer) Sex: Male Race: Caucasian Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 5'10'' (177cm) Weight: 135lbs (61kg) Blood Type: A+ Religion: Agnostic Christopher is a young American soldier at the age of 23, having enlisted from a upper-middle class family in Flordia at the age of 19. Having no real aspirations beyond being a "simple man," he naturally felt like the military once he had graduated from his high school. He spent most of his days in his early military career at Camp Blanding, close to home in North Florida, being deployed later on in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan. While there were certainly other units that received much heavier fighting, Chris has seen his fair share of combat. Upon rescuing a friend after being wounded, his reputation among fellow troops improved greatly. Despite this, he's well known for being rather closed-in, hard to get to personally know, and somewhat distant. In reality, he longs for friendships and meaningful interactions, but tends to simply observe others, rather than engaging himself. Chris often finds himself awake later at night, watching the stars, listening to sounds, and appreciating the environments that surround him, occasionally with the help of alcohol. When someone gets to know him personally, they will find a curious, knowledgeable, and empathetic young man who only appears rough on the outside.
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