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Don't add me if you're the type of person that takes 3-10 days to respond on Discord. My about me and interest are required to read. My music is a sample of my spiritual poetry I made. My profile takes 10 mins to read. If I can read my own profile in 10 mins so can you! Silly dill weeds. My account is open 24/7 while I tab surf or go on YT or video gaming etc. Add me here @ Hircine#9055

28 years old

United States

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July 16 2021

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GeneralAlso for people aware, yes I know this is a role playing website I know how to read. But I'm pretty much sure I'm not the only one on here looking for a mix of light roleplay with everyday daily life communication and I'm pretty much sure I'm not the only one that desires this on this website. However I'm also probably not the only one on this website that wants to talk about anime and video games. Because I'm sure there is full of people on here that want the same thing. All sexual content or messages will get you reported and blocked. I will add anyone on my Discord that sends me a friend request as long as my profile is read :) keep a reminder that my account here is left open by a tab I'm not online 24/7 keep that in mind :) so no hard understandings!
MusicEven though he was gone from here or yester-year I thought could the wolf grow fangs of darkness and the light? But even so he would remain the darkness that cloaked the midnight. But I even thought of yester-year I would if I could hold the knife up to you and combat you and call that love? But you see I always hold the knife to myself and I held the knife at myself but I really held the knife to the demon's beast mask. Because self liberation is the one of self goals just like the chessman you see. I wonder how many times I see myself on a throne with closed eyes dreaming of paradise and you mother. But the way I destroy myself and others is just like a pile underneath me. I'm self obsessed with myself and destroying myself. It's beautiful and I can't deny anything because I've yet to refuse self denial of one's existence but you see like the chessman says ''I can't lose I must empress the Queen even if she needs to be used'' because that is just reality dumping pawns right before the very feet of the King and perhaps the Queen steps on the pawns. But the rook you see the hidden archer but do I self target others that are close friends or a lover of mine? Or do I self target myself liberation? I can't help but to see the end without you. Toxic miasmatic love. The enthralling way of enchantment for me. Just like the spine of the bishop the most important one that should be kept true ''hidden on the bishop's blade'' because that blade is me and I hide myself with that blade. A damned snake he told me if I could hear one more thing in life is the eaten roots of the Yggdrasil Tree the screams and the roar of the serpentine. Because you see water is where I thrive where the raven drowns the feathers in a fragile state and all all I can think about is pulling out the rook in the drowned feather's of the magi's crest the ''raven'' the last of the falling eyes of the rain and the shore as the wolf jaws open and the half grown serpentine's tongue. As I hold the rook with my paws I stare at a gaze and hoping the mother snake will notice me. You see I don't care because all I want is a checkmate for myself but I understand in life I want to be drowned in you and consumed in alchemy. But you see it's just like a white hare anything can be stained ''black'' even if life isn't beautiful to me but you see what is beautiful to me is pawns just like small daggers always being held behind and twisted and holding the knife close to someone. I see myself as a unit as I always have. Self combating. That combat is destroying myself but you see mother what if I hit checkmate last? Then the bishop falls on the Yggdrasil Tree branch....fragile self and arms and spider like fingers the drowned raven looks at the Yggdrasil Tree. I'll turn you black just like my hue is black but perhaps.....checkmate isn't for certain....

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About me:
Warning my profile is required to read. If you're not interested in reading my about me and general section and my status section of my profile then pass on my account. Blogs are FREE TO READ ON YOUR OWN TIME! My profile takes 10 minutes for me to read. Others have told me my profile takes less than that to read. So if that is the case then YOU shouldn't have no problems reading my account! I will block users that refuse this! So I decided to stay on here after all. However, a few minor changes sense my return. Let me know if you want to talk on here for a while before exchanging information or secondary let me know if you want to chat or not or add my Discord just let me know what Ani username you're so that way I won't be like? Okay? LOL. Also let me know if you'd rather chat on a social platform so I don't have to keep asking. I also will leave my account on 24/7 while the FP project is in the background while I'm on YT or playing a game so if you want to chat for a while on the website before an exchange of information you will be in for very slow replies. Also keep in mind I'm 28 that means I don't accept and this goes for females as well anyone that is underage. So you must be the legal age to message me. With that said, enjoy my blogs and you will find information there. I'm awful at conversation so sue me :)
Who I'd like to meet:

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