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Occult. Supernatural. Horror. Biblical.thriller.

Sinfully Sleepy

Desidia Nyx


Basic information

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Appears mid to late 20’s)
Height: 6’1


Discord:ᔕIᑎᖴᑌᒪᒪY ᔕᒪEEᑭY#8259
Availability: Nocturnal, PST
full of loathing
where great dreams go to get murdered, buried and forgotten.
  • appearance

    Race: Desidia was once an angel, one of Gods, creations. However, when he fell, not because he chose to side with Lucifer, but because he remained neutral and for that he was cast from Heaven. Desidia was forced to endure the five stages of grief until he accepted it and became what he is now a demon, more so the embodiment/avatar of the Sin of sloth.

    Age: Desidia has lost track of the years that has passed since his creation, but he has existed as long as the heavens and earth.

    How old does he/she appear: Desidia has the appearance of one in his mid to late twenties Weight: Desidia is around one hundred forty eight pounds on a good day. Height: Desidia stands at six foot one, but with his relaxed posture he is usually expected to be two or three inches shorter.

    Body build: Desidia is lean and frail.He has little to no defined features on his body and has much difficulty building muscle.

    Shape of face: Desidia has an oval shaped face; a slightly rounded jaw and face but, nothing is unique when it comes to the structure.

    Eye color: Desidia has light grey downturned deep set parallel eyes with blackened Sclera

    Glasses or contacts: Desidia has no use for glasses, his vision is adequate.

    Skin tone: Desidia has an unusual skin color, the color can be related to wild sand. He is grey toned with a hint of brown and orange in the mix.

    Distinguishing marks: Desidia has the number four marked upon his neck representing the layer of hell he reigns over.

    Predominant features: This would depend on who was looking at him, for mortals it would Undoubtedly be Desidia’s horns, tail and his eyes.

    Hair color: Desidia’s hair is charcoal in color often mistaken for black when he is in darkrooms, but if the light hits it or if he is near someone with black hair it is easy to see the difference between the colors. He also has a midtone teal color that streaks through his bangs.

    Type of hair: Desidia has a head of thick straight hair it seems to have sheen to it and is silky to the touch making it seem almost doll-like. However, it is prone to getting a decent amount of frizz when it's raining or humid.

    Hairstyle: Desidia laziness keeps him from having him really styling his hair typically just going throughout the day with a messy bedhead sort of look to it.

    Voice: Desidia’s voice is soft, agile, warm and flexible. His voice is lower in strength and smaller in volume making him come off as delicate, seductive, and gentle When it is raised it carries a slight tremble to it.

    Overall attractiveness: I personally don’t think I can answer that, it would be up to others to determine that.

    Disabilities: Desidia himself claims that he suffers from nothing, but he suffers from narcolepsy and will fall asleep in settings where he feels relaxed without warning and is constantly tired. He is noted to hallucinate when he stays awake too long.

    Usual fashion of dress: Desidia is typically seen wearing casual clothing things that lean towards comfort picking softer fabrics and at times looser clothing. He seems to lean towards winter apparel. Jewelry or accessories: Desidia seems to like to accessorize, he has various earrings that go up his pointed ears. He also is seen to on occasion wear a blackened cross around his neck.


    Good personality traits: Desidia is adaptable being combined with the fact that he is persuasive. These traits make it so he can fit in with any group that he wishes to, and convince them his ideals are justified. The slothful one is surprisingly captivating and charismatic; people have said he can come off as hypnotic and charming. Desidia is a creative often thinking outside the box when it comes to his “work” he strives not for perfection but route that takes the least amount of effort on his end. Desidia is relatively tolerant of others, often merciful despite being a sin at times his actions put him up for debate if he should even be considered a Sin.

    Bad personality traits: Desidia is the definition of aloof and apathetic, he is a being that is devoid of emotions so he comes off as sadistic. He is the sin of sloth after all. He is blunt, never hiding his intentions even if the truth could result in hurting himself or another. He is arrogant when it comes to his solutions, seeing his way as the best way to do something because it requires less work and to him that makes it efficient. He is a self-centered selfish creature who only looks out for himself when it comes down to it. The Sin is by definition Lazy, he procrastinates constantly putting off his responsibilities even pushing them onto others at times, if he can find a way out of it he will. Desidia hates responsibility, and authority figures being told what to do often results in him whining. He can also be seen as inconsiderate of others' time or feelings.

    Mood character is most often in: Desidia is usually apathetic or indifferent

    Sense of humor: Desidia’s humor can come off as self deprecating and dry at times it is hard to tell if it is a joke or just a jab at himself.

    Drives and motivations: Desidia subconsciously wants to prove himself as a Sin. He is often underestimated and wants to show that there is a reason why Lucifer gave him his rank.
  • Before the fall and the rebirth

    Belphegor (Desidia) wasn’t born as children were born, but was as Adam was born. He had no childhood, nothing of that sort, he was created with a purpose. He was a member of the Principalities, a group that would manage politics and affairs. His mind was always clouded with thoughts of how to make life easier and if it was necessary to strain yourself just to appease a God you couldn’t see. Belphegor would befriend a fellow angel, a forest angel. This angel was one of the few that Belphegor considered himself close to he was unafraid of sharing his ideals with them. When the conflict between heaven began his friend was one of those slain by the demon lord Merihem setting Desidia into a deep rooted depression. He was corrupted, with grief he began to doubt the power of God himself and refused to fight for him or pick a side during the conflict. His defiance was enough to get him cast out of heaven by his father, along with the other rebel angels. Belphegor (Desidia) sought out Lucifer after he fell, after the fallen had taken over hell and made the lesser demons keel to them, this included the demon Merihem the one who had slain his angelic friend of the forest. Belphegor took joy in seeing the demon fall, and convinced him to make an alliance with Lucifer.

    Belphegor became the newest of the seven princes of hell. There were those among the ranks that questioned if he was worthy of the title of one of the seven princes because he didn’t stand with Lucifer during the rebellion and many questioned his influence. However, Belphegor paid little mind to their words, what he had to offer was knowledge, he became known for giving people ideas for inventions that would make the invoker rich. He was seducing them by suggesting ingenious inventions, little did they know that like with almost any demonic invocation, it is doomed to fail. He had ulterior movies, his true mission is to lead them to failure, tempting them with idle daydreaming of what could be and procrastination. He sees his primary role is to make discoveries and find ways to spread their influence and make himself known as one of the seven deadly sins.

    Procrastination is not Laziness,

    Tolerance & apathy are the last virtues of a dying society

  • skill

    Physical Ability: ★★★★★★★★★★
    Intelligence: ★★★★★★★★★★
    Stamina: ★★★★★★★★★★
    Empathy: ★★★★★★★★★★
    Patience: ★★★★★★★★★


    Sexuality: Demisexual

    Relationship position: Switch (preferably bottoms)


    Relatives: Desidia is related to others avatars of the sins. (if you have interest in being one of them or already roleplay a character based on a sin and would like a connection to Desidia let me know>)

    Children: Desidia has no biological children and seems to have little to no interest in having children because they would demand too much out of him.


    ------text will go here------
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